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Line Physics: Drawing Puzzle Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Win Gold Trophies

With intuitive mechanics and over 250 savvy levels for your full enjoyment, Line Physics Drawing Puzzle is a new drawing brain puzzle game available exclusively on the iOS platform. Your goal is clear: earn trophies by drawing shapes and lines to bounce your ball and hit your target. As the very title suggests, Line Physics Drawing Puzzle is based on physics principles and gravity affects everything in this game. There are various game modes to choose from. You can even compete in boss battles and daily challenges for rewards.

Unwind, keep your brain in an excellent shape, and put your creativity and wisdom to a test by drawing the best path for your ball! Keep reading for some great Line Physics: Drawing Puzzle cheats, tips and tricks and learn how to win gold trophies.

1. Play The Classic Mode To Perfect Your Drawing Skills

Use the dotted line to your advantage

This is probably the mode in which you will have to face most challenges. As we have already mentioned, you will need to draw a line and make your ball hit the target. Though at the beginning of each new challenge the game will show you where to draw your line (a dotted line will guide you), it’s up to you and your skills to win gravity and hit the target.
Every fifth level, a boss battle becomes available. The novelty of the boss battles is that you will have to face a new character and a new scenario. But the mechanics of the game is practically the same.

2. Play All The Remaining Modes

Collect stars to unlock a new world

The Falling Blocks mode comes with a new challenge: a falling object will block your ball if you don’t manage to stop it. You will need to use your imagination and block the falling object with a well-placed line. Sometimes you may need to draw multiple lines in order for your ball to hit the target.

And now we are getting to the Slam Dunk mode. This is probably the most difficult mode. This time, players must connect the basketball to the hoop. However, it is not necessary for the basketball to go through the hoop. If the basketball touches the hoop, you have won the level.

3. Aim For The Gold Trophies

Unlock a new mode by winning stars

In order to win a gold trophy, you will need to win the respective level three times in a row. If you only win it two times in a row, you will receive a silver trophy. If you manage to collect 150 stars by playing these three game modes, you will unlock a fourth game mode. If you want to win the maximum amount of stars, try to solve each level using as few lines as possible. The more lines you will have to draw to pass the level, the fewer stars you will receive.

That’s pretty much all you need to know to get the maximum amount of stars and trophies in Line Physics Drawing Puzzle. If you know more tips or tricks or you simply want to share your thoughts about the game, the comment section is at your full disposal!