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Beyblade Burst Rivals Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Outsmart Your Enemies

Beyblade Burst Rivals is a brand new fast-paced match-3 puzzle game developed by Epic Story Interactive. In the game, you get to discover Valt Aoi’s adventures and meet his whole gang on their way to become the world’s greatest Bladers of all. Furthermore, you can use your favourite techniques from the TV series, such as Rush Launch, Counter Break and Quake Launch in order to win epic battles!

beyblade burst rivals training

The game kicks off with a friendly training, because every Blader must know his arsenal of weapons before using them, right? So you get to do these awesome things during the training like battling with different Beys, learning spicy details about them (for example, how to mix them in battle), changing between the Beys and a lot of other skills you will definitely need. As a bonus you will learn how to fight other Bladers like a pro and prepare for your quest to become a Master Blader! Once you’ve completed all stages of training, you are ready to take part in epic battles. On top of that, you’ll also own a pretty decent number of Beys, characters, and knowledge to start your adventures!

Now, that you know what the game is about let’s move on to our Beyblade Burst Rivals beginner’s guide that comes with a couple of neat tips and tricks to help you in your quests.

1. Tiles Can Be Dragged In Various Ways

In order to battle, you have to drag tiles and match them with each other. If you’ve played match-3 puzzle games before, this shouldn’t be new or difficult for you, but if you haven’t, you might want to know the following things: you can drag a tile over another one, you can drag it over two other tiles or, as it may seem a little out of the Facebook puzzle Sagas’ book of functioning, you can drag them diagonally and match even 5 tiles, which is pretty cool!

beyblade burst rivals matching tiles

2. Watch Out For The Round Timer

The clock above is the Round Timer, and it basically tells you how much time you have left until the round ends. That means your time to match tiles is limited. Pay attention to this: you have to be fast in order to match as many tiles as you can before the round ends! And if you’re caught up in the tile-matching, don’t worry because as the time approaches its ending, the tiles area will get red and will start blinking.

beyblade burst rivals round timer

3. What Is The Burst Finish And How To Use It

The blue bar you see at the top of your screen is the Burst Bar. It fills up whenever you successfully match Burst Tiles (the blue ones that have a little lightning drawn on them). You have to match a lot of these in order to fill up your Burst Bar, but it’s worth it because as the bar gets filled, your Bey will do more and more damage. When the time is up, your Bey will unleash its attacks causing a lot of damage towards your enemy and the Burst Finish is worth 2 points. With every victory you get, you collect a bunch of goodies: points, coins, and gold; also, you can get new Beys, which is great for your arsenal.

how to use burst finish in beyblade burst rivals

4. How To Change Between Your Beys

This one’s pretty simple: before going to battle, swipe right or left on your current Bey to switch to another one. You get Beys by going through all of the tutorial steps you’re given, and not only! You also get to loot some good stuff after battles: The Bey Boxes. When you get a Bey Box, you have a waiting time before it can be open, but once you open it, you receive a brand new baby Bey. They have different specifications, such as more Stamina, less Burst or a higher/lower percentage of Stability. Choosing which Bey you’ll get for your battles is up to you and your own personal preferences. Also, with every battle, you level up your Beys and, therefore, they get stronger and more helpful in your adventures. Leveling up your Beys will take some of your coins but don’t worry, because you win coins with every battle you fight!

how to change beys in beyblade burst rivals

5. The Stamina Counter

If you take a look at the top of the screen, you’ll probably notice a yellow hexagon thing with a number on it: well, that is actually the Stamina Counter! You’re not the only one who has this cool feature though, your enemy has one too. Each round, your stamina goes down by one. You have to be really careful, because if your Stamina reaches zero points then your opponent will score a Survivor Finish (you died, they survived – pretty logical), and they will also win 1 point. First to score 2 points wins!

how to score survivor finish in beyblade burst rivals

Fortunately, you can get a hold on to your Stamina Counter by matching Stamina Tiles in order to increase your Stamina Number. These tiles are orange and easy to see, so it shouldn’t be a difficult thing, but watch out and never let your Stamina drop to zero! If you score the Survivor points, then your opponent dies and you win with a Survivor Finish!

6. The Bey Shop – Where Is It and What You Can Buy

Let’s say you’ve just won a battle but you didn’t get any Bey Boxes. Well, don’t be sad, Blader! You can go to the Bey Shop and choose to buy a whole new chance at looting a new company for you to take further in your battles. You need to go to the Shop Screen and tap on the Bey Boxes menu – here, you’re not only to buy Bey Boxes but also Bey Coins or even Bey Gems which will help you level up and get more Beys. After you bought your Bey Box, what you want to do is go to the Loot screen and tap the Open Button to start unlocking your box.

beyblade burst rivals bey shop

You can speed up the opening process time by spending some Bey Gems or, of course, by watching an ad. We recommend watching those ads because it’s one of the easiest ways for you to unlock your boxes without spending crazy amounts of in-game currencies. You may need those Gems to buy other useful stuff, so spending them on almost… nothing wouldn’t be such a great choice to make – especially when you have another method of speeding up the Box opening, from which, by the way, you can also get new characters on your team. Opening a basic Box would take about 4 hours, but if you watch an ad, you take off 2 of those waiting hours, so if you do the math correctly and watch 2 ads in a row, you can actually open your box immediately after receiving it in battle!

7. The Bey Type Advantage And How To Use It

All of your Beys have their own type. For example, Victory Valtyrek is an Attack Type Bey while Raging Roktavor is a Stamina Type Bey. If you know your Bey’s type, you also are very much aware of which tiles are best to match in order to help your Bey and get more chances at winning the battle! Most Beys have a Bey Type that they are strong against and a Bey Type they are weak against. Special Tiles will glow when your Bey has an advantage over the enemy’s Bey. Try not to forget to keep an eye out for them, as they can be very helpful in winning your battles and becoming the ultimate Blader!

beyblade burst rivals bey type advantage chart

8. Scoring A Ring Out Finish

The green bar above the matching tiles area is called the Stability Meter. Your opponent has one too. You can match Stability Tiles (the green ones) in order to knock down your enemy’s Bey off balance, and once they’re out of balance, you can push them back, ultimately knocking them out of the stadium and getting yourself an awesome Ring Out Finish which is worth one point! You only need to win 2 rounds in a row in order to be called the champion of the battle, and once you’ve won, you will receive your gifts, Bey boxes, Bey Gems, and coins. Tap anywhere on the screen to collect your winnings and then go to the Loot Screen, check if you have any Boxes, open them and enjoy your hard-worked earnings.

how to score a ring out finish in beyblade burst rivals

And this ends our Beyblade Burst Rivals beginner’s guide in which we wrapped up pretty much everything you need to know in order to easily enter the world of Bladers. Grab your weapons, gather your courage and take your heart alongside into this awesome and adventurous experience where you get to slay and conquer your way to the top and become a Master Blader in no time!


Friday 3rd of February 2023

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