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Little Alchemy 2: Legend Item Crafting Guide

Little Alchemy 2 is a crafting game where the goal is to continuously create new items by combining what you already have. Recloak’s new game is all about creating more complex things from the basic ingredients. At first, you will start with just the elements. You can create a number of things by combining these if you just consider how they interact with each other. For example, combining earth with fire will create lava. Most of the time, just thinking about how ingredients interact will help you come up with new items. There are, however, some items that are less obvious and will take more work to make. While we’ve provided a number of tips, tricks and strategies before, in this guide we are going to walk you through crafting the most difficult items in the game, which are the 11 Legend Items. If you want to know how to create them, make sure you check out our Little Alchemy 2 strategy guide!

1. There Are Different Paths

Before you proceed to the list of recipes, keep in mind that there is more than one way to craft each of the Legend Items. You can explore other options to see if you can find alternative ways of creating them. Follow this guide only if you don’t mind taking out the exploration factor from your experience, or if you are really stuck in the game.

2. The Legend Items

In order to create them, you need to know what the Legend Items are. As we mentioned above, sometimes just know what the target item is will give you an idea based on how ingredients interact with each other. For your convenience, we listed the 11 items below.

Frankenstein’s Monster
Treasure Map
Light Sword

3. How To Create The Legends

Creating the all the Legend Items will require 40 elements. There are some common ingredients that you can make before diving into the individual recipes. One common ingredient is the Story. To create a Story, you need to combine Human and Campfire. Campfire requires Fire and Wood. The Wood can be created by combining Tree and Axe. The Tree comes from combining Plant and Big. Once you have the basic Story ingredient, you can check out the rest of the recipes below.

Magic – Described in the game as, “Sufficiently advanced technology and/or supernatural power that can be wielded and manipulated.”

Magic = Life + Rainbow
Rainbow = Water + Sun

Gnome – Described as, “A protector of gardens who also happens to be an insurance salesman.”

Gnome = Story + Garden
Garden = House + Plant

Mermaid – Described as, “A woman who has a beautiful singing voice and a fish tail instead of legs.”

Mermaid = Magic + Fish
Fish = Water + Animal

Nessie – Described as, “A shared hallucination by the visitors to Loch Ness.”

Nessie = Story + Lake
Lake = Water + Pond

Pegasus – Described as, “A winged hornless unicorn.”

Pegasus = Horse + Sky
Sky = Sun + Moon
Moon = Earth + Night
Night = Time + Day
Day = Time + Sun

Ghost – Described as, “Life after death, sometimes as a translucent body, and often on the receiving end of busts.”

Ghost = Story + Grave
Grave = Earth + Corpse
Corpse = Human + Time

Angel – Described as, “Divine Servant of God.”

Angel = Human + Light
Light is simply unlocked by progressing through the game

Frankenstein’s Monster – Described as, “The tragic result of a mad scientist’s quest to conquer death.”

Frankenstein’s Monster = Corpse + Electricity
Electricity = Storm + Science
Science = Human + Universe
Storm = Cloud + Cloud
Cloud = Water + Sky

Treasure Map – Described as, “Valuable pieces of paper that can possibly lead to riches, but more likely mutiny and/or death.”

Treasure Map = Island + Map
Map = Paper + Continent
Paper = Wood + Machine
Machine = Tool + Tool
Tool = Human + Stone

Light Sword – Described as, “An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age”

Light Sword = Light + Sword
Sword = Blade + Wood

UFO – Described as, “Objects prone to close encounters”

UFO = Sky + Alien
Alien = Life + Mars
Mars = Planet + Rust
Rust = Oxygen + Metal
Oxygen = Sun + Algae
Algae = Water + Plant

It’s time to create those Legend Items in Little Alchemy 2! Just follow the strategy guide above and you will be able to craft everything without any problems!