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Find the Balance (iOS) Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Find the Balance is a unique puzzle game from Digital Melody where you need to stack objects with different shapes. The game challenges its players to successfully place items on top of each other without letting anything fall. You will need to think about the position of each item on the stack to make sure it stays stable as you add more layers. Drag and rotate the objects until you are satisfied with their position before cutting the rope to drop them on top of your stack. One wrong move and everything you have been working on will come crashing down. Quick-thinking and unwavering focus is necessary if you want to complete all the levels. There are over 60 levels to conquer, each one more daunting than the last. It’s a good thing you have our Find the Balance strategy guide to help you through all of them!

1. Don’t Rush Things

As soon as you move one shape, a timer will start. This can be very distracting as you would be pressured to quickly assemble your tower of objects without putting in much thought. Instead of giving in to the pressure, feel free to ignore that timer during your first run. The timer will only influence the number of stars you get at the end of the stage. Just take all the time you need to figure out the perfect position for each item. Once you are able to complete a level properly, you can always replay it over and over until you can finish it quickly enough to earn three stars.

2. Consider Object Properties

Think of the objects as though they are real. If you had a lollipop and tried to balance it horizontally, the head would naturally fall over since it is heavier than the stick. The same applies to a wrench’s box if you are trying to balance it. A round object would normally roll if you don’t find a way to stack them securely. You could probably use other objects to cradle it in place. The game isn’t entirely realistic when it comes to the strength of the items, however. You don’t need to worry about a banana getting squished under all the weight of the other objects. Just find a way to secure it in place and it would make a great cradle for other objects.
If you are having difficulty figuring out how a particular object will behave, just observe it for a bit while it is still hanging on the rope. The rope will usually be right at the center of the object. The object will then lean towards the end that is heavier. This will give you a general idea of how you should position the object on the stack.

3. Come Up With A Strategy

Keep in mind that you are playing a puzzle game. Despite the rush of finishing the level quickly in order to get three stars, your priority should always be to come up with the right strategy on stacking everything perfectly. As mentioned before, you can always replay a level to get three stars. You will be a lot harder to go through the later levels if you make it a habit to just keep dropping the items at random, hoping they will somehow stack properly. Look at the different shapes that you have. Some of the objects can be combined to create a more stable surface. For example, you can piece together two triangles to form a stable square base. Think of other ways you can use the objects to your advantage. The possibilities are endless if you take enough time to think about it.

4. Cut It Close

Once you have a good idea on where to place your objects, there is still the matter of actually stacking them. You need to be careful how you drop the objects into place or you may end up making the stack unstable. Try to drag the object as close to the target position as possible before cutting the rope. If you drop an object while it is still too high up in the air, it can still change its position before falling into place. It might even create too much of a force upon dropping that it can make your entire stack fall apart. Round objects also tend to roll more after falling a great distance. Also, keep in mind that objects cannot intersect. If you see the object you are holding turn transparent, that means it is currently intersecting another object. It will fall over if you let it go while transparent. Just drag it to another position until it stops being transparent, then you can let it drop.

5. Know When To Start Over

The goal of the game is to be able to stack everything without anything tipping over. In order to achieve that, you need a strong foundation. There will be times when the objects you place will slide a little as you are building. When that happens, you can just adjust a little and continue building. However, if you find that your stack is getting too wobbly as you add more things, that means it will not stay stable for long. It would be better if you just started over than continue spending time on a stack that is doomed to fall over eventually.

6. Buy Hints With Gems

If you are really stuck and need help to progress, you can always buy a hint. When you do, the game will show you an image of a fully stacked tower that you can imitate. Make sure you take a screenshot of the hint if you aren’t good at memorizing. Once you dismiss that hint, you will need to pay again in order to bring it back.

You can earn gems by playing through the levels. If you need more, you can replay any of the previous levels you have completed. Try to pick higher levels so that you can earn more gems. Aside from buying hints, gems can be spent to buy different scissors and in-game music. These two don’t have any impact on gameplay but they are nice things to aim for if you have a lot of extra gems anyway.

It’s time to solve all the puzzles in Find the Balance! Just follow the strategy guide above and you’ll be going through the levels in no time!