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Duck Life (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become a Champion

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a pet duck? Duck Life simulates that experience by letting you raise your very own duck. Available on Android and iOS platforms, this duck-training game has 15 mini games for you to play in order to help your duckling evolve into the ultimate racer. Training involves different skills such as running, swimming, climbing, flying, and jumping. Once your pet duck is ready, you can have it participate in tournaments where it will compete against rival ducks. There, it will discover new worlds and learn additional skills. Finally, when your duck has become a skilled racer, you can enter the ultimate race against the defending champion. Be warned, though. That flaming champion duck will not go down without a fight. You better read our Duck Life tips and tricks to make sure you come out on top!

1. Find The Right Trainer

There are several different skills that you duck needs to learn before it can face off with the champion. You will find different trainers in different maps. Each trainer specializes in a specific skill so make sure you find the right one. If you need to train your duck in a specific skill, just think of the area where that skill will be most useful and you will most likely find the trainer there. For example, races in the Swamp involves a lot of swimming, so the trainer for that skill is hanging out in the same area.

2. Beat The Locals

When you enter an area, you will notice some ducks have a red exclamation point on top of their heads. This means you can compete against those ducks in a local race. Once you beat that duck, it will give you access to the area’s tournament. Make sure you train with the local trainer first before you go on to challenge that duck. You would normally need to improve a specific skill in order to defeat it.

3. Prepare Your Duck

Training sessions allow you to control your duck through the various minigames. Every time you attempt a mini game, your duck will get experience in the specific skill you are training it for. Keep in mind that you will no longer be able to control the duck once it enters a race. The outcome will be determined solely by its skill levels. If you lose in a race, don’t bother trying again until you have retrained your duck to a satisfactory level.

4. Stick To One Duck

The game allows you to buy additional duck eggs from any of the shops. Do this if you want extra ducks on your team. However, there is no benefit to having more than one duck. In fact, it can even be detrimental to your progress because your training time will be divided among your ducks. Don’t worry about having to race three times with the same duck during tournaments. Your duck will have full energy at the start of each race so there is really no reason for you to switch it out with a different one.

5. Learn What Skill To Train

Since your duck has different skills, winning will be a matter of knowing which one you should prioritize in training. It goes without saying that Running will be the most important among the five skills. Try to level it up to the maximum as soon as you can. As for the other skills, you will not need a skill until you reach the area where you can learn it. That means you will not need the Flying skill until you reach the Mountain.

It starts getting a bit tricky once you have multiple skills. Even though your current area will mostly require a specific skill, neglecting your older skills can still cause you to lose. If you are losing a race even though you have levelled up that area’s skill to around 60, then observe the race carefully. You will see which part of the race your duck will fall behind. The skill for that part will need additional training in order for you to win.

6. Play The Right Mini Game

Each trainer offers different mini games for you to train your duck. You are free to choose any of these, depending on your preference. However, keep in mind that the higher your score, the more levels your duck will gain. If you pick the easiest mini game among the three, you will be able to train your duck more. We listed the best game for each skill below for your convenience.


The best game to improve your running skill is the second one. You can practically sit still for a long time and still earn points if you are lucky. There is a warning before the items fall and it usually gives you sufficient amount of time to dodge.


The first mini game is the best for the swimming skill. You just need to keep avoiding objects by diving or jumping. As the game speeds up, you will just need to move all the way to the left and focus on dodging.

The fourth mini game may seem tough at first but if you know the trick, you can easily get hundreds of points from it. Just tap on your duck and drag it to the right-most part of the screen. From there, you will just need to drag up or down to overcome obstacles.


The best game for climbing is the second since you are given a timer before the avalanche actually falls. If you pay attention, you can easily dive into a cave right before the avalanche.


Game number 1 in jumping is very similar to the second game in running. If you have been following our advice, then this game should also come just as easily for you. For some reason, the boxes tend to stack the highest on the right side. You will stay safe longer if you favor the boxes on the right.

7. Race For Coins

During training, you will often notice coins scattered about. The game will often instruct you to collect these coins while playing the mini games. Ignore that instruction! The coins you get during training does not have any impact on your score and it can often get you in trouble because it will distract you from your actual task. On top of that, you won’t really earn a whole lot of coins from training. The real money-maker in this game is winning a race. The prize money you earn from these races are more than enough to make up for ignoring coins during training.

8. Spend Coins Wisely

Now that you have a whole bunch of coins from winning races, you are probably wondering what you can spend them on. The first thing you should think about is to use your money to buy seeds. While your duck does not really get hungry, it needs to eat seeds in order to increase its maximum energy. The very first thing the game teaches you is the importance of energy in a race. It doesn’t matter how skilled your duck is. If it doesn’t have enough energy to finish a race, it will literally fall flat on its face. Just tap on the pink icon on the far-left side of any map then drag your duck towards the seeds. Every seed will increase your duck’s energy by 3 points. This is a permanent increase in energy so it is worth investing a lot of coins on.

9. Shop With Caution

If you have enough energy and still have a lot of coins left over, you can go ahead and splurge a little on cosmetic items. Each area has its own shop, and they offer different variations of each item. They all offer an assortment of hats, shirts, colors, and patterns for you to choose from. You will notice that each shop has some sort of theme in the selection of items they offer. The Grasslands, for example, offer a lot of green items while the Mountain shop has a lot of orange and yellow items.

Checking out each shop before buying an item is important because there is no way to unequip an item once you have worn it. It you are particularly fond of how your basic duck looks like, then it is best that you stay away from the shops altogether. You will never be able to go back to the duck’s original look once you have put clothes on it. You can only replace the existing clothes with new ones. Aside from that, if you replace a particular item by buying a new one, you will not have a way to re-equip the item you removed. The only way for you to wear the same item after replacing it is to go back to the shop and buy it again.

Who knew that racing ducks could be so challenging? If you follow our Duck Life tips and tricks, however, you will easily defeat the defending champion in no time!

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Tuesday 13th of April 2021

its really ez and fun if u spend some time early on training then you can disqualify the others and it looks good :-)