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LINE Brown Stories: The Legend of Mythos Now Open for Pre-Pregistration

On January 24, LINE Game announced the next evolution of their games with LINE Brown Stories: The Legend of Mythos. This is an upcoming strategy RPG that features Brown and other LINE characters, and it is now available for pre-registration.

The game’s story follows Brown as he meets a mysterious rabbit named Cony who is suffering from amnesia. Avid RPG fans would know that this means the adventure begins with the protagonist helping the damsel retrieve her memories. Other LINE characters like Sally and Moon also make it into the game and help out in the quest for the missing memories.

line brown stories pre-registration

LINE Brown Stories utilizes a tap-and-swipe battle system where players will need to actively control the flow of battle. The campaign is composed of stages that players need to overcome. There are also eight classes for players to choose from. These classes include Valiant, Nighthawk, Crusader, Sniper, Desperado, Bastion, Arch Mage, and Battle Mage.

Since the game will be released on LINE Games, players can expect cooperative play to be part of the mechanics. Players can team up with up to three of their LINE friends in any of the campaign stages. Developers promised to add new stages in future updates as well. Competitive players may also participate in 2v2 PVP battles with their friends.

line brown stories pre-registration

Pre-registration for LINE Brown Stories is available from January 24 up until a day before the official launch date. Those who sign up early will receive various rewards including an exclusive character, Orbs, Gold, Rainbow Crown Hyde, Eren of the Wind, and more. To pre-register, players must add the LINE Brown Stories official LINE account. If the account is blocked or unfollowed before the launch date, the pre-registration will be cancelled. Players must also claim their rewards within 7 days after the release date or they will expire.

LINE Brown Stories will be released on both Android and iOS devices. No official announcement has been made regarding the release date as of this writing. Players may head over to LINE Brown Stories’ official website for more information on the game.