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Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Earn More Cash to Unlock Goodies

Yet another celebrity has lent his name to a mobile game, and it’s none other than hip-hop superstar Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up is a new game from Unity NYC that’s available for Android and iOS mobile platforms. This is an endless skateboarding game where you can join Lil Wayne and the Sqvad on the streets of New Orleans, and later on in Los Angeles and Miami, as the game continues to get updates. As you grind your way in the game, you can pick up drones to help you along your way, and earn cash which you can use to unlock new skate gear. Unity NYC describes this title as an action-packed throw back arcade game inspired by Lil Wayne’s love of skateboarding, which is pretty much on point.

We’ve given you a basic overview of the game, but what can you do in order to earn more cash and unlock more items? How can you pull off the different skateboarding tricks in the game? We hope we can answer all your questions, in our exclusive list of Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up tips, tricks and cheats.

1. Collect Those Power-Ups And Sneakers

As you ride through the different parts of New Orleans, you can collect power-ups and sneakers to help you along the way. Just jump to collect a power-up when you see one, or a pair of sneakers, which would usually be hanging from a rail. Power-ups, of course, give your character special abilities for a limited amount of time. Sneakers, on the other hand, would eventually allow you to unlock a new skater, once you’ve collected 50 of the same pair belonging to a given character.

2. How To Use The Drones

You can either purchase drones via the in-app store before going on a run, or if you collect one during one of those runs. Either way, all you have to do to fly in one is to tap and hold on the screen to go up, and release your finger to go down. Fortunately, riding on a drone allows you a soft landing, as you’ll gradually descend at a slower pace than you would if you were descending while riding your skateboard.

3. You Can Fly On Your Skateboard

This is an arcade-style game, and with that in mind, it’s not meant to be a hundred percent realistic. That means you can fly on your skateboard, which can be done by repeatedly tapping on your device’s screen. Just keep tapping to go higher, but be careful about the obstacles the game will be throwing your way – these include birds and rails, and also include any other item you can bump into. Remember that once you bump into something, your run is over!

4. How To Collect More Cash

You can earn cash in the game by performing more tricks, such as grinding on rails; the more rails you grind on without hitting the ground, the larger the cash bonus you can collect once you’ve hit the ground or worse, ended your run. If you see it appear during your run, you can jump to collect it, though we certainly would advise you against gathering cash when it’s way too dangerous. And in the in-game store, you can watch an ad video by hitting the Free 500 button. That means you’ll earn 500 cash once the video is over, and possibly much more as you can keep on watching videos as long as the game has something to serve up for you.

5. Don’t Pay Cash To Resume Your Run

We cannot stress this enough. After your run has ended, the game will ask you if you want to continue, and you can do so either by watching an ad video or paying 500 cash. Do not take the latter option; watch the ad video instead, which will only cost you a maximum 30 seconds of your time, but no in-game money. You don’t want to spend your cash on continuing your run when you can spend it on a variety of other things in the in-game store.

And this wraps up our list of tips and tricks for Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up. We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick guide and hopefully learned something that help you progressing in the game.