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Hand of God Tips, Cheats & Guide: Top 10 Hints You Need to Know

We’ve got yet another clicker game for you, and it also falls into that category of “God games” where you literally play the role of God, creating life in your world and watching that world of yours unfold as you create it. This title is simply called Hand of God, and it’s available on the Apple App Store courtesy of Playgendary. In this game, you will be creating and collecting “unique cute creatures” and saving them with the help of your godly powers. The clicking kicks in when you’ll have to take down armies, and when defeating these bad guys, you can unlock new weapons and upgrade existing ones to increase your forces.

A lot of these God games have an alchemy mechanic involved, meaning one where you create items by combining at least two basic elements. But this game focuses on the wrath of the titular Hand of God, and saving your creatures from the forces of evil. So read on as we now bring you a detailed Hand of God strategy guide with a bunch of tips and tricks, designed not only for first-time players who are easing into the daunting role of playing God in a mobile game, but also those who have been playing the game for some time.

1. Keep On Tapping

Notice in the description summary/overview above that we said this is a clicker game – we did not say “idle clicker.” As such, you’re going to have to get busy and keep on tapping. At first, you’ll have one basic attack called St. Anger (yes, just like the Metallica song and album), and it’s capable of killing enemies right then and there; it will, however, be only as effective as the speed and frequency of your taps. Eventually, though, you’ll unlock other abilities, which you should be using first if the opportunity arises.

2. Micro-Manage Those Cool Downs

The catch with using your abilities is that they all have specific cool down times. And that means you should be sure that as few of your abilities as possible are currently on cool down mode, as you will have to wait some time before using them again. And as a bonus tip for this one, we suggest that you keep one of those super-abilities on reserve – these are referred to as “nuke” abilities. One example would be God Hammer, which stuns all enemies presently on the screen, which you can use as a backup in case things get hairy for you.

3. Kill The Armored Enemies First

Once you reach Level 4, you’ll start to see helicopters, tanks, and other armored vehicles that are harder to take out than the standard ones. Make sure to focus your energies on them ahead of the others, because letting them rampage on against your creatures will easily kill them or at least do tons of damage. Take note that armored enemies are immune to fire, lightning, and other forms of elemental damage, so it is necessary you take them out with your standard attacks.

4. As A General Rule, Kill High-Damage Enemies First

In relation to the above tip, you should also be focusing more on killing high-damage enemies, with or without armor. This becomes doubly important in the advanced stages of the game, and you will generally know if you’re dealing with a high-damage enemy if they’re firing at your creatures at a faster pace. Tap on these enemies first, and once the big guns are out, that’s the only time you can focus on the less intimidating bad guys.

5. Gather Your Free Gifts

The game is generous enough to reward you with free gifts every few minutes or so. So what’s in these free gifts, and what’s in it for you? The free gifts come with a lot of coins, which you can then use to upgrade your abilities as God. It’s best to activate the notifications on your device, so that you’re always up to date as to when Hand of God has a gift from the heavens – and naturally, that comes in the form of coins.

6. Watch Ad Videos For More Coins

Another way for you to earn a lot of coins is to watch ad videos once you get an offer to check them out. These oftentimes appear at the end of a level, and if asked if you want to watch an ad, go ahead and do it. These only last a few seconds anyway (30 seconds tops), and can double the amount of coins you earn – your 25,000 coins can easily become 50,000 this way. Those coins can then be used to buy upgrades and help you remain almighty and powerful as an in-game god, so don’t hesitate to watch those ads.

7. Beware Of The Cops

Interestingly, police are included among the enemies in this game – to be specific, it’s the police car that you have to watch out for. This car doesn’t seem to inflict any damage on your creatures, which is good, but damaging them will activate their sirens, which alert other nearby enemies, causing them to ramp up their attack and become deadlier than ever. But does that mean you should lay off the cop cars and focus your attacks on other enemies instead? On the contrary, you should destroy cop cars with the red aura (signifying a siren), so that their sirens go off and things go back to normal. Well, at least close to normal.

8. Merge Your Creatures When You Get The Chance

At first, your creatures won’t have any special powers – you’ll be the only one who does, being God and all. That’s one key point stressed in the game’s tutorial. But you can merge your basic creatures with each other and turn them into one advanced creature, one that has a random ability that effectively enlists them in your fight against the bad guys. In order to merge, you’re going to need some mushrooms, which are sometimes rewarded to you after you complete a level. But what if you get an ability that is, in your point of view, worthless? Not a problem. You can re-roll the ability, and again that can be done by watching an ad.

9. Use The Rage Button

Merging creatures makes them powerful, but what’s next, and where do you go from there? Make sure you hit the Rage button to use your creatures’ skills, especially if you’re up against a ton of enemies. Neglecting to hit the Rage button could end your run much sooner than hoped, so hit that button when the going gets tough.

10. Live Again By Watching Advertisements

Yes, those ads can do a whole lot more than just earn you lots and lots of coins. Should you die (and yes, you could –this is a game, after all!), the game will ask you if you want to continue – this could be done either by paying or by watching an ad video. Obviously, you want to go with the second option, though we only recommend continuing via ad video if you’ve gone substantially far in your current run. Dying a second time, however, will end your run for good.

And this completes our extended guide for Playgendary’s new mobile game, Hand of God. If you know other tricks that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, please let us know in the comments section below!