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LifeAfter Getting Big Update on January 16

NetEase Games’ popular action mobile game, LifeAfter, is getting a new version on January 16 and challenges players to experience the survival of humanity in an apocalyptic world destroyed by a virus! LifeAfter has already achieved more than a hundred million downloads worldwide.

In this new version, Survivors are expected to go back to Levin City and rebuild it. For the first time, Survivors will no longer be forced to walk around the city as public motorcycles will be available in specific areas of Levin City. What’s more, in order to make the gameplay even more realistic in LifeAfter, players will be able to enjoy a World Gourmet Festival where they will taste different dishes from all over the world, cook, and even try out brand new, stylish outfits.

The return to the now-abandoned Levin City is a powerful reminder of the devastating effect of the virus. As players approach the city, the tasks become more difficult. From rebuilding the transportation network to surpassing dangerous areas, explore new enemies, and finding answers to pressing questions, there are many mysteries players are expected to unravel. Tackling the virus zombie and maybe even eradicate it from existence might just become your top priority.

If the previous versions of LifeAfter were already highly appreciated for their original doomsday survival settings and player freedom, the new version takes innovation a step further with the Halloween Easter Eggs and a radiation system based on field investigation in Chernobyl.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to survive then be sure to head over to the App Store or Google Play and grab the game for free. In case you want to keep up with all the updates, make sure to regularly check the game’s Facebook page, as well as the official website.