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Black Desert Mobile Gets Huge Update, Includes Node War and World Boss Karanda

A Node War feature and an new World Boss have just become available in Black Desert. According to Pearl Abyss’ press release, the free update brings two major additions that will definitely enhance the gameplay experience.

Karanda, a.k.a. the Queen of Harpies, now features incredible strength and unparalleled speed that allow her to protect her species. If you want to defeat her, you will have put your skills to a serious test. Karanda is always flying around and you will have to beware of her dangerous ranged attacks. If you want to fight against Karanda at its spawn location, you will have to reach level 50.

black desert mobile node war and world boss karanda update

A collaborative battle mode, the World Boss challenges Adventurers to work together and defeat deadly enemies. Their efforts will be rewarded with unique items such as Black Stones, weapons, or various accessories. Each boss requires a specific level if you want to participate.

A large-scale PvP mode, the Node War allows players to build guilds and battle against each other for the ownership of Nodes. Level 3 guilds can participate and collect taxes and bonuses as a reward for their trouble. There has been a pre-season period, but it is now over. With the start of the regular season, Node War has become a permanent feature.

If you want to check out all the new features of Black Desert Mobile, you can find the patch notes here.

The press release is also mentioning an upcoming Sorceress class. There will be a pre-release event until the first February update. The February update will reward those players who log in daily. If you want to keep updated with this new class and win coupons for in-game items, make sure to visit the official website and agree to receive push notifications.

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