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Legend of the Phoenix Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Most Powerful Woman in the Land

Legend of the Phoenix is Modo Global’s third strategy game released for Android and iOS platforms but the first one that’s available in English language globally. As yet another refutation to the notion that video games appeal to the male fantasy, Legend of the Phoenix is an otome game, which literally means maiden game and is a story-centric fantasy aimed towards female players. Beyond the romantic fantasy storyline that sets you up to meet a wide variety of partners, there are plenty of other characters to interact with and allies to join you in your cause.

This game comes packed with a ton of features and content and can be played casually or very heavily, depending on the amount of free time you have. While the typical gameplay aims to be a casual, relaxing experience, the constant need to amass power and influence as required by the growing challenges of the story, can make it an addictive experience as well.

In contrast with most strategy RPGs that impose daily limits to most in-game content, Legend of Phoenix makes it so that all attempts or energy needed to partake in most of its features replenish in a matter of minutes. As such, anyone can spend as much time as they want on the game to hasten their progression to the fullest.

legend of the phoenix guide

With the plethora of icons and banners that greet you as you step into the world of Legend of the Phoenix, it can be an overwhelming start, especially for players relatively new to the genre. With the quick tutorial walking you through all of the game’s basic features and the main story quests serving as your guide towards continuous progression, knowing which tasks to prioritize attending to become an easy feat. There are very helpful indicators as well on areas that require your attention.

As far as playability is concerned, Legend of the Phoenix is a game that is very easy to pick up and play. If you want to progress towards becoming the most powerful woman in the land, then stay with us and read our Legend of the Phoenix beginner’s guide below!

1. Prioritize Accomplishing The Main Quest

Legend of the Phoenix actually gives you a lot of liberty early on to venture into its world all on your own. As each activity you engage in contributes even indirectly to earning more power, there is hardly any time wasted as long as you actively partake in any activity. Some features, however, naturally become dependent on other aspects of the game and, to some extent, prioritizing other activities will lead to a more efficient growth rate than others. As such, it is best to adhere as strictly as possible to the main missions laid out at the bottom left side of the screen.

What you aim for to amass more power and influence is a promotion in rank and while climbing up and earning new titles is fast and easy early on, it becomes a lot more challenging as you make progress given the required character XP that grows exponentially with each new rank. The best way to go about it is the let the main quest serve as your guide. Although the tutorial gives you all the basic wisdom you need to survive, following the main quest will ultimately serve as a key to unlocking the rest of the game’s content and features.

how to complete the main quest in the legend of the phoenix

The Main Story Quest, which you can access through the lower left side of the screen is designed in such a way that you will not be able to see the other quests lined up. Objectives appear one at a time although if a new quest is unlocked after you have accomplished the feat, the accomplishment will still be counted. With that, there should be no worry going a little beyond what is required although it will be more efficient to adhere to the objectives as strictly as you can.

Each quest you achieve earns you instant rewards and these rewards are often resources you need to push through with the subsequent quests. Despite the volume of features and mechanics that ultimately lead you to earning more power, some repetitive tasks within the main quest line will eventually leave you familiarized with every detail. Note that quest completions will often reward you with unique perks that are difficult or impossible to obtain anywhere else. With that, you should push as much as you can to accomplish the quest at hand.

One important point to consider with regard to completing main quests relate to limitation of attempts or energy and consumable items. As you complete one main quest after another with haste, you are bound to completely expend energy or attempts across a variety of the game’s features and would have to wait for them to replenish to continue on. In most cases, however, especially since you will earn a variety of consumable items from quests and events early on, you can instantly replenish some of these attempts or energy and continue on with completing the quest.

There will always be a notion of saving consumable items for later especially when you are a beginner and feel like hoarding stuff. In the case of Legend of the Phoenix, however, it is often more beneficial to spend them right away and boost productivity at an early stage. This is because what you would want is to reach a certain rank sooner and start earning more from unlocked features. The sooner you enhance or develop any or all features you have unlocked, the better it will be for your growth and development moving forward.

Eventually, you will reach a point in time where accomplishing the quest is simply beyond your capabilities. An example would be progression in the story mode requires a certain amount of authority and level of fame. Over time, though you will certainly be able to earn enough of both to take on the story challenge but if you are at a disadvantage, then it is best to handle your other affairs.

2. Regularly Execute Palace Duties

The Palace Duties holds the most basic tasks you need to constantly attend to. As easy as it is to claim income from each of the 3 tasks, these income serve as the most basic necessities you need to constantly move forward with your career. Do not let the duty titles mislead you as they may present stereotypical women duties of the ancient times.

legend of the phoenix palace duties

Clothes washing generates EXP based on your total wisdom and EXP is very important to level up your growing number of partners. Clothes making earns you silver based on your political expertise or simply politics and silver stands as the most basic currency you will always have a need for. Clothes sewing is unique in the sense that every increase in fame you earn from it needs to be paid in silver. Your charisma influences how much fame you can earn per execution.

As you reach higher ranks, these tasks will stack more, resulting in a longer period of time in-between consecutive executions. Likewise, the higher the stats you have, which serves as the basis for the amount of resources you can earn with each claim grow, the longer it will take for extra executions to replenish. In any case, try your best to always empty out the attempts you have and take note of how much time it would take for the palace duties to fully max out. The more times you can execute each duty within a day means the faster you can progress in your journey.

3. Enhance Your Partners Strategically

Finding and collecting confidants or romantic partners are perhaps a solitary task but surviving a harsh and unpredictable life in a palace, in addition to building up fame, influence, and power, can be too much for one person to handle on her own. Your romantic partners can sometimes provide help but for most challenges, your partners or companions shall serve as your trusted allies.

There are 39 partners to unlock in Legend of the Phoenix although some are locked behind VIP levels. As you continue to complete main story quests and actively partake in time-limited events, you can obtain more than enough of them for your needs. Each partner has unique sets of potential, attributes, and skills, which can determine their growth, power, and specialization.

how to enhance partners in the legend of the phoenix

The EXP you earn from clothes washing within the palace duties are needed to upgrade your partners. Each upgrade results in an increase in stats and the rate at which specific stats grow depends on the partner’s potential. In this sense, it is okay to upgrade all your favorite partners equally but when it comes to giving them books to raise specific stats, it is best to use specific books on the partner or partners with the highest potential for the specific stat.

Potential fruits, which you can obtain from completing main story quests, can be used to increase the potential of any partner. If you happen to earn these precious consumables, it is best to stack them all on your most powerful partner. Potential can be advanced as well through growth points and you can earn them in 2 ways.

The first one is the academy, which you can unlock early on and the other is through volunteering your partner to join a debate contest. Each partner’s skills can also be enhanced using skill points and on top of what they earn from the academy, there are gift packs you can hand out to your favorite partners as well to endow them with extra skill points.

Upgrading each of your partners is not just important for boosting your own power. As progressing through the main story quests relies on having more power than the opposition, and with the end stage per chapter banking on your partners’ overall strength, having at the very least one super strong partner with high authority or warrior stats is very important. If you have to choose one partner that you will invest more heavily in than the rest, then be sure to consider someone with an already high enough authority potential.

4. Always Grab Opportunities To Raise Bonds And Intimacy

The path towards power and influence does not mean only expecting your confidants and partners to aid you in your quest as you will have to take care of both groups to the best of your ability so they can serve you better. While training is a necessary activity for partners to boost their stats and potential, dating and conversing with your confidants is the equivalent of making them stronger for you. There are several features in Legend of the Phoenix that point towards paying attention to your confidants and every opportunity to do so should not be left to pass.

To start off, you should always grab attempts to date acquainted confidants. You have a maximum of 3 consecutive dates to go into and once you do so, additional chances will replenish over time. Dates present different stories, making it look like different choices of responses will yield different results. As engaging in multiple dates will reveal otherwise, feel free to choose whichever responses in the date story as the results will be the same. The random element comes from affairs that follow dates, where you bear foster children.

how to improve bonds and intimacy

Each date with an acquainted confidant earns you bond points. Each confidant has bond partners whose skills can be improved through investing bond points. The amount of bond value you receive from each date is directly related to your intimacy level with the confidant. Giving the confidant gifts can instantly earn them intimacy EXP and since dates are random, it is best to split investment of gifts among your acquainted confidants.

Both Intimacy EXP and bond can be instantly improved through the Tryst feature but then you will have to spend ingots to do so. As ingots are a premium currency you can exchange for just about anything, it is best to save them for more critical expenditures.

In addition to going out on dates, you can unlock stories relative to each acquainted confidant through chatting with them using pigeon mail. You will initially have only 1 pigeon you can send out but additional ones can be purchased using ingots. Different topics become available as you begin to complete some stories. The more topics cleared, the higher the chances you will encounter them in your travels.

Relative to travelling, you can take some time away from your home by clicking the “palace” icon at the lower right side of your screen. There are numerous establishments to venture into, but the map takes you out of the palace and into more adventures. You can travel to different areas you have unlocked based on your rank or total power. Travels are random and each location presents an opportunity to meet new confidants.

You have a maximum of 3 stamina but it replenishes over time as well. As you travel, your fortune goes down and you have to replenish it using silver or ingots. Naturally, the higher your fortune, the higher the chances of meeting new confidants or earning rewards.

5. Attend To Your Daily Duties And Foster Children

The Phoenix Hall houses yet another set of tasks you constantly need to handle. As you set to become a mighty and knowledgeable ruler, you have to continuously make decisions on a lot of matters brought to your attention. The daily concerns reward you with various items and resources if you decide on the affirmative and will earn you character EXP otherwise so any decision you make guarantees to reward you with something. At certain points in time, a third option becomes available wherein you can ask for advice from an acquainted confidant and choosing to do so will earn you intimacy points.

legend of the phoenix marriage

Every once in a while, dating acquainted confidants end with an affair that leads to having a baby and the Phoenix Hall is where you will head back to again to nurture them to adulthood. Initially, you will only have enough space for 1 child, but you will need to spend an increasing amount of ingots to increase the number of children you can nurture. Note that you cannot bear more children if there are no empty spaces in the Phoenix Hall.

As you teach children, their levels and intimacy grow. Once the child reaches level 10 and grows into maturity, he or she will no longer be in the godchild list and will be available for matchmaking. On the matchmaker feature, you can either wait for another player to make a proposal to your unwed child or you can consume destiny stones or ingots to offer as your set your child up for a proposal. Having unwed children provides no extra benefits for you but as soon as they marry, both you and the other party will enjoy the attributes of both children.

In essence, you need to have as many kids as possible and wed them off as each married child basically earns you twice as much attribute points that tremendously boost your power.

6. Invest As Much As You Can In The Academy

As you will rely on your partners to more efficiently amass power, it is best for you to invest as much as you can in their growth. While upgrading them with experience points have a visible effect on the boost in their power, more can be achieved through the academy.

The academy is where your partners can earn growth points and skill points affecting how much power they gain with each new level reached. You will only have one slot for training in the academy for starters, but you should spend ingots to add more slots. Each new slot to unlock costs more ingots. Each book or slot in the academy focuses on specific attributes and given that each of your partners have unique traits and specialties, some will be more suitable than others for specific slots.

legend of the phoenix academy investment

Although it is best to follow recommendations, make sure that your top partner, or the one you heavily invest upgrades in, will always have a seat at the academy. Academy training takes 3 hours and speeding up training will cost more ingots as well.

Beyond investing ingots to expand the academy and cater to more partners consecutively, you can click on the build button and level up the training sessions provided by the academy. It will cost silver and ingots to do so with each subsequent upgrade costing more. It is certainly worth it, though as it increases the skill points and growth points your partners obtain from each training session.

7. Accomplish Daily Quests And Achievements

Legend of the Phoenix certainly rewards you with a ton of resources and items at every turn. Every activity you engage in will always earn you something, except when you push to travel when your fortune is at an all-time low. In addition to all the outright rewards you obtain, however, more can be obtained via the daily quests and achievements features of the game.

Both of these features relate directly to the usual activities you engage in as you make progress in the game. As such, you will naturally complete some of the objectives listed under each feature without even trying to do so. Some objectives may appear to be more challenging to accomplish or perhaps you have not yet ventured into all of the game’s features. Instead of only visiting both icons at the bottom of the screen when there are red dot indicators, make it a habit to look into each set of accomplishable feats and let both serve as your guide towards progress.

legend of the phoenix daily quests

The daily quests are what you would want to consider as daily errands in addition to the regular tasks you regularly engage in. You can simply click on the “go to” button beside the quest to be instantly transported to where you can achieve the objective. Each quest you accomplish earns you rewards as well as activity points.

At the top of the daily quest window, activity points you earn can unlock even more rewards. Clearing all daily quest objectives can earn you as much as 240 activity points and you only need to collect 200 points to unlock all the chests at the top of the window.

Achievements serve as the record of your milestones across all aspects of the game and Legend of the Phoenix provides a ton of achievement objectives for you to accomplish for rewards. Given that some aspects or features of the game unlock later than others, some achievements are a lot more challenging to accomplish than others. All achievement objectives you have cleared will unlock a next level set of targets for you to accomplish, creating an infinitely progressive benchmark for you to strive to reach.

8. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

Beyond the daily quests and achievements that reward you with a plethora of resources and other valuable consumables, Legend of the Phoenix holds a variety of events that can further boost your progress in your adventure. There are more time-limited events available for your first days within the server, which means that you have to be especially productive as the rewards in these events are designed to help newer players catch up to everyone else.

One of the events you should peek into early on is the limited-time event that initiates as soon as you log into the game. There are objectives grouped into sections that basically measure your progress under each section. Every tier you accomplish in each one grants you valuable rewards and you can push to accomplish each objective from tier 1 to tier 20 within 7 days.

legend of the phoenix events

A lot of the objectives to find here as well as the other time-limited events are well in line with the objectives you accomplish for daily quests and achievements. To some extent, however, the targets outlined within these events require more time and dedication from you but also provide rewards and resources difficult to obtain anywhere else.

The Path of the Phoenix likewise lays out a set of objectives you can accomplish within 7 days. You will only be able to view objectives for the current day and days that passed and can continue to accomplish feats for said days. Every objective you complete earns you empress seals and reaching a certain milestone with it unlocks a set of rewards.

Beyond that, there are special rewards you can also obtain for completing all objectives within each day. Although some objectives require you to spend ingots on gift packs, each one is well worth the cost.

9. Explore All Other Features In The Game

Legend of the Phoenix certainly holds more features that we cannot extensively discuss in one guide. Additionally, some of these features take time to unlock, and have mechanics more suitable for advanced players. In any case, having a good enough understanding of what you need to prioritize initially and on a daily basis afterwards leaves fewer matters for exploration on your own.

Back at home, one of the things that you may easily miss is the rankings at the left side of the screen. For one, you may not be interested in it as a beginner, especially since you may feel that your rank within the server is far behind most other players. Within each category, however, sending praise to top players through the “worship” button will earn you ingots as rewards. You can do this for all categories once a day and free ingots should always be claimed.

Just a click away from your home is the palace, which is home to a variety of structures to visit and spend time on. One of the areas you will frequently head into is the map where you can travel across the country in search for fortune and some more romance.

legend of the phoenix hints

The Hunting Ground, on the other hand, will not as much be a part of the main missions but is still worth engaging in. You can deploy partners to start hunting and extra points along with other rewards can be earned for successfully hunting down legendary beasts. Points earned can be exchanged at the point shop for a variety of important resources.

Back at the palace, you may occasionally visit the hard labor camp to “educate” the main story rivals you have captured. The reputation you earn daily depends on how far through the main story quests you have progressed in. By tapping on the archrival’s portrait at the top of the screen, you can view the potential rewards you can earn with each educational beating you give them.

The Shouangong houses the world boss. It will be open for a limited period of time each day and you simply have to utilize all your partners to deal damage to the world boss. Every amount of damage you incur earns you points that determine your rank within the server at the end of the day. The more points you earn, the better it is as you can exchange points at the point shop for valuable items.

It may take a while to become available but you should join a guild through the guild house as soon as you are able to. Applying for a guild can be a challenge as you would have to wait for a response from the guild leader before you can join one. If rejected, you will have to apply again with another guild and you can only apply for one guild at the same time. Guilds unlock additional features and serve as a great source of in-game allies. This means more banquet invitations or proposals made easier for your children.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have for you with regards to Legend of the Phoenix. There are some features left in the game for personal discovery so we hope that what we covered serves as a strong pillar for you to work on progressing fast and efficiently in the game. If you have explored deep into the game’s contents and rummaged through some deeply hidden secret we have yet uncovered, then do tell us about it via the comment section!


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