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Learn 2 Fly Tips, Tricks & Cheats: An Easy Guide to Fly Higher and Earn More Gold and Diamonds

The game we shall be talking about now is Learn 2 Fly, which is a brand new Android and iOS title from Thumbstar. It’s supposedly the sequel to another game called Learn to Fly, and once again, you will be piloting a penguin as he seeks revenge on the wall of ice that he crushed in the previous game. This time around, the penguin has a penguin-shaped sack to act as a dummy/decoy. The mechanics of the game require you to fly as high and as far as possible, and with the cash you earn from flying, you can spend that on upgrades. You will, however, have to deal with obstacles and enemies along the way.

How can you take your penguin higher? How exactly can you earn more coins? What upgrades would be best for your penguin? We seek to answer all of your questions in this game, as we’ve got some pretty cool Learn 2 Fly tips, tricks and cheats for you right after the jump.

1. Basic Ways To Fly Higher

Although, your first instinct may be to tap with one finger, you can actually tap with two for much better results. Once you’re able to take your accelerometer up to max, you can hit the red buttons that appear in the lower right hand side of your screen. The buttons will do different things to help the penguin, and it would all depend on the power-ups you have ready at that time. Personally, we believe it’s all up to you; when buying power-ups or upgrading, it will all depend on your preferred style of play.

2. Earning More Gold And Diamond, The Easy Way

The game comes with two types of currency – gold is the common currency, while diamonds are the premium one. The levels are the best place for you to find more gold, though you also have the option of trading in your diamonds for gold coins. As for getting free diamonds, you can go to the in-app store, hit on the FREE button, and watch an ad video. Each video only rewards you with three diamonds each, but if you’re patient enough, you can keep watching videos long enough to stockpile your free diamonds.

3. Earning More Gold And Diamond, The Hard Way

There are other ways for you to earn more coins in the game, and these mainly include performing tricks. After you launch the penguin, you can tilt your phone forward or backward to tilt his glider. Tilting your phone all the way backward or forward could help you do some flips and other aerial tricks, which can then earn you some gold coins. These tricks also come in handy by helping you complete quests. Alternately, you could control where you tilt without having to flip, effectively going as high as possible instead of as far. That too can earn you additional coins in the game.

4. Save Your Diamonds

You have the option to use diamonds to revive yourself in the game, but like we often do, we advise you not to use your diamonds to bring your penguin back to life, in as much as possible. It is hardly ever worth it to spend premium currency on a revive, so we shall say it again – save your diamonds, and use them wisely!

5. Don’t Run Out Of Fuel

Your penguin’s rockets will come with limited fuel – well, not really limited in the truest sense, but it isn’t infinite, that’s for sure. Don’t use all of your rocket boost in one sitting; instead, tap the screen so you can slowly, but surely allow your fuel to run out. It’s better to do this while tilted, as that could allow you to go much farther. After that, you can make use of your boosts to perform some of the crazy tricks we mentioned above, or go much farther than you imagined possible.

6. Grind The Right Way

Lastly, Learn 2 Fly will allow you to grind as much as possible so you can earn more coins for those upgrades and power-ups. Keep grinding, or replaying as much as you could, while using as few of the boosts as possible. Like we told you above, do not spend diamonds on revives. And once you’ve earned enough coins, or earned enough diamonds by watching the ads, you can buy better items in the in-app store.

For now, these would be our tips and tricks for Thumbstar’s new mobile game, Learn 2 Fly. Be sure to check back from time to time, as we will update our Learn 2 Fly guide, when we come up with some new tricks!


Sunday 30th of July 2017

What do the cards in the coin shop do


Saturday 11th of May 2019

They allow u to get 10 revives and I accidentally spent 10 diamonds on that and voting and I would have Omega rn 😭