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What’s Jumping Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a High Score and Earn More Diamonds

What’s Jumping is a new game from Bulkypix that, like a good many other games in its category, is available for Android and iOS phones and tablets alike. It’s got its share of similarities with Happy Cube Death Arena, as your goal is to jump on the conveyor belt and avoid passing obstacles. There’s a plethora of obstacles for you to avoid in this game, as you perfect your timing and collect more diamonds that can then allow you to unlock new characters. Watch out for the boxes, spikes, and other obstacles, and you’ll be fine…though that’s something often easier said than done.

Want to avoid more obstacles, last longer on your runs, and earn more diamonds to collect more characters? Check out our quick guide, if you’re interested in doing better – we hope these What’s Jumping tips and hints will help you in improving your game.

1. One Point Per Jump, Two Points For Double Jumps

For each jump you make in What’s Jumping, you will earn one point to your name; it doesn’t matter if you’re jumping over anything or not, but as long as you jump once, that’s one point automatic. Doing a double jump earns you two points, so that’s something that could speed things up if you’re trying to chase a high score.

To put it simply, jumping even when there isn’t anything to jump over is a great way to rack up your score. And double-jumping even when the situation doesn’t call for it is even better. Just take care on the double jumps so you don’t unintentionally crash into an obstacle.

2. How To Earn More Coins And Diamonds

You collect coins and diamonds through natural progression. That means simply playing the game like you normally would can help you earn more currency, may it be the standard coins, or the larger diamonds that can add big-time to your total currency. Watching ad videos also helps; just go to the in-app store and click on the video icon. You’ll then be directed to an advertisement that earns you ten coins for watching that quick video.

3. Some Characters May Require High Scores

There are some characters in the game that can only be unlocked by hitting a certain score, and not by buying them at the in-app store. But that’s where things become a little difficult, because these characters have to be unlocked by reaching that score in one round, instead of over a series of several rounds/runs.

4. About The Additional Characters

After you’ve earned 100 coins, you can then go to the in-app store to buy a new character at random. You cannot choose which character to unlock – it all happens randomly, though the characters available to you are quite quirky. These include a cute sea otter, and even an animated iPhone. There is really no change to gameplay regardless of which character you choose, although some may find it easier playing with a bigger or smaller character.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and learned some tips and tricks for Bulkypix’s new mobile game, What’s Jumping. In case we find more hints for the game in the near future, then we will update this guide, so stay tuned. On the other hand, if you love mobile games from this developer, like Revolution, Mad Aces and Yurei Ninja amongst others, then check out our collection of tips and cheats that we shared in the past for other Bulkypix games.