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Medal Masters Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

Some say that if you’ve seen one Nexon RPG, you’ve seen them all. But then again, you may only be looking at the basic features and the in-game screenshots that show the company’s strong anime/manga influence. The company does have an uncanny ability to crank out lots of high-quality RPGs that may be similar, but ultimately stand out as different from one another, and its latest one is called Medal Masters. It’s a “pick up and play real-time casual RPG” for Android and iOS, and as far as the basics go, you can focus on hero composition for various strategies and tactics. These strategies include when and how to unleash your combos and use your Blitz control, and as far as your heroes go, you can choose from up a plethora of different characters and customize/upgrade them to your liking. Nexon also adds that this game has “245 different characters,” presumably including NPCs, so that’s something to take into account as well.

If you want to learn how to play Medal Masters, you’ll have to start out with the basics, and that’s what we’re here to do right now – help you out on the basics of the game. Read on as we shall now be giving you a quick Medal Masters strategy guide with a list of tips and tricks, which could be useful for for first-time players.

1. Redeem Your Free Gems And Buy New Characters

After you’re done completing the game’s tutorial, you can then collect your free gems (a reward for all first-time players), and go to the in-app store to buy one characters. Depending on their skills and rarity, each character will cost differently, so you might not get a lot of super-rares in the early goings. In fact, you may have to content yourself with one of these super-rare characters. But you can always level up the heroes you have and make your party stronger as you go along.

2. You Can Unlock New Modes As Well

Not all of Medal Masters’ game modes will be available to you initially; some of them will have to be unlocked as you level up and fight more battles. For example, you can unlock the hard mode of a specific area by clearing it out completely. In addition, you can level up and, depending on the milestone level you reach, you can unlock Pillage War, Infinite Challenge, Arena, and Special Dungeon. The higher you level up, the more features/modes you can unlock.

3. Earn Rewards Through Quests And Achievements

Any time you’re in doubt about what you should do next in Medal Masters, go to the quests area and see if there’s something you have to do next in order to move forward and further your progress. Completing quests, of course, is good for some rewards. Hitting the Others button on the menu will give you a list of more things that you can do. Click over to the options that have red bullet points and you can find more opportunities for rewards. Likewise, the achievements, hero collections, and other in-game menus could yield some rewards for you, which would mostly come in the form of free gems.

4. Characters Can Be Equipped With Four Option Cards

As we’re dealing with the basics, we won’t really delve into the full story when it comes to option cards. But you can equip your heroes with a maximum four option cards each, with one card per color, and a fourth card serving as the wild card, meaning it could be of any color. But how can you get more cards for your heroes? Simply buy card packs in the in-app store, and assign them as you see fit; also, be sure that you’re un-equipping the cards you want to keep and transfer them elsewhere if you replace one hero with somebody else.

5. Make Good Use Of The Barracks

Again, we won’t be discussing this in full detail, but the barracks is arguably the most important building in the game. As such, you want to make full use of it whenever you could. In the early goings, the barracks will serve as a place for you to level up your common heroes. Eventually, though, they will be the go-to place for upgrading your heroes, or evolving them and improving their rarity. Awakening is another option for you in the barracks.

Once you’ve reached a more advanced level in Medal Masters, you will be able to use the barracks to level up your rarer heroes, thus making them even more powerful than they already are.

And this completes our guide for Nexon’s mobile game, Medal Masters. If you’re interested in checking out our collection of hints for other Nexon titles, such as Dominations, Legion of Heroes, Path of War and others, be sure to head over to this link.