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League of Legends: Wild Rift Loadouts Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Riot Games recently released the much-anticipated League of Legends: Wild Rift for mobile devices. The good news is that it’s running quite well despite currently being in open beta in several regions. Currently, there are 43 champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift, that you can choose from. There are also quite a lot of different loadouts for players to try out.

Yes, more champions and things will be included when the official release date comes around. Now there’s that burning problem of which champions to use and which loadouts to setup. Be sure to check out our League of Legends: Wild Rift loadouts, strategies and tactics guide, to discover everything you need to know to get started on the right foot.

Note: This loadouts guide is based on the Early Access version of League of Legends: Wild Rift currently in open beta.

General Rules To Help You Out

As it turns out, things can go very haywire on you in League of Legends: Wild Rift. It’s on you to heed given warnings. For example: the warning about your connection. If you see that, it’d be a great idea to heed it. If your connection is going haywire on you, try to get it straightened out first. If you get disconnected just so many times during a match, the game boots you and temporarily prevents you from most match-making. Try not to get stuck like that.

league of legends wild rift loadouts tips

One of the main rules of League of Legends: Wild Rift is to use the practice rounds properly. As it turns out, the AI in there won’t go easy on you. Yes, a lot of it depends on the champion you bring in there for testing. However, the practice rounds make for great ways to test loadouts. So take them seriously. You’d be surprised at how many times practice rounds can turn things very lethal in your favor.

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Lastly, always finish out the Tutorials and Events (if any) before buying a champion. The rewards include skins and free champions. Look through those things if you want to check what’s coming. The idea is to not buy champions or skins when you end up getting them for free! That’ll quickly defeat the purpose of those rewards!

Loadouts For Support Champions

The support champion of League of Legends: Wild Rift is the true blue champion that helps keep others alive. They’re very dull or they’re very popular depending on who you’re asking! Yes, you can turn them lethal. Yes, that will make them a bit more fun. Yes, that will defeat their purpose. The main point of support champions is as the name implies. So stay close with your team members. Let them deal with most of the killing. Keep them in one piece gains you the popularity.

Sona is the first in the League of Legends: Wild Rift list of support champions.

sona league of legends wild rift

It’s her third ability that will determine the boost given by her passive Power Chord. It’ll be difficult to track if you panic or plain forget! The main problem with Sona is her cool downs. The other problem is to fix her loadout so that she won’t run out of mana quickly.

sona loadout league of legends wild rift

The loadout for Sona in the above screen shot shows how to fix both problems. This provides a 60% cool down reduction. Using the Ionian Teleport boots helps get her back into action a lot faster. The Archangel’s Staff provides cool down reduction and a hefty amount of mana boost. The Font of Life rune is included because her abilities do impair movement of enemy champions. So your team members can heal from attacking them. The Hunter Vampirism rune can be kept or swapped for Triumph or Weakness at your discretion.

Janna is a surprisingly fun support champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift. With the right loadout, she’s also a good hitter.

janna league of legends wild rift

Combo her second skill as her first skill hits a target for a pretty good hit. Just don’t move or attack until Monsoon is done casting. Again her problems are with cool downs and mana consumption. The good news is that you can still “get away with it” while not having to use the Archangel’s Staff.

janna loadout league of legends wild rift

Janna has a move speed boost as her passive. So using the Ionian Redemption boots works out better. They’ll provide an extra heal skill too. Harmonic Echo and Athena’s Unholy Grail provide for a couple of extra heals and cool down reductions. Of course, the Rabadon’s Deathcaps for the hefty ability power boost. A Nashor’s Tooth or an Archangel’s Staff work equally well. The runes provide their various effects to help keep Janna in the action. It’s the Sweet Tooth rune that’ll score some extra gold for you.

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One of the fun support champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift is Seraphine.

seraphine league of legends wild rift

Similar to Lee Sin, Seraphine also has a “double” skills setup. The difference is the more you use her skills, the stronger they get instead of switching. Eventually one of them will cast twice (gold colored skills). Seraphine works best in groups of ally champions. Oddly enough, the typical case is that she’s partnered with one ally champion. Keep in mind that even while solo she can be lethal. It’s her difficulty that makes her fun. Again, enemy champions won’t hold still. So aiming will be the challenge with her skills. It’s also not so easy to make sure Encore fires through an ally champion.

seraphine loadout league of legends wild rift

Seraphine’s loadout is based on other League of Legends: Wild Rift mages. You’d want the damage boosts and the CD reductions. With that, she can be pretty fast on the attack and bean something pretty hard too! The Ionian Teleport boots can be swapped for Ionian Redemption if you want another heal. It’s a good idea when going for a sure heal. It’s because her skills can slow enemy champions you can swap Electrocute with Font of Life. If you want more healing, you can swap Luden’s Echo with Harmonic Echo. Gathering Store is the better choice since there’re no vamp effects. It can also be swapped for Weakness.

One of the more difficult support champions of League of Legends: Wild Rift is Soraka.

soraka league of legends wild rift

Her difficulty is due to Astral Infusion. While solo, it’s pretty much you’re one skill short. It only works on ally champions. Otherwise, Soraka is still very useful, tough and lethal. Wish isn’t as strong as other champion’s healing skills. However, it’s a lot faster. So that’ll definitely add to her toughness. The combo of Equinox and Starcall make for a nasty hit. You just have to time them well or you’ll miss. More often than not, you’ll want to use Starcall as a finishing skill.

soraka loadout league of legends wild rift

Soraka’s loadout is based on “Going Nuclear” with the healing! Again, you’ll want to add to her toughness and this is a great way to do so. From there it’s a matter of getting her cool downs nice and low. Start out with the Ionian Redemption boots. The combo of Harmonic Echo and Athene’s Unholy Grail add more healing ability. The more healing abilities you have, the more damage Starcall can eventually do. The Lich Bane was used for more CD reduction and damage boosts. You can swap Aery with Font of Life or pretty much anything you want. You can also swap Weakness for anything other than Hunter-Vampirism.

Loadouts For Marksman Champions

The typical case for playing League of Legends: Wild Rift is the “Quick and the Sad”. Since you don’t want to be the latter as a marksman, you better make it quick! Thankfully, marksman can also slow their targets too. While you’re at it, you’d also want your marksman to be long lasting and heavy hitting. With that, one of the main items in your loadout should be the Mortal Reminder.

First in line for the marksman champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift is Jhin.

jhin league of legends wild rift

Jhin will reload his gun after 4 basic attacks. That’s when you’d want to combo his abilities the most. However, you can still use his abilities at any given time. The combination of Captive Audience and Deadly Flourish make for a nice rooting combo. It’s when you manage to kill something with Dancing Grenade is when it will increase in damage done. For the most part, keep him at range to your targets and you’ll most likely do very well. Curtain Call helps via its impressive range.

jhin loadout league of legends wild rift

For the runes, a good choice would be either Font of Life or Electrocute. The last 3 runes will help keep Jhin in the battles for longer. To give you a vamp start, use Gluttonous Teleport. The Bloodthirster is a must for physical damage vamp effects. The next 3 items in the list showing in the above screen shot are for boosts to attack speed and damage. The Blade of the Ruined King is for more attack speed. You can swap that for a Spirit Visage to amplify the vamp and other healing effects.

Vayne is another good choice for a marksman champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

vayne league of legends wild rift

It just takes a bit more aiming and timing on your part to use her! It’s all on her Condemn ability. Basically get ahead of your target using Tumble and knock your opponent back towards your towers. At the minimum aim for that general direction. In combination with Final Hour, it’s not hard to get behind your opponents so Condemn can knock them back in the proper direction. Mostly you won’t activate Silver Bolts unless you have more than 1 target. Otherwise, aim for using its heavy hit on the third attack.

vayne loadout league of legends wild rift

In this case, try the Ionian Teleport boots instead of Gluttonous. Vayne’s cool downs can get lengthy. The Statikk Shiv is used for more attack speed compared to more vamp effect. The rest of the loadout items are pretty much standard for attack speed and damage boosts. Since Vayne’s abilities don’t slow and it’s hard to stun with Condemn, Electrocute is the better choice. The Regeneration and Hunter-Vampirism runes are for keeping her in the action longer. The Sweet Tooth rune helps gain you and extra 60 gold and quick HP regen.

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Listed as both a marksman and an assassin champion, Kai’Sa makes for a great choice in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

kaisa league of legends wild rift

Kai’Sa is extremely lethal when you get her range mastered and Living Weapon going. You’ll need the range control due to Icathian Rain. Closer targets usually receive more hits from it. Living Weapon boosts her skills quite a lot. Lead off your attacks with Void Seeker. Try to use Icathian Rain while near 1 or few targets. Use Supercharge and/or Killer Instinct when chasing enemy champions. You’ll want to use the charging time of Supercharge to chase enemies rather than attack. Otherwise, use it to get ahead of them. Once it stops charging, open fire on them.

kaisa loadout league of legends wild rift

Kai’Sa’s loadout is based on attack speed and damage boosts. From there it’s a couple of vamp effects to keep her in the battles. The combination of the Gluttonous boots, Bloodthirster, and Hunter-Vampirism for the vamp effects. Runaan’s Hurricane is used because it’s just plain fun to hit multiple targets all the time! In combination with Rapid Firecannon + Blade of the Ruined King, she’ll be pretty fast on the attack. The Mortal Reminder is what’s adding a lot more punch to her attacks. In total, that rune setup works very well with the item set.

Graves is the oddball marksman of League of Legends: Wild Rift.

graves league of legends wild rift

The oddball part is that this is a marksman champion but hits harder at close range. Even at range he can hit multiple targets. So it all works out well anyway! The combo for Graves leads off with Quickdraw. You’ll be in close so use Smoke Screen to help protect you and do some minor damage. End of the Line provides a nice double hit damage skill. Your aim will highly come into play when using Collateral Damage. It works best on enemy champions that are running away. The idea is to make sure they won’t get far when using Collateral Damage.

graves loadout league of legends wild rift

Graves’ loadout is based highly on vamp effects and high damage. The Gluttonous Teleport boots + Bloodthirster + Spirit Visage + Hunter Vampirism will keep him in battles. Attack speed boosts won’t help the reload time reduction so much. However, it’s still nice to have! Graves already hits multiple targets. So boost it some more with Runaan’s Hurricane. With that, enemy champions won’t be able to hide behind minions for long. You can swap heal for an attack based Spell if you want to.

Loadouts For Fighter Champions

The fighters are the fairly balanced champions of League of Legends: Wild Rift. They’re a little less tanky compared to tank champions. They’re also a little less speedy compared to assassin champions. However, they’re still quite capable of tearing through targets pretty easily. Going against multiple targets isn’t a giant problem as well for many of the fighters.

The first natural fighter champion to talk about in League of Legends: Wild Rift is Garen.

garen league of legends wild rift

Garen happens to be the default in the practice rounds. His default loadout does make him pretty hard to deal with. The good news is that you can modify it and come out stronger. The better news is that his combo is a simple “1, 2, 3” ability use. Yes, in that order! The hard part is keeping the Judgment skill at proper range. If you do, all 8 hits of it will critically hit. Mixed with his armor breaking ideas, it gets pretty bad for opponents very quickly. If your target is at around 30% of their maximum HP or less, they’re toast. Thanks Demacian Justice!

garen loadout league of legends wild rift

You can keep Ignite or switch it to heal. Garen doesn’t have movement impairing abilities. The recommendation is to either use Aery or Electrocute. Stattick Shiv is clearly for more attack speed. Also note that its crit rate boost helps. This is especially true with the armor reduction from the Black Cleaver. Then add in more of the target(s) defense lost via the Mortal Reminder. The Gluttonous Teleport and the Bloodthirster provide vamp effects and a temporary shield for over healing. In total combination, Garen is fast, tough, and regens HP quite a lot.

Next up is the “dragon lady” of League of Legends: Wild Rift!

shyvana league of legends wild rift

Even though the Difficulty rating for Shyvana is low, it’s not always easy to remember which drake boosts which skill. So be sure to try to kill at least one of them during a match! Lead off an attack with Burnout on the way to the target(s). When in range, Twin Bite is your next ability. Otherwise lead off with Flame Breath and then Burnout and Twin Bite. Try to use the activation of Dragon’s Descent to drag/knock enemies back towards your base/towers.

shyvana loadout league of legends wild rift

Shyvana’s abilities mostly deal magic based damage. For the vamp effects, use the Gluttonous Teleport boots and Hextech Gunblade. The Rylai’s Crystal Scepter is the tricky part. The recommendation is to use it compared to the Frozen Mallet. The ability power boost works out much better. To boost damage further, the Void Staff is your better bet. Due to the hitting speed of Burnout, the Electrocute rune works out the best.

In terms of fighter champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift, Olaf is the very tough one to beat!

olaf league of legends wild rift

Olaf is surprisingly easy to use, incredibly tough and very lethal. It’s the Vicious Strikes skill that produces most of that description. It’s to the point where you barely notice or have to worry about his passive. So lead off your attacks with Vicious Strike. Undertow works very well against escaping champions. It’ll slow them but you have to aim it well. It can miss at an alarming rate! Reckless Swing is the main finishing move. Just make sure you finish off any target with it so it won’t give you the penalty. Ragnarok is what makes Olaf nearly unstoppable. Your opponents will literally have to kill Olaf to stop him once Ragnarok is used.

olaf loadout league of legends wild rift

Olaf’s loadout is based on boosting the vamp effects from Vicious Strikes. That will most assuredly keep him in battles much longer. From there it’s a matter of boosting his damage, attack speed and armor penetration. In combination, Olaf will hit like a freight train! You won’t have to worry much at all about his cool downs. Even at that, the Black Cleaver and Spirit Visage provide a 30% DC reduction in total. You’ll want to keep the Heal spell because it’s double boosted. Vicious Strikes and the Spirit Visage will both boost it at the same time.

One very fast and also quite lethal fighter champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift is Xin Zhao.

xin zhao league of legends wild rift

Xin Zhao can be a little difficult to control. Much of that is caused by Crescent Guard knocking enemy champions out of range. Also note the Crescent Charge description has a typo. It’ll knockback everything. The strategy for Xin Zhao is to get in close with Audacious Charge. That’ll make him close to the target and fast on the attack. At the same time, it’ll slow the target. Follow it with Wind Becomes Lightning. It’s another hit and more slowing effect. You’ll quickly want to combo that with Three Talon Strike to gain more CD reductions. Try to use Crescent Guard as a finishing move as much as possible.

xin zhao loadout league of legends wild rift

With Xin Zhao, you already have a lot of CD reduction. So your focus is to add to his toughness and damage. While you’re at it, you’d want to keep your target as close to you as possible. The idea is to vamp with the Gluttonous Teleport boots + Spirit Visage. Then add to his attack speed with the Statikk Shiv. The Iceborn Gauntlet does work well. For a more definite slowing approach, you can swap it with the Frozen Mallet. The Trinity Force item is mostly used for adding to Xin Zhao’s toughness and attack speed. There’re some damage boosts and CD reductions in it for you too!

Loadouts For Tank Champions

The initial thought for most is that tanks are just “punching bags” so others can kill the target(s). The good news is that this isn’t the case in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Yes, the tanks here are very capable of absorbing damage. Yes, they’re also quite lethal too! The aim is knowing which abilities to use and when so you don’t cripple them by mistake.

The first tank on the list in League of Legends: Wild Rift is Blitzcrank.

blitzcrank league of legends wild rift

Yes, Blitzcrank can be fun to use and both very tough and very lethal. However, mind the use of Overdrive and Static Field. If you use Overdrive at the wrong time, your target will escape. The use of Static Field should be kept at a minimum. You’d do better with its passive. Otherwise, aim to use it when you have a sure kill. Rocket Grab makes for a good leading ability. It’s also great for enemies that are running away from you. The trick is to get cool downs reduced. Power Fist is the combo for Rocket Grab or the leading ability.

blitzcrank loadout league of legends wild rift

The Ionian Redemption boots work out better especially with using Rocket Grab for escaping enemies. The slow and the HP boost from the Frozen Mallet provide a good combo. Blitzcrank’s passive provides a shield which triggers Harmonic Echo. Blitzcrank is more magic damage based compared to physical damage. Rabadon’s Deathcap and the Void Staff will boost that nicely. The Sunfire Cape is used since you’d want to keep enemies close. Aery can be swapped with Font of Life at your discretion. The rest of the runes and skills are intended to keep Blitzcrank’s HP up.

As it turns out, Dr. Mundo is a really great tank in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

dr mundo league of legends wild rift

You would think he would kill himself or make himself easy to kill with Burning Agony. It’s really the opposite considering vamp effects, his passive and his Sadism ability. Use Infected Cleaver to help get you close to your target(s). Use Masochism to gain a quick damage advantage over them. The real trick to Dr. Mundo is to boost vamp effects on him. With Burning Agony, you’ll vamp more compared to the damage it does to Dr. Mundo.

dr mundo loadout league of legends wild rift

Since he’s more magic damage based, you’ll want the Gluttonous Teleport boots and Hextech Gunblade. This will start your vamp effects. The Spirit Visage is where you’ll get the hefty vamp and HP regen boosts. Since you want your targets close, the Frozen Mallet, Sunfire Cape and Void Staff are your choices. This will help keep them close and keep the damage on them. The Font of Life is the better bet rune considering the Frozen Mallet and the Infected Cleaver.

One of your more lethal tank champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift is Jarvan IV.

jarvan iv league of legends wild rift

Jarvan IV has that nifty and pesky ability to get in close to your target. It’s nifty because it helps. It’s pesky because your aim better be good! You’ll want to lead off your attacks with Dragon Strike most of the time. This is unless you’re trying to get in close first. In that case use Demacian Standard to plant his flag. Then you’ll want to combo with Dragon Strike. Despite its description, try not to get Jarvan IV surrounded too much by enemy champions. However, Golden Aegis does do the job to slow enemy champions and absorb damage. Cataclysm works great against enemy champions that are trying to run away. You can and should use Demacian Standard while inside Cataclysm.

jarvan iv loadout league of legends wild rift

Jarvan IV’s loadout is based on more slowing effect, vamp effect and armor penetration. His cool downs and attack speed are already good. However, using the Blade of the Ruined King can further boost his attack speed. As a tank champion, you’ll want to keep him in battles for as long as possible. That’s where the vamp effects and Heal spell come into it. The combination of the Black Cleaver + Mortal Reminder can seriously boost the damage done by Dragon Strike. You can swap the Font of Life for Fleet Footwork or Electrocute. Any of them work very well considering what Jarvan IV can really do.

For those fans of “drunken” tank champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift, Gragas is the way to go!

gragas league of legends wild rift

The trick with Gragas is to work on your timing. Timing is just about everything when using Gragas. Most of that is caused by Barrel Roll and Drunken Rage. Drunken Rage will stop him while charging. With Barrel Roll, your timing will affect the final results. From there, it’s Explosive Cask and Body Slam which need aim. If you don’t aim Body Slam well, you will go in the wrong direction. If you don’t aim Explosive Cask well, everything will be in the wrong position when landing. However, with good aiming and timing, you can Explosive Cask your target into Barrel Roll. Then use Drunken Rage to charge up while the target is in mid-air. Next get close to them with Body Slam and a basic attack to trigger Drunken Rage’s effect.

gragas loadout league of legends wild rift

Gragas’ loadout is based on CD reductions and damage boosting. The first four items showing in the above screen shot provide a 60% CD reduction. As a tank, you’ll want to keep him in battles via healing. Use the Ionian Redemption boots to start it. The Heal spell and his passive can work nicely together with those boots. Liandry’s Torment and Rabadon’s Deathcap are a nice combination for damage boosting. You don’t want him to run out of mana anytime soon. The Luden’s Echo and Archangel’s Staff provide an extra 800 mana in total. While they’re at it, they also provide a lot of extra damage ability.

Loadouts For Assassin Champions

League of Legends: Wild Rift wouldn’t be complete without the assassin champions. They’re usually pretty fast attackers that can hit hard. They also have a knack for closing the distance between them and their target(s). With some good aiming and timing on your part, they can be very impressive champion killers.

The first is the original assassin champion of League of Legends: Wild Rift. That’d be Master Yi.

master yi league of legends wild rift

The trick to Master Yi is to time Alpha Strike. When there are no other targets within range, it’ll do serious damage. If you use it while your target is surrounded, it’ll be basically wasted. Meditate is what makes Master Yi vastly tougher. That’ll provide you healing and damage reduction. Using the passive of Wuju Style usually works better. Highlander is when you’re going for a sure champion kill.

master yi loadout league of legends wild rift

The loadout for Master Yi provides you with a lot of options to try out. The loadout showing in the above screen shot starts out with the Gluttonous Teleport boots. Then a mixture of attack speed boosts, vamp and damage boosting. You can swap out Conqueror with Triumph or Font of Life as you see fit. Heal should be kept but you can swap it for whatever you wanted.

The next assassin champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift with great killing power is Zed.

zed league of legends wild rift

Zed’s destructive power mostly comes from his shadows doing damage. So in combination, Living Shadow and Death Mark leave 2 shadows on the field. From there Shadow Slash and Razor Shuriken can bomb along with Zed. If done correctly, there won’t be much for you to finish off the target(s).

zed loadout league of legends wild rift

Zed’s loadout showing in the above screen shot is based on vamp effects + armor reductions/penetrations. Zed is already a fairly quick attack. However, if you wanted to you can swap items for attack speed boosters instead. The downside being you might reduce his overall damage. Electrocute is the better bet since a variety of attacks from multiple directions will trigger it more often.

Another assassin champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift that we should about is Ahri.

ahri league of legends wild rift

A lot of Ahri’s killing ability is gained from her Charm skill. Firstly, that’ll increase her damage. Then it makes Fox-Fire lock onto that enemy champion. Fox-Fire would be your next skill in line in the combo. From there, Orb of Deception works in conjunction with her passive so you get a quick heal. If you’re fast enough, you can get in all hits, including Spirit Rush, while the bonus damage from Charm is still active. With Spirit Rush, there’s another 3 hits for another quick heal. You just have to aim it as well as you can.

ahri loadout league of legends wild rift

The main focus for her loadout is to get Ahri to reduce her cool downs. At the same time make her hit a ton. The idea is to drop her cool downs (CD) with the first 3 items. The last 2 would boost her damage output. The Ionian Teleport boots can be swapped with Ionian Redemption for another heal + damage ability. The Liche Bane and Archangel’s Staff combination provide really nice mana boosts and damage boosts. The Electrocute rune works well due to Ahri’s attack speed. Brutal helps provide a bit more defense penetration. You can keep the Ignite spell or swap it with Heal, Exhaust or Ghost.

The next League of Legends: Wild Rift assassin with very lethal capability is Lee Sin.

lee sin league of legends wild rift

The fun part to Lee Sin is that he has “double” abilities. The downside is that you can’t immediately double cast his “double” abilities. The good news happens to be the same thing. This allows you to combo like crazy. As a result, Lee Sin will be all over the place if you don’t aim him properly. This is especially true with Safeguard. If Safeguard’s AoE doesn’t hit an enemy champion, you won’t get the shield. Lead off your attack with Dragon’s Rage (first) or Safeguard (whichever is available). You’d want to combo with Tempest and Cripple. Then use Iron Will. Sonic Wave works best against enemy champions that are running away. Again, aim for using Sonic Wave when you have a clear shot.

lee sin loadout league of legends wild rift

You’d definitely want the Ionian boots for cool down reduction. Mix it with the Black Cleaver for 40% CD reduction in total. Of course you can switch Redemption with Teleport or Shadows. Naturally, you’ll want Lee Sin to survive longer so vamp with Bloodthirster + Hunter-Vampirism. From there, make him tougher and hit harder + faster with Sterak’s Gage + Statikk Shiv. Then slow your opponents further with the Frozen Mallet. Slowing via skills or items makes Font of Life activate.

Loadouts For Mage Champions

The good news is that mages in League of Legends: Wild Rift can hit like asteroid strikes. They can also do so to multiple targets and with decent range. The bad news is that they can also be serious “glass cannons”. You’d do well to keep them at range as much as possible. Make no mistake about it, even when they’re mostly built, they can hold their own. Their main problem is their cool downs. Beyond that, they can turn a match into a shooting gallery!

The first very worthy mention in League of Legends: Wild Rift for the mages is Lux.

lux league of legends wild rift

Start out Lux by planting Lucent Singularity. Follow it with Light Binding. You’ve already done a nice amount of damage to your target(s). You’d also root up to 2 targets. Your main aim is to get Lux’s passive onto enemy champions. The next basic attack will provide one nasty zap because of Illumination. Final Spark can be used with or without Illumination but it is better with. Also note that Final Spark can bean targets clear across the map. It won’t reveal them but if you manage it, it’ll sure hit them!

lux loadout league of legends wild rift

Again, the mages have serious cool down issues. So with Lux’s loadout, the idea is to reduce those cool downs as much as possible. The pair of Nashor’s Tooth provides a 40% cool down reduction. Using the Gluttonous Teleport boots turns out better mixed with the Hextech Gunblade. In combination, your abilities will vamp a lot for you. Otherwise, aim for the Ionian Teleport for more cool down reduction. Lastly, crank her ability power and you’ve got a real monster.

While going for something just plain fun in League of Legends: Wild Rift, you’d give Ziggs a try.

ziggs league of legends wild rift

Satchel Charge does do damage to towers. However, don’t rely on it for that. It’s much better suited for knocking targets in a specific direction. The combination of Hexplosive Minefield and Bouncing Bomb can slow your target(s) and put some hurt on them! Ziggs’ passive helps provide an extra damage pop so time it well. Mega Inferno Bomb is how Ziggs will test your aim. As much as possible, try to make sure your target(s) are in the middle section of it. That’ll provide you with the most damage to them. The bad news with Ziggs is that his cool downs are horrible. He also guzzles mana.

ziggs loadout league of legends wild rift

So, the idea now is to fix Ziggs’ main problems. You’d definitely want to start out with the Ionian Teleport boots. In combination with the Archangel’s Staff and Nashor’s Tooth, you’ll be able to get some skill spamming in. That Rod of Ages is in there along with the Archangel’s Staff for a significant mana boost. Their ability power boost isn’t bad either! The Void Staff and the Rabadon’s Deathcap combination provide a hefty boost to ability power as well. You can swap out Heal for whatever you like. You can swap Electrocute for Font of Life. You should swap out Hunter-Vampirism for Weakness. When Ziggs slows using Hexplosive Minefield, the healing effect would kick in.

Another pick for mage champions in the game is the very destructive Annie!

annie league of legends wild rift

You’d think she’s just going to die easy. You thought wrong! Disintegrate is what gets things going well for Annie. Even if you kill a nearby minion by accident, it becomes very spammable. At that rate Annie’s passive kicks in more often thus adding to her destructive power. So it’s a good idea to lead off your attacks with Disintegrate. The tactic for Annie is to combo immediately with Molten Shield on Annie. That’s unless you’re backing up a team member. Use Summon: Tibbers and Incinerate whenever you can.

annie loadout league of legends wild rift

Even though Annie has 1 spammable skill, that still leaves the rest needing CD reduction. Since her skills can hit multiple targets, vamp effects from the Hextech Gunblade come in handy. Ionian Redemption boots or Teleport work very well. The pair of Nashor’s Tooth items makes it a 60% CD reduction. Rabadon’s Deathcap and the Void Staff and a lot of extra punch to her skills. Aery can be swapped to just about anything you want except Font of Life. She doesn’t have any skills to reliably trigger Font of Life.

Twisted Fate is the “gold making machine” mage champion of League of Legends: Wild Rift.

twisted fate league of legends wild rift

Twisted Fate can get around very easily with Destiny. However, it is better use is for scouting enemy positions. In combination with his passive, Stacked Deck can gain a lot of gold for you. Just be sure to hit enemy champions while it’s activated. More gold = more of your items bought faster. Pick a Card is where you’ll need good timing. You can use it to stun, slow, or instantly regen your mana. The fun part to Twisted Fate is the Wild Card skill. It has very good range and needs little aiming. It’ll hit through everything making vamp effects kick in more. Your best bet is to lead off with Pick a Card followed by Stacked Deck and then Wild Card. The strategy is to tap Pick a Card again depending on the situation.

twisted fate loadout league of legends wild rift

With his skill capabilities, you’ll want vamp effects. Twisted Fate’s cool downs are not so bad compared to other mages. You’d want the Gluttonous Teleport boots for starters. Then add in the Hextech Gunblade to boost the vamp effects along with Hunter-Vampirism. From there it’s a matter of some CD reduction and extra punch. Since he can slow a target, Electrocute can be swapped with Font of Life. Otherwise, Electrocute works very well. Regeneration can be swapped for anything you like. Sweet Tooth is pretty much a must for extra gold gaining.

And this ends our loadouts guide for League of Legends: Wild Rift. If you have anything to add or just want to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment area!