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BitLife Resolution Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Resolution Challenge

The year is nearly over at the time of writing, and while the folks at Candywriter may have gone on Christmas break and not introduced any new BitLife challenges over the weekend, they’ve got one to wrap up what has been a turbulent, unprecedented 2020. As you may very well know by now, both iOS and Android players typically get new challenges every weekend, and these are limited-time events that allow you to live your virtual characters’ lives a certain way, based on a given theme. And it’s no surprise the new challenge is all about those common new years’ resolutions.

Among all the challenges BitLife has introduced this year, many may agree that the Resolution Challenge is one of the easiest, if not the easiest. All you need to do is to go on a diet, go to the club, and repeat certain basic tasks, and make sure you do them all within the span of one year, before hitting the Age button.

bitlife resolution challenge requirements

However, you may be interested in how you can get these basic tasks done faster, and with as little repeat work as possible, and that’s why we’re here. Check out our final BitLife mini-strategy guide for 2020, which will show you how to quickly complete the Resolution Challenge.

Get A Part-Time Job In College To Afford The Diet Requirement

Although the Resolution Challenge may seem like a very straightforward challenge, you will still need to have enough money in order to go on one of the many diet options available in BitLife. That said, there aren’t any gender, statistical, or location-based requirements, so you can create any character you wish — just as long as you make sure they have enough money by the time they turn 18 years old.

getting a part-time job in bitlife

One way to earn enough money to go on a diet is to take on various freelance jobs from the time you become eligible to get them, but relying on the “gig economy” is not a very practical way to raise enough for that dietary change. Instead, it may be better to spend one year working a part-time job that pays at least $7 to $8 per hour — that way, you can afford most of the available diets and have enough left over to make those ten gym visits.

Repeated Gym Visits Come With Minor Risks

The next requirement for the Resolution Challenge is to go to the gym ten times in one year — the same year that you go on a diet. The earliest time you can go to the gym is at age 12, and all gym visits prior to the age of 18 are free. However, some of the requirements can only be completed by adult Bitizens, so you’ll need to pay $20 per visit (in most U.S. cities) for a grand total of $200.

feet blisters in bitlife

That sounds pretty easy, and it is, although you’ll need to watch out for the possibility of coming down with a staph infection, foot blisters, or athlete’s foot after one of those visits. Still, the money you earned through your part-time work should be more than enough to cover any surprise trips to the doctor. You also might end up meeting a potential partner while at the gym, though for the purposes of this challenge, it’s irrelevant whether you choose to date that partner or not.

Read Shorter Books If You Can

Arguably, the toughest of the requirements in the Resolution Challenge is the one that asks you to read ten books in one year. It may not be difficult per se, but it can certainly be time-consuming and can require a whole lot of tapping — you do not get credited for books you do not finish reading, so you’ll need to “read” those books from the first page to the last!

reading a short book in bitlife

If you’re an avid reader, you’ll know what novels you should avoid, though most will agree that you should avoid reading the Webster’s Dictionary or Holy Bible if they appear among the options. It’s strongly suggested that you stick to shorter books, preferably 200 pages or less, and if you see a children’s book, then go ahead and read it! These titles are usually 50 pages or less, and it won’t matter if you’re way older than the target readership — as long as you complete it, it gets credited toward your ten books in one year!

As an added bonus, completing this requirement is a surefire way to get your Smarts up to 100 percent, no matter how low your Smarts are at the start of your virtual life.

Meditate Ten Times And Off To The Club

Now that we’re done with the most time-consuming requirement, let’s wrap up with what may be the two easiest ones — meditating ten times and visiting a club at least once. There’s nothing to the meditation process — just go to Mind and Body under Activities and keep choosing Meditate. This could help increase your Health, much like going to the gym increases your Health and Looks, though unlike what reading books does to Smarts, repeated actions won’t get both stats up to 100 percent.

practising meditation in bitlife

When going to the club, the only thing to keep in mind is to avoid any hookups or any invitations to consume alcohol or drugs, especially the latter. Last thing you want is a fatal overdose preventing you from completing the challenge!

Once you’ve visited any of the three available clubs, that should do it — the Resolution Challenge is completed, and you can choose from the four prize chests to get a new hat or eyewear. Happy New Year, Bitizens!