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League of Legends: Wild Rift Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Champions in the Game

League of Legends: Wild Rift has certainly taken the mobile MOBA community by storm with its recent open beta release. While a lot of improvements and changes are still expected to happen before the official global release, it is evident just how much effort has been invested into creating the game from the ground up, instead of simply porting the original game to mobile.

While the basic gameplay mechanics and features of League of Legends are similar to that of League of Legends: Wild Rift, there are notable changes made to make it more suitable for mobile gameplay. The overall speed of matches are among the major aspects of the game players should be aware of as the map size, lower gear costs, and faster skill cooldown periods all contribute to speeding up the pace of each match.

As far as champion roster is concerned, League of Legends: Wild Rift currently hosts 47 unique champion, which is a much smaller roster than its PC counterpart, but still huge enough to guarantee an unlimited mix of strategies and gameplay experiences for every player.

Expectedly, each champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift will not work exactly the same way as they do in the original game. Add that to changes in the changes in the gear and runes system, and it becomes a solid reason for even experienced and veteran League of Legends players to peer into the game’s basic features and mechanics.

league of legends wild rift best characters

Whether you are an experienced League of Legends enthusiast, or a total beginner who just started diving into MOBA games, you should consider reading through our League of Legends: Wild Rift beginner’s guide for loads of tips and strategies to help you get started in the game. In this new League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list guide, we will be focusing on each champion’s skills and abilities, and why we consider some to be better than others.

Like all other tier lists we have published, our League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list is naturally subjective. In truth, champions in the game can be sorted out in a variety of ways following as many different considerations. Each champion can perform very differently at the hands of different players, which can also depend on the current scenario in the rift, teammates, lane assignments, enemy roster, and so on. While skills and utility are valued, we also consider ease of use for each available champion.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift S Grade Champions

These champions are the top picks whenever available and despite some of them being a little challenging for beginners to fully utilize early on, it should not stop you from learning as much as you can about them as you are likely to encounter them as well on the opposing side of the rift.

Blitzcrank [Tank / Support – Support Tank – Scaling Mage Tank]

blitzcrank league of legends wild rift

Blitzcrank has an overall functionality and kit that makes him easy to pick up and play, even for complete beginners. He performs well as a tank and as a support character and his ability to hook enemy champions is his most important ability. Adding knock up and silence to his armaments boosts his effectiveness in combat further.

His first skill, Rocket Grab, is definitely his best one. It deals 80 magic damage and, more importantly, pulls the target to him. Overdrive slows him down 30% for a second but afterwards gives him a decaying 70% movement speed and 30% attack speed for 4 seconds. Power Fist is a self-buff that grants his next attack a guaranteed critical hit as well as knock up his target. His ultimate skill, Static Field, deals 250 AoE damage and can silence enemies for half a second.

Camille [Fighter – Jungle Fighter – Tanky Fighter]

camille league of legends wild rift

Although Camille is not as easy to learn playing as for beginners, she is definitely a top rank champion whether you choose to use her as a jungler or a fighter for the Baron Lane. In addition to being able to dish out massive damage, she has excellent mobility as well.

To start off, Camille’s passive ability, Adaptive Defenses, grants her a shield for 2 seconds, which absorbs 130 damage based on the type of damage the enemy champion deals. Her first skill, Precision Protocol, boosts her movement speed by 25% for 2 seconds on top of the physical damage it deals. Tactical Sweep deals damage to enemies it hits and slows them down by 80% for 2 seconds as well as deals bonus damage based on their max health.

Even better, Camille leeches health based on the bonus damage Tactical Sweep deals. Hookshot can be tricky to utilize but beyond the damage, what is great about it is the guaranteed 1-second stun it inflicts on the enemy and the 50% attack speed boost for Camille. The Hextech Ultimatum lets Camille leap to the target’s location, deal damage to the target and knock other enemies away from him or her, while creating a prison barrier for the target as well that lasts for 2.5 seconds.

Jax [Fighter – Duelist Fighter – Jungle Fighter]

jax league of legends wild rift

Jax’ kit in League of Legends: Wild Rift makes him a dangerous duelist to contend with. Not as easy as most champions to pick up and play but not as complex as Camille as well. Jax can deal a lot of damage and also be able to take as much as he gives.

Jax’ Relentless Assault passive enables his attacks to grant him a 3.6% attack speed boost for 3.6 seconds and can stack up to 6 times. Leap Strike can be used to instantly move to a champion’s location, whether friend or foe, and deal damage in the latter’s case. His second skill, Empower, is a very important self-buff that increases the damage of his subsequent attack or leap strike by an extra 45 magic damage.

A key to claiming triumph over duels and skirmishes, Counter Strike lets Jax dodge all attacks for 2 seconds and damages and stuns all enemies in range for a second afterwards. If that is not enough to turn the tide of battle, each attack dodged also boosts the damage Counter Strike deals by 20% up to a 100% maximum. Jax’ ultimate skill, Grandmaster’s Might, boosts his armor and magic resistance by 30 for 8 seconds and also passively increases the damage of every third consecutive attack.

Lee Sin [Fighter / Assassin – Jungle Assassin – Duelist Fighter]

lee sin league of legends wild rift

Lee Sin is a top tier diver that has high mobility and can dish out damage as well. He is also more complex than the usual champions to utilize but his overall kit makes him an excellent jungler and ganker as well.

To start off, Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave can deal damage to multiple enemies within range, revealing camouflaged enemies, enabling Resonating Strike to be cast if successful. Resonating Strike lest him dash towards an enemy marked by Sonic Wave and deal 60 to 120 physical damage plus extra damage based on the target’s lost health. Safeguard lets him dash towards a location, gives him a shield isf there is a nearby enemy, and enables Iron will to be cast within 3 seconds. Iron Will empowers his subsequent attack and gives him 40% physical and magic vamp as well.

Tempest deals magic AoE damage and can enable Cripple if it successfully hits an enemy. Cripple inflicts a 30% decaying slow status on enemies hit by Tempest. His Ultimate, Dragon’s Rage deals massive damage to a single champion and knocks them back to also deal damage to other enemies hit. Lee Sin’s passive skill, Flurry, gives 50% attack speed boost to subsequent 2 attacks within 2 seconds and also restores his energy.

Malphite [Tank – Scaling Tank – Ultimate Mage]

malphite league of legends wild rift

Malphite is yet another tank that is very simple and easy to use. He is tough, and can also be built to run solo lanes. Regardless of build, his best traits lie in his crowd control abilities that include attack speed reduction, movement speed reduction, and knock up, making him the bane of every Marksman in the opposing team.

Seismic Shard deals 70 magic damage to a target, slows the target by 15%, and also speeds Malphite up by 15% for 3 seconds. Thunderclap passively grants him extra armor and boosts his attacks for the next 6 seconds. Ground slam does AoE damage and reduces the attack speed of enemies by 30% for 3 seconds. His ultimate skill, Unstoppable Force, does 200 magic damage to nearby enemies and knocks them up as well for 2 seconds.

Master Yi [Assassin / Fighter – Jungle Fighter – Crit Fighter]

master yi league of legends wild rift

Despite the sheer lack of crowd control skills, Master Yi’s overall kit still makes him top-notch. Skill cooldown reduction, self-heal, immunity to slow, and self-buffs make him an excellent jungler and fighter.

Master Yi’s first skill, Alpha Strike, can deal damage up to 4 enemies with each attack reducing its cooldown by a second. It also deals an extra 75 damage to monsters and can critically strike. Meditate earns him 55% damage reduction for 4 seconds and heals for 40 each second, and will heal more based on how low his health is. Wuju Style amps his attacks by giving his attacks an extra 18 true damage for 5 seconds.

Highlander grants Master Yi immunity from slow, 25% movement speed boost, and 30% attack speed boost for 7 seconds. Additionally, every successful takedown during the period extends the duration of the buff for 7 seconds. This skill passively reduces basic ability cooldowns by 70% as well with each takedown.

Zed [Assassin – Roaming Assassin – Roaming Fighter]

zed league of legends wild rift

Zed is yet another top-tier champion that excels as a mid-lane assassin. Given his array of skills, he can be very dangerous to deal with but requires a deep understanding of how to utilize his unorthodox skills and complex maneuvers. He can be difficult to master for beginners but with some practice and a lot of learning, he can be utilized in a variety of ways.

To start off, Zed’s Contempt for the Weak passive makes him deal extra damage to enemies below 50% health. Razor Shuriken causes piercing damage to enemies in its path. Living Shadow unleashes Zed’s shadow that he can switch places with after reactivation. Shadow Slash lets him and his shadows damage enemies and slow them down by 25% as well for 1.5 seconds. Each enemy damaged by the slash will reduce Living shadow’s cooldown by 2 seconds. His ultimate skill, Death Mark, renders him untargettable as he dashes towards the enemy to mark them. The mark will trigger after 3.5 seconds to deal a base damage and 25% more of damage dealt to the target while marked. The dash will also leave a shadow behind that Zed can switch with if Death Mark is reactivated.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift A Grade Champions

These champions may not be considered at par with the above tier in every respect, but each one of them is still great to use, especially in the right hands.

Ahri [Mage / Assassin – Ultimate Mage – Ambush Mage]

ahri league of legends wild rift

Ahri’s abilities that give her a bit of self-healing and movement speed boost makes her an excellent mage for a variety of purposes. Her charm skill can be a game-changer although she is not an easy pick for beginners.

Orb of Deception launches an orb that deals 40 damage on the way out and 40 true damage on the way back. Fox Fire launches 3 homing fox-fires and also boosts Ahri’s movement speed by 40% that decays over 1.5 seconds. An enemy struck by a second or further fox-fire takes 30% more damage and fox-fires prioritize champions hit by charm as well. Charm deals damage but more importantly charms the first enemy hit to walk towards Ahri for 1.4 seconds.

All enemies hit by Charm take 20% more damage from Ahri’s abilities for 5 seconds. Spirit Rush lets Ahri dash forward and deal magic damage to 3 enemies and can be cast up to 3 times within 10 seconds before cooldown.

Akali [Assassin – Assassin Mage – Ultimate Mage]

akali league of legends wild rift

Akali is also one of the champions that is difficult to master and utilize for beginners. Her passive skill provides potential to amp up her damage-dealing skills and movement speed but it can be tricky to utilize along with the rest of her kit without much familiarity of how to work her out.

Five Point Strike throws five kunais dealing 67 damage each and enemies struck at maximum range are slowed by 50% for 0.5 seconds. Twilight Shroud creates an expanding smoke cloud over 5.5 seconds, restoring 80 energy to Akali and gives her invisibility and 25% movement speed boost within the cloud, although attacking removes invisibility for .8 seconds. Shuriken Flip deals 63 damage and marks the target for 3 seconds and can be re-casted to dash towards the target and inflict extra damage.

Perfect Execution lets Akali dash through her target and can be cast again to dash towards target direction. Damage increases based on the target’s missing health and deals a maximum of 300% damage to targets with lower than 35% health.

Alistar [Tank / Support – Support Tank – Initiator Tank]

alistar league of legends wild rift

Alistar is also an excellent support tank with knockback, knock up, crowd-control effects removal, heal, and even stun. He is pretty tough as well and very easy to pick up for total beginners.

Pulverize does 60 damage to nearby enemies and knocks them up for a second. Headbutt deals 55 magic damage and knockback to enemies and deals 150% more damage against enemy turrets. Trample does 100 damage to nearby enemies over 5 seconds and if it damages champions 5 times, his next attack deals an extra 40 magic damage and stun for a second. Unbreakable Will removes crowd control effects and grants 55% damage reduction for 7 seconds.

Aurelion Sol [Mage – Fighter Mage – Ultimate Mage]

aurelion sol league of legends wild rift

Aurelion Sol is a strong mage that can be built to brawl and can also be prepped to further his damage capabilities. He has good mobility as well but her overall kit makes him a difficult champion to use for beginners.

His first skill, Starsurge, unleashes an expanding star that deals 65 magic damage upon detonation and can stun enemies for 0.4 to 1.6 seconds based on distance travelled and can also be re-casted to detonate early. Celestial Expansion makes the orbiting stars around him move outwards and deal 30 damage for 3 seconds. After retracting, Aurelion Sol gains 40% movement speed that decays over 2 seconds.

Comet of Legend grants a passive that gives him a 40% movement speed boost if moving in the same direction and if activated, can give him the ability to see and fly over walls for 9 seconds. Voice of Light deals 150 magic damage to enemies, slows them down by 40% and knocks them back.

Braum [Support / Tank – Support Tank – Roaming Tank]

braum league of legends wild rift

Another great support tank, Braum has a healthy mix of defense and support skills that make him work great in the Dragon Lane. He is not as easy to utilize as Blitzcrank or Alistar, but not that difficult as well.

Winter’s Bite is great at slowing down enemies with its 70% movement speed reduction that lasts for 2 seconds and also applies a stack of Concussive Blows. Concussive Blows is a passive ability that can stun an enemy for 1.24 seconds upon reaching a stack of 4. Stand Behind Me makes him leap towards an ally and grant them 10 armor and magic resist for 3 seconds.

Unbreakable is yet another defensive skill that arms him with a shield that intercepts projectiles for 5 seconds. Glacial Fissure makes him slam the ground to deal 150 magic damage and knock up enemies for a second. The fissure also slows enemies down by 40% for 4 seconds.

Evelynn [Assassin – Jungle Mage Assassin – Jungle Ultimate Mage]

evelynn league of legends wild rift

Evelynn is a decent choice for a jungler and has a wide array of skills at her disposal to come up with a variety of tactics. She has high mobility and damage potential and difficulty of using is intermediate.

Demon Shade activates if she is not attacking or casting for 4 seconds, giving her HP regen if health is below 320 and camouflage if she is level 5. Hate Spike unleashes 2 spikes that can deal 45 damage to enemies struck, and can be re-casted within 4 seconds. Allure inflicts a curse on the target, making Evelyn’s next attack slow them down by 65% for 1.25 seconds. Reduces magic resist by 20% for 4 seconds if the target is a champion and deals 300 magic damage if the target is a monster.

Whiplash deals damage to targets that scale off their health and gives Evelynn a 30% boost in movement speed. Entering Demon Shade enhances its effects. Her ultimate skill, Last Caress, deals AoE damage to enemies and warps her back for some distance. The damage is boosted by 150% if the enemies struck have lower than 35% health.

Ezreal [Marksman / Mage – Caster Marksman – Utility Marksman]

ezreal league of legends wild rift

An excellent ADC, Ezreal is an easy choice for beginners and intermediate players alike with his simple and straightforward skills.

Mystic Shot deals 100 physical damage and reduces his other ability’s cooldowns by 1.5 seconds. Essence Flux fires an orb that latches to the target and detonates when attacked, dealing 80 magic damage and refunds 60 mana. Arcane Shift makes him blink to a target location and deal 80 magic damage. Ezreal’s ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, does 350 magic damage.

Fizz [Assassin / Mage – Assassin Mage – Fighter Mage]

fizz league of legends wild rift

Fizz might not be an attractive pick for beginners because of his looks, but he is actually a decent burst damage-dealer that can be a little tricky to utilize.

Urchin strike makes him dash through an enemy for 10 magic damage and 58 physical damage as well as on-hit effects. Rending Wave boosts the subsequent attack to deal an extra 50 magic damage and additional attacks within 5 seconds an extra 10 magic damage. Killing a unit with the first attack also reduces its cooldown to 1 second. Playful/Trickster makes him vault to a location, become untargettable for 1.2 seconds, and finally deals 70 magic damage to enemies, slowing them down by 40% for 2 seconds.

His ultimate, Chum the Waters, launches a fish towards a target, latches on to a champion and summons a shark that knocks up the target as well as knock back enemies around them. The distance traveled by the fish determines the size of the summoned shark, the damage dealt, and percentage of slowdown inflicted on the enemies.

Garen [Fighter / Tank – Roaming Fighter – Tanky Fighter]

garen league of legends wild rift

Garen is a simple and straightforward fighter that can be built to stand some damage, enabling him to perform well on the Baron Lane. He is an easy and decent pick for beginners.

Decisive Strike breaks him free from slow effects and immunizes him from them for 0.5 seconds as well as boosts his movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. The next attack within 3 seconds has boosted damage and will silence the target as well for 1.5 seconds. Courage reduces damages he takes for 2 seconds and reduces the negative effects that hinder movement.

Judgement is a controllable spinning attack dealing damage to every enemy around him. His ultimate, Demacian Justice, deals true damage equal to 150 + 20% of the target’s missing health, dealing 50% of the damage to nearby enemies as well.

Graves [Marksman / Fighter – Jungle Fighter – Jungle Marksman]

graves league of legends wild rift

Graves is an excellent ranged jungler that has a decent build in terms of damage and defense. He is not as easy to pick up and play for beginners as his skillset requires careful planning and execution for best results.

Graves attacks are unique as he uses his shotgun that needs to reload from time to time. End of the Line fires a powder round that deals 45 physical damage and detonates after 1.5 seconds for an additional 85 damage. Smoke screen creates a smoke cloud that lasts 4 seconds, disabling enemies within to see outside of it. Enemies caught in the impact receive 60 magic damage and receive slowdown by 50% for 0.5 seconds.

Quickdraw makes him dash towards a direction and enable True Grit, which grants him 4 armor that can satck 8 times and refreshes if he hits non-minions. Dashing towards a champion grants 2 stacks of True Grit and each attack hit reduces Quickdraw’s cooldown by half a second. His ultimate, Collateral Damage, fires an explosive shell that causes AoE damage and knocks Graves back as well.

Janna [Support / Mage – Ambush Enchanter – Scaling Enchanter]

janna league of legends wild rift

Janna is an excellent ranged support unit that is also fairly easy to use for beginners. She can provide mass heal and shields for allies and turrets as well.

Janna’s first skill, Howling Gate, is a whirlwind attack that can be charged up, increasing its range, damage, and knock up duration. Zephyr gives her an extra 6% movement speed when not on cooldown and when activated, deals 55 magic damage and slow the target down by 30% for 2 seconds. Eye of the Storm grants an allied champion or turret a shield that can absorb 80 damage as well as 10 attack damage while it holds. Her ultimate, Monsoon, knocks back surrounding enemies and heals all allies by 100 health per second for 3 seconds.

Jhin [Marksman / Mage – Crit Marksman – Vampiric Marksman]

jhin league of legends wild rift

Jhin is also an excellent marksman that excels in ranged attacks, and also specialize in slowing down enemies and rooting them. He is not that easy to use for beginners but not that challenging to learn as well.

Dancing Grenade launches a magical cartridge that bounces from one target to the next, inflicting increasing damage with each hit. Deeadly Flourish is a long ranged shot that stops on the first champion it hits, damaging each of them. Champions hit by allies and Lotus Traps 4 seconds prior to its hit will cause the target to be rooted for a second and earns Jhin a movement speed increase.

Captive Audience lets Jhin place invisible lotus traps that reveal nearby enemies when walked over, slow them down, and ultimately deal damage to them. Curtain Call does damage relative to the target’s missing HP and also causes a massive 80% movement speed reduction for 0.75 seconds.

Jinx [Marksman – AoE Marksman – Vampiric Marksman]

jinx league of legends wild rift

Jinx is another excellent marksman that focuses more on AoE damage. She has moderate difficulty in using given her kit but can play well enough even at the hands of a beginner.

Jinx’ passive, Get Excited, grants her a 150% decaying movement speed as well as a 15% attack speed boost for 6 seconds whenever a takedown on a champion or structure that Jinx has damaged 3 seconds prior occurs. Her first skill, Switcheroo, swaps her weapons for a variety of effects. Zap deals 103 damage to the first target it hits, granting vision of it as well as slowing it down by 30% for 2 seconds.

Flame Chompers can cause AoE damage when they explode in contact with enemy champions, interrupting dashes and rooting them for 1.3 seconds as well. Jinx’ ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket, deals damage to its target based on missing health and also causes explosion damage to nearby enemies.

Lux [Mage / Support – Ultimate Mage – Enchanter Mage]

lux league of legends wild rift

Lux is a champion that can work well as a burst damage-dealer as well as a decent support. She is fairly easy to use either way.

Light Binding can root enemies for 2 seconds and deal 70 magic damage. Prismatic Barrier is a defensive spell that can shield allies from damage. Lucent Singularity creates a zone that slows down enemies by 30% and detonates after 5 seconds to deal damage. It can be re-casted to detonate immediately. Her ultimate skill, Final Spark, deals 300 magic damage to enemies in a line and also refreshes her passive, Illumination, which boosts her next attack.

Orianna [Mage / Support – Ultimate Mage – Scaling Mage]

orianna league of legends wild rift

Orianna is an excellent support mage that has a lot of useful spells in her kit but a bit of a challenge to fully utilize.

Command: Attack shoots Orianna’s ball forward dealing damage to targets along the way, remaining in the location afterwards. Command: Dissonance lets the ball unleash an electric pulse that deals 60 magic damage to enemies around it and leaves an energy field that slows enemies down and speeds allies up by 20% for 2 seconds.

Command: Protect lets Orianna attach the ball to an ally and grant them a shield that absorbs 60 damage for 4 seconds and deals 60 magic damage to enemies it passes through as well, granting the champion it is attached to 10 armor and magic resist. Her ultimate, Magic: Shockwave, deals 150 AoE magic damage, launching enemies towards the ball as well.

Seraphine [Mage / Support – Ultimate Mage – Mage Enchanter]

seraphine league of legends wild rift

Seraphine is an excellent enchanter that can provide a lot of support spells to her allies. She is also pretty straightforward to use for a support role.

High Note deals AoE damage that scales based on the enemies’ missing health. Surround Sound provides a shield to all nearby allies for 60 damage and also boosts their movement speed by 20% for 2.5 seconds. If Seraphine is shielded prior to casting, allies will be healed by 5% of their health, increased by 50% for each ally.

Beat Drop deals damage to nearby enemies and also slows them down by 99% for a second. If they are already inflicted by a slow down, they will be rooted instead and if rooted, will be stunned instead. Her ultimate, Encore, deals 150% to enemies, inflicting charm and slows them down by 40% for a second. The spell’s effect extends if it touches any champion.

Singed [Tank / Mage – Fighter Mage – Support Tank]

singed league of legends wild rift

Despite being nerfed, Singed is still a decent champion most suitable for the Baron Lane. His control over his movement speed and the enemies’ mobility as well, makes him tricky to deal with but also not that easy to fully utilize as a beginner.

Noxious Slipstream enable Singed to draft off enemies and earn a 20% movement speed boost for 2 seconds. His first skill, Poison Trail, lets him leave a poisonous track that deals damage to enemies that cross it.

Mega Adhesive sticks to the ground for 3 seconds, slowing enemies down by 35% and preventing movement abilities as well. Fling lets Singed toss an enemy around for damage, but in combination with Mega Adhesive, can root them for 1.5 seconds. His ultimate skill, Insanity Potion, grants him 30 ability power, armor, magic resist, and movement speed as well as 6 HP and mana regen for 25 seconds.

Tryndamere [Fighter – Crit Fighter – Jungle Fighter]

tryndamere league of legends wild rift

Tryndamere is yet another one of those champions that are very simple and straightforward to use, making him another easy pick for beginners.

Bloodlust passively raises his damage capability the lower his HP goes and activating it heals him at the cost of fury. Mocking Shout reduces enemy champions’ attack damage by 25% and can also slow them down by 30% if they are moving away from him. Spinning Slash deals 80 damage and can reduce its cooldown by a second per critical hit, doubled against champions. Each enemy hit earns him 2 fury as well. Undying Rage grants a 5 second death immunity and earns him 50 fury.

Twisted Fate [Mage / Marksman – Scaling Mage – Ambush Mage]

twisted fate league of legends wild rift

Twisted Fate, as a mage/marksman, can be relatively easy to use for the mid-lane. His kit, however, can be a little challenging to master for beginners although not as difficult as the other champions.

Wild Cards lets him throw 3 cards that deal 60 magic damage. Pick a Card’s first cast lets him shuffle cards and the second one picks one of three choices, each with its own added perk to his next attack. Stacked Deck passively enables every fourth attack to deal 50 bonus damage.

When activated, Twisted Fate earns 55% attack speed boost for 3 seconds, within which attacking enemy champions rolls his Loaded Dice passive. Destiny’s first cast reveals all enemies for 6 seconds, while the second cast channels for 1.5 seconds and teleports him to a target location.

Vayne [Marksman / Assassin – Duelist Marksman – Jungle Marksman]

vayne league of legends wild rift

Vayne is another solid marksman with skills that work well in support of her attacks. She is not that easy to fully utilize for beginners, but not that difficult as well.

Her passive ability, Night Hunter, earns her a 15 boost to movement speed when heading towards an enemy, the boost increases to 90 when Final Hour is activated. Tumble lets her dash forward and empowers her next attack with 24 physical damage, enabling a 1-second invisibility under Final Hour. Silver Bolts passively gives every third consecutive attack or ability used on the same target an extra true damage equal to 3% of the target’s max health. When activated, gives her a 40% attack speed boost for the next 3 attacks within 5 seconds, healing her for 60% of damage dealt.

Condemn deals damage and knocks enemies back and deals extra damage plus stun if enemies hit a wall. Final Hour is a self-boost that earns her 20 attack damage as well as strengthens her passive and first skill for 8 seconds. Champions damaged by Vayne that die within 3 seconds extends the ultimate’s duration for 4 seconds and can stack twice.

Yasuo [Fighter / Assassin – Crit Fighter – Crit Duelist]

yasuo league of legends wild rift

Yasuo is an excellent fighter/assassin at the hands of an expert but he is rather difficult to master especially for first time MOBA players. He is a definite S-grade hero disregarding difficulty of use but we had to consider him at a lower notch because he just is not for everyone.

Yasuo’s passive, Way of the Wanderer, enables him to build up flow, which when maxed out generates a shield that bsorbs 100 damage and lasts for 2 seconds. Indent doubles his critical strike chance but reduces crit damage by 10%. Steel Tempest lets him thrust forward to deal 78 physical damage and grants a stack of Gathering Storm if it hits the enemy. 2 stacks of Gathering Storm enables Steel Tempest to unleash a whirlwind that knocks enemies airborne.

Wind Wall can block all enemy projectiles for 4 seconds. Sweeping Blade lets him dash through enemies and deal 70 magic damage with each cast increasing the dash damage by 25% up to 50%, but cannot be re-cast on the same enemy within 8 seconds. Casting steel Tempest within the dash will enable it to strike as a circle.

Last Breath makes him blink to an airborne enemy champion, dealing 200 physical damage as well as holding airborne enemies in the area for the next 1.5 seconds. This grants Yasuo maximum flow but resets all stacks of Gathering Storm. It also empowers critical strikes a 30% armor penetration boost for the next 15 seconds.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift B Grade Champions

One of the reasons we did not consider placing any champions in a C tier is because we sincerely feel that none of them is that bad. We will not be discussing the heroes below considering the number of available choices in the above tiers. Again, the champions below are not bad at all, and a lot of them are fairly simple and straightforward to use. It is just that there are better options above and you should only pick these champions for lack of better choices or if you want to challenge yourself.

Amumu [Tank – Jungle Mage Tank – Jungle Tank]

amumu league of legends wild rift

Annie [Mage / Support – Ultimate Mage – Assassin Mage]

annie league of legends wild rift

Ashe [Marksman / Support – AoE Marksman – Crit Marksman]

ashe league of legends wild rift

Dr. Mundo [Fighter / Tank – Scaling Tank – Jungle Tank]

dr mundo league of legends wild rift

Fiora [Fighter / Assassin – Roaming Fighter – Vampiric Duelist]

fiora league of legends wild rift

Gragas [Tank / Mage – Jungle Mage – Ambush Mage]

gragas league of legends wild rift

Jarvan IV [Tank / Fighter – Jungle Fighter – Roaming Fighter]

jarvan IV league of legends wild rift

Kai’Sa [Marksman / Assassin – Caster Marksman – AoE Marksman]

kai'sa league of legends wild rift

Miss Fortune [Marksman / Mage – Assassin Marksman – Crit Marksman]

miss fortune league of legends wild rift

Nami [Support / Mage – Ambush Enchanter – Scaling Enchanter]

nami league of legends wild rift

Nasus [Fighter / Tank – Scaling Fighter – Tanky Fighter]

nasus league of legends wild rift

Olaf [Fighter – Jungle Fighter – Tanky Fighter]

olaf league of legends wild rift

Shyvana [Fighter / Tank – Jungle Fighter – Jungle Mage]

shyvana league of legends wild rift

Sona [Support / Mage – Enchanter Mage – Ambush Mage]

sona league of legends wild rift

Soraka [Support / Mage – Ambush Enchanter – Enchanter Mage]

soraka league of legends wild rift

Varus [Marksman / Mage – AoE Marksman – Crit Marksman]

varus league of legends wild rift

Vi [Fighter – Jungle Fighter – Jungle Assassin]

vi league of legends wild rift

Xin Zhao [Fighter / Tank – Jungle Fighter – Duelist Fighter]

xin zhao league of legends wild rift

Ziggs [Mage – Artillery Mage – Ambush Mage]

ziggs league of legends wild rift

That ends our League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list and despite the number of discerning opinions we expect to receive, we still hope that you enjoyed reading through our guide. Note that League of Legends: Wild Rift, above most games we have played, is expected to make a lot of changes and adjustment to the champions in this guide as well as the new ones to be added in future updates.

Likewise, just because your favorite champion or champions are rated below expectation does not mean you should abandon them entirely. You should understand that even the best champions have their distinct weaknesses, and the purpose of getting to know champions goes well beyond simply being able to use them, but knowing how to deal with them as well.

As no single player is expected to be an expert across all of the champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift, we are very much intrigued to hear about your views on our picks as well as yours. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions with us through our comments section!