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League of Avengers: Champion Legend Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

The world is in peril, and it needs to be saved, but that does not mean everything has to be gloom and doom. League of Avengers: Champion Legend takes a light-hearted approach to your usual fantasy RPG dilemma. Prepare to amuse yourself with endless clever quips from the characters in-game. Available on Android and iOS, the game exists in a multiverse where heroes from different dimensions coexist. You get to meet suspiciously familiar characters like Captain, whose slick blonde hair and signature shield mirrors that of Captain America. There’s also Dead Warrior, a guy in a red suit that resembles Deadpool. Assemble a team of heroes in order to build the ultimate team. Take down monsters and bosses as you explore dungeons. There are a lot of things to do in the game, and you will need the help of our League of Avengers: Champion Legend beginner’s guide to stay on track!

1. Summon More Heroes

In order to find the perfect team members, you will need to kiss a lot of frogs. And by that we mean summon a lot of heroes. There are two types of summons in the game: Primary and Upper. The Primary Summon mostly gets you low-tier heroes but you have the chance to get up to Epic rarity. You also get three free summons per day that goes on a 10-minute cooldown after each summon.

The Upper Summon gives you the chance to draw up to the Legendary tier and has one free summon per day. You also get a guaranteed Legendary hero after every ten summons. You will see the number of summons you need to do at the bottom of the screen. Aside from the free summons, you can use an EDS Debris for Primary Summons and an EDS Core for Upper Summons. You can also use Diamonds, the game’s primary currency. Regardless of the option you choose, make sure you keep summoning to ensure you have a lot of options for forming your team.

2. Strengthen Your Heroes

There are several ways for you to strengthen your heroes in League of Avengers: Champion Legend. You need to consistently go through all four in order to ensure your heroes are in top shape. To view these options, just tap on the Team icon on the bottom left of the main screen. You will see the list of heroes on your team. Tap on the portrait of the hero you want to strengthen then tap on his sprite to enter the Hero Promote screen. We have listed the different upgrade tabs for your heroes below, so you can learn about each one in detail.

Upgrade – On this screen, you will be able to sacrifice other heroes in order to increase the level of the one you selected. You can sacrifice up to five heroes at a time. Just tap on the Auto add button if you have plenty of fodder heroes. If you are worried about accidentally feeding heroes that you like, you can manually add heroes by tapping on the plus signs. Keep in mind that you can only level up your hero to the same level as your Team Grade. You will end up wasting experience if you add too many heroes when you are already near the cap.

Break – This increases the rating of your hero. Every time you Break your hero, it will have a + rating. For example, after the first Break instance, Captain’s name will become Captain+1. The number will increase with each Break level. Aside from increasing your hero’s base stats, a new endowment is unlocked with each Break level. You can check the endowments that will be unlocked on the Details page of your hero. Keep in mind that you will need a lot of Upgrade Stones in order to perform a Break. You can get these from Main Instances mostly but you can also buy them from the different in-game shops.

Raise – Raising increases four attributes of your hero: HP, MP, Attack, and DEF. You need Raising Stones every time you Raise your hero, but you can reduce the number of stones needed by spending either Gold or Diamonds. When you look at the orbs of the four attributes, you will notice that there are numbers on it. You need to fill up these numbers to reach the next level for each attribute. Once an orb is full, tap on it to raise it to the next level.

3. Raise Your Team Grade

Team Grade is your player level in League of Avengers: Champion Legend. There are several reasons for you to keep raising Team Grade. As we mentioned before, Team Grade limits the maximum level of your heroes. You won’t be able to strengthen your heroes further if your Team Grade is too low. Aside from these, you will not have access to a lot of content if your Team Grade does not meet the requirements to unlock them. For example, you will not be able to participate in the Arena until you reach level 10. The good news is, you earn experience for Team Grade by simply playing actively. Just play regularly and you should be able to unlock everything in a day or two.

4. Assemble A Powerful Team

Now that you have several heroes and have upgraded your favorite ones, it is time to build your team. You need to have at least Team Grade 22 to have a full team of five. Make sure you do not include heroes that are lower than Epic tier. The goal is to have a full lineup of Legendary and Myth heroes. Don’t worry because getting those is not that difficult if you are active. Another thing to consider is the composition of your team. There are five hero classes, and you should have a combination of at least three of these on your lineup. Check out the different classes below to get a better idea of the kind of lineup you want.

Warrior – This is the melee DPS class of the game. They deal good damage but are also sturdy enough to survive in the front lines. You are given two Warriors: Captain and Dead Warrior. It is good to have at least one on your team to help keep the damage up while advancing towards the enemies. Warriors are indicated by the sword icon beside their name.

Mage – Marked by the staff icon, this class is all about high DPS. Since they have relatively low survivability, they stay at the back of your lineup. You would want either this or a Ranger on your team.

Tank – This is the primary front liner of the game and are marked by the shield icon. You will survive the early levels without this if you have at least two good Warriors. Once the enemies become stronger, however, you will find this class indispensable.

Support – Make sure you bring one of these if you don’t have a Tank in your lineup. The Support’s healing capabilities will be crucial to your team’s survival. And no, the Elf’s heals will not be enough. Supports are indicated by the leaf icon.

Ranger – Marked by the Arrow icon, this is the second ranged DPS class of the game. You can choose between this or the Mage class for your ranged damage. Of course, you can also have both of them on your lineup. Just make sure to bring along someone who will block enemy attacks in front of them.

5. Know Your Skills

One of the things you should consider when building your team is the skills that your heroes have. When you go into a Hero’s details page, you will see at least three skills listed. Heroes that are Epic and above have four skills. The first two skills are the Basic Attack and Skill. Your heroes will switch between the two during battle depending on their position.

The third skill is the Rage skill. This is activated when you have at least one rage bar filled up. You will see the rage meter on the lower right corner of the battle screen. There are three bars available and using a Rage skill consumes one. Tap on your Hero’s portrait to use his Rage skill. It will go on cooldown as soon as you use it, so you won’t be able to use it again even if you still have rage bars available.

The fourth skill is the Combine skill. This is a tag-team skill that can only be used if the heroes required are in your lineup. For example, Captain and Dead Warrior have the Dead Shadow skill, but they both have to be in battle in order for you to use it. Activating the Combine skill also consumes one rage bar. Whenever it is available, your hero will use the Combine skill instead of his Rage skill. Make sure you check which heroes in your roster have Combine skills, so you can include the necessary heroes on your team.

6. Get Fully Equipped

Each hero has four equipment slots that are available at the start of the game. Two additional slots for Hallows are unlocked upon reaching Team Grade 13. Make sure your heroes are always fully equipped with the best possible gear. You can get equipment by playing the main story, but you can also purchase them from the Equipment Shop using Halo points.

When you go to your Team page and tap on a hero’s icon, you will notice a Destination section on the lower right side. Tap on it to see the recommended teammates for that hero as well as the possible equipment for him. These are usually Epic to Myth grade equipment, so it may take a while before you can acquire them. It is still a good idea to check, so you know what to aim for. You will also be able to click on the Go for It button on the right side of each piece of equipment to see find out how to acquire it.

Once you have the slots filled out, don’t forget to upgrade your equipment. Just tap on the equipment you want to upgrade then go to the Enhance tab. Tap on the Enhance button to upgrade once, or the Enhance x5 button to upgrade five times instantly. When you raise all equipment to the same milestone levels, you will get an Equipment Resonance bonus that increases your four primary stats. The bonus level increases every ten levels. Resonance is separate for Hallows, so you will still be able to receive the bonus if you just upgrade the equipment. This will most likely be the case since upgrading equipment only requires Gold, making them easy to upgrade.

7. All About The Hallows

When you unlock the two slots for Hallows, you will also unlock the Hallows menu where you can create them. There are three types of Hallows: Attack, Defence, and EXP. Attack Hallows are the ones you equip on your first Hallow slot. The Defence Hallows are the ones you equip on your second Hallow slot. EXP Hallows are used to upgrade your Hallows. You will see the Hallow type on the left side of the creation wheel.

To create a Hallow, you will need to have its debris. You can get these debris as rewards, but you can also hunt for them. Tap on the greyed-out debris slot in order to hunt for it. You will see a list of players who have the debris you are looking for along with the probability of stealing it from them. As much as possible, only go for Common Probability or higher to avoid wasting Energy. If the looting button is yellow, you will be able to quick-loot the opponent. If the button is orange, that means you will be entering a PVP duel against their team. This is usually tough to win but it also has a higher probability of success.

Once you have all the necessary debris, just tap on the Combine button at the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind that it is possible to end up stealing a different debris from your target. Also, other players can still the debris that you have. Try to combine all the debris you have before logging off from the game to keep them from getting stolen. You can also purchase protection by tapping on the War-free icon on the top right corner of the screen. Protection will cost you Diamonds and it will only last up to eight hours, so it may not be worth it unless you have really good debris that you want to protect.

8. Keep Playing The Story Mode

There are a lot of benefits from playing League of Avengers: Champion Legend’s story mode. You get drops from every stage that you complete. These may seem useless at first, but when you get to the later stages, you will be farming Legendary loot here. Another reason to play the main story is for the chance to get Legendary heroes. You get a Legendary Hero Debris box every time you complete a chapter after Chapter 6.

When you complete a stage for the first time with all your heroes surviving, you will receive three stars. Keep collecting these stars for each chapter in order to unlock chests. You can get up to four chests in each chapter. Open them all up in order to get various resources such as Energy Potions, Upgrade Stones, Gold, and even Diamonds.

A final benefit for playing the story mode is acquiring World Heart debris. You get a World Heart debris every time you complete a chapter. You can then use it to partially light up a gem in the World Heart menu in the main screen. Every debris you use will unlock a reward, which usually is an attribute bonus for all your heroes. It is also possible to unlock an Elf or acquire Diamonds from lighting up the World Heart. Once you light up all the debris for a specific gem, you will be able to activate a percentage bonus for a team attribute.

9. Complete Your Daily Quests And Achievements

When you reach Team Grade 12, you will unlock the Daily Quests. You can access these by tapping on the Exciting Activities icon on the top right section of your screen, then choosing Quest. You will see the list of tasks you need to accomplish for the day. Every task will reward you with either Gold, Diamonds, or resources. You also get activity points and experience. When you accumulate a certain amount of activity points for the day, you get to unlock the chests at the top of the Daily Quest screen.

Achievements are milestones that you reach within the game. You will be able to reach these naturally by being active. If you see a red dot on the Achievement tab, that means you have a reward waiting for you. Try checking which Achievements are almost within your reach and see if there is anything you can do to help it along.

10. Activate Medals

Upon reaching Team Grade 18, you will be able to activate Medals. Just tap on your CE level beside your portrait at the top left corner of the main screen. In order to activate a Medal, you will need to reach the target CE. Just keep leveling up and upgrading your heroes in order to raise your CE. Tap on a Medal to see the target you need to reach as well as the bonus you will receive upon activation. Make sure you always return here when you reach the target CE levels, so you don’t miss out on any of the bonuses.

11. Find An Active Guild

Guilds are fairly easy to create in League of Avengers: Champion Legend. It only costs 300 Diamonds to create a Guild. The problem is what to do afterwards. Guilds are nearly useless at level 1 since most features are locked until you level it up. To get to level 2, you will need to reach 5,000 Guild EXP. That is a long way to go if you are alone in the Guild. The most EXP you can contribute per day is 300, and you would need to be at least VIP 1 to be able to do that. Otherwise, the best you can do is contribute 50 Guild EXP by using Diamonds.

This is why you need an Active Guild. Unless you have friends who are ready to join your Guild, it will take you forever to recruit the people you need. No one wants to join an empty level 1 Guild, you know. You will be able to reap the benefits of Guilds much sooner if you are working with other players. It is better if you hold off on becoming a Guild master until you have the connections needed to actually run a Guild successfully.

12. Fight In The Arena

The Arena is unlocked early at level 10. Upon entry, you will see your Hero standing on a pedestal. There will also be a handful of other players on pedestals. You can challenge heroes on your right to raise your rank. Players on your left are the ones you have defeated. You will see a button beside them labelled 5 Chances. This means you can loot them five times in order to get more Glory points, EXP, Gold, and other resources. Keep in mind that raiding other players will still consume Energy after every instance.

Rank rewards are given at the end of each day. The higher your rank is, the more rewards you will receive. Players who reach target ranks will receive Gold and Glory Points. Glory points can be spent in the Glory Shop. You can buy Legendary Hero Debris, Develop Stones, equipment, and other resources here. Some items for sale are only available if you reach specific ranks, so make sure you keep ranking up!

13. Add In-Game Friends

One of your Daily Quests is to send Energy to ten friends. You can’t do this if you don’t have at least ten friends. It is easy enough to add friends in the game. League of Avengers: Champion Legend provides you a list of recommended players to add. An easier way is to just announce in the world chat that you need friends. Other players are normally quick to add anyone who does this since that means free Energy for them.

Energy is needed for both Arena challenges and Hallow looting. Each instance consumes 2 Energy, so it will take a lot if you want to enjoy the game fully. Once you run out of Energy Drugs, you will need to pay Diamond to refill Energy, and it gets more expensive each time. On top of that, you can only buy Energy with Diamonds up to five times per day if you are at VIP 0. Having a lot of friends helps keep your Energy levels up.

Another benefit you get from adding friends is that you can summon them in battle. You probably won’t need them in the early levels, but once things get a little tough in story mode, you will be thankful that you can summon a high-level player. Keep in mind that you can only summon friends up to ten times per day. You also earn hearts every time you summon them. You can perform one Primary Summon by spending 200 hearts.

14. Challenge The Brave Tower

The Brave Tower is where you can challenge computer-controlled teams continuously in order to earn Halo points. The CE of the teams you face increases as you progress. You earn additional rewards for every nine stars you collect from the Brave Tower. Halo points are used to purchase items from the Equipment store. This is the best place for you to find specific Legendary equipment that you need. You can keep climbing the Brave Tower until you lose. Once you do, you will be able to reset the tower and start over while still keeping all the rewards you received. You can reset the tower up to three times per day, so you can get even more rewards.

15. Look For The Red Dot

There are a lot of menus in the game, and they change regularly depending on the Events. To keep things simple, our advice is to just look for the red dot. A red dot on any of the icons means there is something waiting for you. These could either mean upgrade opportunities, rewards, discounts, and other bonuses. Keep looking into the red dots on the main screen to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

16. Participate In Events For Rewards

On the bottom right side of your screen is the Events icon. Tap on it to see the different events available including the World Boss. These Events have specific schedules, so take note of them as well. Participating in Events can be intimidating for most new players. That’s because they will most likely get beaten into a pulp upon entry. This is normal when you are still starting out. Regardless, you should still try to participate in as many events as you can.

Most events give out rewards for merely participating. That means you don’t really need to win. For example, the Cross-Realm Fighting event will randomly match you up against other players. The game will most likely pair you with a player who has double, triple, or even quadruple your CE level. You will get beaten up so bad you will feel it in real life. The good news is, you get rewards for the number of battles you enter, so you don’t have to win!

17. The Road To 50,000 Diamonds

League of Avengers: Champion Legend has daily login rewards that you will easily be able to locate by following the red dot. What really draws the players into the game, however, is the promise of 50,000 Diamonds. That is a jaw-dropping number that sounds too good to be true. It is true, though. All you have to do is to log into the game for 300 days. Yes, that’s almost a year. Don’t worry because you get partial rewards for each day you log in. The 50,000 Diamonds are given in parts, starting with 100 Diamonds on your first day. You also get VIP EXP for each day that you log in, so you will eventually be able to raise your VIP level even if you don’t spend real money.

The path to building the ultimate team is not easy, but with the help of our League of Avengers: Champion Legend strategy guide, you will have a Legendary lineup in no time!