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Dictator – Rule the World Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Everything You Need to Know

Dictators are powerful, but one thing they all have in common is that they all get overthrown eventually. Think you can do better? Playgendary’s new mobile game Dictator – Rule the World gives you the chance to prove yourself. This unique game will have you holding on to power through any means necessary. That means you will have to keep different factions happy, either by bribing them or giving special favors. There is also the matter of obliterating the opposition. Don’t forget to maintain the morale of the military or they may just think about taking matters into their own hands. There are thousands of critical decisions for you to make, each one can end in disaster if you don’t carefully think about the consequences. Plots, conspiracies, and mutiny are waiting at every turn. If you think you are in over your head, just read our list of Dictator – Rule the World cheats, tips and tricks for some much-needed help!

1. Keep People Happy With Ads

Pleasing everyone may seem like an impossible task, but there is a way to save yourself when the going gets tough. The game will send you an ad offer whenever a faction’s happiness level enters the red zone. If you agree to watch an add, you will be able to raise that faction’s happiness by one mark. Take advantage of this because letting a faction’s happiness stay in the red zone will only spell trouble for you. Things will start spiraling out of control if you don’t address it immediately. Keep in mind, however, that the ad offer will only appear if you are connected to the internet.

2. Read The Questions Carefully

Each question presented to you in the game is actually laid out in a logical manner. That means you won’t really need to guess the outcome if you try to think about what the logical consequences would be. As much as possible, try to choose answers that do not have any negative consequences to any faction. That means you have to think about which factions could possibly get hurt before you agree to anything. If all outcomes would end up hurting someone, try to hurt the one who has the highest happiness. That way, you can at least absorb some of the dissatisfaction coming your way.

3. People In Jail Are Happier

Well to be more specific, people who get out of jail are happier, at least in Dictator – Rule the World. If a faction reaches zero happiness, you can keep them out of trouble by throwing them in jail. They will stay in jail for three turns while you focus on making the other factions happy. What’s even better is that once they get out of jail, some of their happiness will be back. Just try to keep them happy once you get them back because we can’t guarantee their happiness if you keep throwing them in jail. There is one catch to throwing innocent people in jail, by the way. You will have to spend money to imprison them since being unhappy isn’t a crime. If you are out of money, you can watch a few ads until you have enough to throw people in jail.

4. Happy Factions Give Money

Keeping people happy is not just to keep them from overthrowing you. Factions that are in the green zone will give you cash with every turn. That means keeping a lot of factions happy will mean a lot of money for you. Of course, if you want even more money, you can also build oil rigs that give you money during every turn. Just keep raking in the cash because everyone knows money is power if we are talking about dictatorships.

5. Collect Free Gems

Gems are the game’s premium currency, and they are hard to come by if you are a free player. One way to earn gems without spending money is by completing your daily tasks. Each task you complete will earn you gems. You also earn a chest if you complete all of them. You will also occasionally receive a message that asks you if you want to wave at cheering generals outside your palace. Say yes and you will step out of the balcony to wave at your adoring public. When you do, the factions under your command will each gain happiness marks. You also have the chance to earn a gem for doing this.

Ruling the world with an iron fist is not as easy as you may think. Make sure you rely on our Dictator – Rule the World guide if you want to stay on top!