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Endless Frontier Saga 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Should Know

Following the phenomenal success of the original title, Endless Frontier Saga 2 is meeting all expectations and more. Ekkorr’s brand new RPG is the epic continuation of the game that put idle RPGs on the map. One of the biggest draws of this series is the ability to keep on leveling up, even when the game is offline. In a world filled with players that are often too busy to stick to one game, idle leveling is the perfect solution. Recruit hundreds of heroes and upgrade them as you see fit. Use your offline earnings to beef up your heroes then enjoy some RPG fun as you play actively. The game is perfect for playing for a few minutes per day, but you can also spend hours online if you want. Before you jump into this sequel, make sure you check out our Endless Frontier Saga 2 strategy guide for some cool tips and tricks!

1. More Money, Less Problems

Since you don’t really grind actively in this game, the primary challenge here is to keep earning money as much as you can. Money is needed for upgrades as well as buying new quests. Spend all your income on upgrading the most recent among your quests since those usually make the most money. Don’t forget to upgrade all your quests until they are all automated. It would make your life so much easier.

2. Sell Units You Don’t Need

As we mentioned before, you will eventually be able to recruit hundreds of units as you play. You can take advantage of this overcrowding by selling off some of your units in exchange for medals. Selling units is the only way to earn them, so prepare to say goodbye to some of your heroes. One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that the higher the rarity of the hero, the more medals you will get for selling them. A red unit, for example, will earn you five figures worth of medals.

3. Battle In The Arena

Rare units are available in the arena shop. The best way for you to get them is to keep winning in the arena. Winning in the arena will earn you honor coins. These can be used to purchase items in the arena shop, including the coins. This is not the time to hesitate in your progress. Keep on fighting until you defeat them all.

4. Farm Materials In The Dungeons

The dungeons provide you with a series of obstacles that you need to overcome. Completing dungeons is a great way for you to gather more materials. Each dungeon has its own set of possible rewards. Make sure you search them thoroughly for artifacts. Keep farming the dungeons in order to help make your team even stronger.

5. Collect Those Artifacts

Once you have enough materials, you should purchase artifacts. These are great items that provide permanent boosts to your earning and troops. A good example is the Sheepskin Armor that increases your gold acquisition by 50%. You also have the Magic Pupil’s Hat that increase the defense of all orcs by 15%. If you are curious about the stones you need to find in order to make your friend better, you can check them out by tapping on the question mark button in the unit descriptions.

It is time for the ultimate adventure of your life in Endless Frontier Saga 2! Just stick to the beginner’s guide above to ensure you make it all the way to the top! If you know additional tips for the game, please let us know below in the comment area!


Friday 21st of September 2018

Ummm i want to say that when you enter the arena, there's alot of people who have 1mil medal that still in the arena and i can't win against them which is making my rank going down.