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MoBu 2 – Race with Friends Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Win Every Race

Even jungle animals know how to have fun! MoBu 2 – Race with Friends is Panteon’s highly anticipated sequel to one of the most original games to ever come to the Android and iOS platforms. If you are not familiar with the series, it is about a lazy ape named MoBu. He was given the magical power to extend his arms in the original game, and he used it to help himself to all the bananas he can get his hands on. This time around, he will be competing with his friends. The game revolves around racing against other apes in order to win. There are five different environments for you to compete in, each with its own set of obstacles waiting to stop your swinging. Don’t worry because you can always check out our compilation of MoBu 2 – Race with Friends tips, cheats and tricks to help you win more races!

1. Practice In Adventure Mode

MoBu 2 – Race with Friends has two game modes: Adventure and Arena. As you could probably guess, Adventure is the single-player mode of the game. Here, you will play through fixed courses where you will earn bananas without having to spend them. You also earn stars for completing each course, with three stars as the highest possible rating. Try to complete each stage as quickly as possible in order to earn more stars. Practicing in Adventure mode will help you master the mechanics of the game before you face off against other players in the Arena. Once you are comfortably earning three stars in each stage, you can start trying out the PVP mode.

2. Surviving Obstacles In The Arena

The Arena can get a bit tricky because other players will be throwing stuff at you, Mario Kart-style. You need to stay alert to ensure you can survive whatever they use against you. If you see bats coming towards you, quickly swipe up so you can swing over them. Otherwise, you would need to tap as fast as you can to ensure you can grab onto the trees in case your rope gets cut. If you start having double vision, focus only on the opaque image because that is your actual character. The other images are just there to distract you.

3. How To Keep Moving

Make it a habit to use quick taps while swiping up when your ape is moving. This will help keep you at a controllable and consistent pace as you progress through the race. While it may look like long taps are getting you to move forward faster, they are actually more dangerous. The quick taps and upward swipes will give you enough time to react in case bats or stalactites pop up. A big swing means you won’t be able to change your position before you hit an obstacle.

4. Climb The Leagues

Leveling up is the only way to gain access to higher leagues in MoBu 2 – Race with Friends. Novice league is unlocked at level 8. Professional league is unlocked at level 15. Leveling up further will give you access to Legendary and Fantastic leagues. In order to level up, you will have to keep winning in either Adventure or Arena mode. While higher leagues are admittedly more difficult than your starting league, they also give you better prizes. Keep aiming for higher leagues in order to start earning some serious bananas.

5. Hold On To Your Crystals

If you are familiar with premium currency systems in any mobile game, you would know that these should not be squandered. In MoBu 2 – Race with Friends the premium currency is called Crystals. These are very hard to come by without spending real money, so make sure you consider what you buy with them. They are primarily used to unlock outfits. Make sure you choose the outfit you really like because it takes a while to earn enough Crystals for clothes. Crystals can also be used to buy more bananas, which is fine if you are really short. Otherwise, you can just save it for your outfits. If you are looking for some free Crystals, you can link your Facebook account in order to get 50 Crystals effortlessly.

It is time to swing through the jungle and grab some bananas in MoBu 2 – Race with Friends! Remember our advice above in order to win every race!