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Lastronaut Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

It may sound surprising, but despite its space-age title, developer Darrin Henein’s iOS title Lastronaut actually takes place in 2015. According to the developer’s description about the game, mankind has created the first sentient machine, meaning a humanoid robot. With that in mind your goal is to avoid enemy attacks and blast the machine army with your combination of human and robotic weapons. Henein also promises infinite gameplay and a multitude of weapons, which gives this game a leg up on other casual titles in the genre. As this is a fairly new game, having been released last week, we’d like to get you started on the right foot with our share of Lastronaut cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Use Tried And Tested Weapons

Sure, we know that the game’s description says you have a multitude of weapons to choose from. But once you’ve done your share of trial-and-error experiments, you’ll have to choose which one works for you best. For example, you may be most comfortable using a laser, or you may find the flame thrower cool enough, and also extremely effective against most, if not all of your foes. While you’ll be starting each time with a random weapon, you can always change the weapon by collecting gas bottles. Remember – you want to use your favorite weapon as frequently as possible.

2. Always Stay In Motion And Fire Early

If you want a long and productive game, you have to be perpetually in motion and ready to fire at any given time. Jump around, fire your weapons in advance, and move around to the point that you’ve got the screen mostly covered. This gives you a better chance of taking out missiles before they hit you.

3. Wait Before Taking Out Spaceships

When we say “spaceships,” we’re referring to the ships that chase your Lastronaut around and frequently drop bombs. They may look and sound deadly, but you’ll soon realize that it won’t do you much good to try to take them out immediately. Furthermore, you’ll be able to cover a great distance by playing it safe when it comes to the spaceships, but of course, you can always change your course of action and fire at the spaceships when you notice things getting a little hairy.

4. Luck Is A Key Factor

When talking about how Lastronaut balances skill versus luck, there are times when you’d be dealt the proverbial bad hand. There may also be times when you’ll be in a lucky situation and a good chance to go far in the game. As such, you shouldn’t get too frustrated if things don’t go your way – sometimes it’s not you who’s to blame, but rather the simple breaks of the game.

5. Keep Practicing

In relation to the above tip, the best way to hone your skills and strategies is to practice playing Lastronaut regularly. If you feel this game is for you, there’s no reason for you not to play it at least a few minutes per day, but not at the expense of more “important” things like work, school, or family, that’s for sure.