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Dungeon Hunter 5 Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Become an Elite Bounty Hunter

If Ketchapp is arguably the king of casual game makers, Gameloft is the name to trust when it comes to role-playing games for mobile devices. The company’s Dungeon Hunter 5 is available for both iOS and Android devices and it’s the latest game in the popular series of mobile action RPGs, one that Gameloft calls the most intense hack ‘n’ slash game ever on mobile. So what’s in it for you? According to the developer, the in-game world is still shattered after the demon invasion from the previous title was stopped, and it’s only the warriors of the Bounty Hunter guilds that maintain peace and order. As you play the role of a bounty hunter, your goal is to discover more about your guild and of course, stop the forces of evil when everything’s said and done. Now, we’ve gathered some Dungeon Hunter 5 tips for you to check out in this quick strategy guide.

1. Know Each Weapon Class

It’s important at the start of Dungeon Hunter 5 to know the weapons you’ll be dealing with. Dual blades, for starters, are the weapons you want for quick stabbing attacks. Great swords are large and heavy, but deal a lot of damage. Glaives, or long spears, pack a lot of power and obviously a lot of reach, thus making them great against multiple foes. Crossbows are your top-flight ranged weapons, and lastly, staves are rods for those magical, elemental attacks.

2. Know How The Elements Work

Obviously you can’t call it rock-paper-scissors mechanics when there are five elements, but the hierarchy is just as simple. Fire defeats Nature, Nature defeats Death, Death defeats Light, Light defeats Water, Water defeats Fire. Knowing the elements also lets you know the type of enemies you’ll be encountering and the type of weapons to use, and unlike most games, Dungeon Hunter 5 gives good advice when selecting weapons.

3. Replay Completed Levels

After completing a level on the easiest difficulty, you can replay those levels with nastier opponents in expert mode. And as is the case in other RPGs, the tougher the enemies are, the better the rewards you can receive once you’ve defeated them.

4. Escape Traps By Means Of The Dodge Roll

The dodge roll can come in really handy in Level 4 and beyond, which is when you’ll first be dealing with traps. These traps include mines that explode when you step on them, spikes, and other nasty items that can do a number on your character. And since you can unexpectedly activate these traps at any time, that’s where your dodge roll would come in, giving you invincibility and protecting you against the traps.

5. Fuse Weapons And Armor To Make Them Stronger

Fuse already-powerful weapons or durable armor with old equipment you haven’t used, and you’ll make them even stronger. This works especially well if you’re going to be fusing equipment with the same elemental property. You get a bigger boost when this happens, so always keep this in mind before fusing items.

mark sumney

Monday 3rd of January 2022

they have letters and stars. So would like triple AAA and seven star be the best weapon to get?


Thursday 7th of May 2020

you have to have a guild and 10 members

Robert Hicks

Monday 30th of July 2018

How do you find, get into, and complete a enemy guild raid ? I have looked on YouTube and the dungeon hunter 5 versions are different then what I have. I guess it the newer version. It suggest that I complete a enemy guild armory raid, but I cant figure out how to start that raid ? I don't know where to go to start it. If anybody could please help me with some info, I would be grateful too you