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Blood & Glory: Immortals Strategy Guide – 5 Tips to Become a Legendary Hero

Blood & Glory is one of those immersive swipe-and-slash action-rpg games, which allows you to customize your own fighter and send him/her off to battle against other fighters. You’ll get to collect your share of weapons, shields and armor, and as the game’s developer Glu says complete special attacks and combos for the ultimate victory. Regardless whether you’re using an Android or an Apple device, you can play this game, as it’s available on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. And if you’re looking to head into battle in this game, you’ll need to be armed with more than just the right weapons and armor. To help you out with some tips and tricks throughout the game, we’ve created our Blood & Glory: Immortals strategy guide, which you can find below.

1. Choose Your Character Class Wisely

When creating a fighter, you’ll have a choice of several character classes and here’s what they do and where they excel. Warlocks, for starters, are best in melee attacks and can inflict a lot of damage points. Gladiators are more on the defensive side of things, but are also good in melee action. Lastly, Barbaresses are the game’s female characters, and they’re the ones you have to go for if you’re more of a ranged weapon fighter.

2. Always Be Prepared For The Boss Fights

The majority of the opponents you’ll be facing in Blood & Glory are scrubs, to put it bluntly. They’re the equivalents of “jobbers” booked to lose in a wrestling match, as you shouldn’t have much of a problem doing away with them. But boss battles are the ones you’ll have to be prepared for, as basic, simplistic strategy just won’t do. As each boss has their own distinct style of attack, you’ll want to study this and plan your strategy accordingly. This is also where you can use your health potions and revive scrolls, as you can expect to receive a lot of damage when hit in a boss battle.

3. Go For A High Gear Score

As we said, Blood & Glory will allow you to customize your fighter and outfit him or her with different types of weapon, armor, and other forms of gear. Your gear score (GS) indicates how powerful your fighter is, and each level you compete in will have its own recommended GS. Sure, you can try your luck and play a level even if your GS isn’t up to speed yet, but chances are you’ll have quite a challenge ahead of you. Rarer equipment and those with higher minimum levels are recommended, as they come with higher GS values.

4. Clear Out Your Enemies Quickly

If you want the highest possible grade in a battle, you’ll have to take those enemies out as quickly as you could. Once you’ve disposed of your enemies, follow the arrows. The timer starts the very moment you enter a level, so keep an eye on it, and don’t be complacent.

5. Join Guilds

You don’t have to be a part of a Guild, but there’s no cost in joining one, and there are many benefits if you’re a member. For instance, those with high Guild levels can win better equipment in events; you can raise your Guild level by donating Relics, which are currency and other types of special items.