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The Last War Survival Guide: 5 Five Great Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

The Last War is a game that gives you the chance to recreate the world after the dreaded Himalaya Virus turns infected individuals into zombies. In other words, it’s a “Zombie Apocalypse” type of mobile role-playing game, but if you consider the game’s mechanics, it’s a “monster training game.” No, you won’t be training literal monsters to fight the zombies, but rather “genetically modified warriors” that will serve as your Champions. It’s also a city management game, as shown on The Last War’s description. So what can you do to create a safe city and fight off those zombies? Here are five awesome tips and tricks for the The Last War, that you may want to check out.

1. Create Well-Balanced Champions

Your Champions have a number of factors that help determine how effective they are against the bad guys. First is Leadership, which determines the number of troops they can lead to battle; this increases automatically as a Champion levels up, but can also be increased via Smart Chip. Skills will be used in battle, and you’ll have to improve those skills with skill books. Lastly, Talents are passive stats that improve a Champion’s accuracy, damage, and other factors. It’s often best to have some balanced Champions at your disposal, so work to this end when powering up your Champions.

2. Daily Bonuses

If you play The Last War regularly, you’ll have a chance to accumulate some neat bonuses. The Daily Bonus, for starters, would do just that, giving you rewards for each consecutive day you play. Missing one day brings everything back to square one, so be sure to play The Last War even a few minutes a day in order to get better bonuses for more consecutive days in the game.

3. Other In-Game Freebies

You’ll see a red box with a question mark inside, and that’ll be your Lucky Spin. You can spin this once per day (or more than once if you pay some gold), though the type of reward you’ll receive will obviously be random. Also, the Secret Bonus is a box with a star symbol, and when you start out, it will only be up for about 10 to 20 minutes, with that timeframe increasing as you progress through higher levels.

4. Upgrade Your Storage

If you’re just starting out, your resources will automatically be protected by other players, but not once you’re no longer considered a “newbie.” That makes it important to create a storage facility once you reach Level 5, and upgrade it regularly so that you can keep more resources and prevent them from being raided by other players.

5. Heal Troops Whenever Necessary

There will certainly be times when your troops will be injured during battles, and there may be times when they may get killed. Before that even happens, try having them return to base so that they can heal and recover at the barracks. If you insist on fighting with injured troops, you’ll only end up killing them. You don’t need to worry about losing progress, as your injured fighters will recover right where they were before healing up.