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Elune Saga Cheats: 5 Tricks Every Player Should Know

Judging by its title, you may think Elune Saga is another matching game in the tradition of Candy Crush Saga. But since it’s Gamevil Inc. behind the game rather than King, you may also figure that it’s a mobile RPG. That’s actually correct, as Elune Saga a “full-scale hybrid strategy RPG” that allows you to create your own team by collecting and evolving Soul cards. You will be up against all sorts of monsters, and get chances to level up and train your heroes, but if you’re stuck on a certain quest or needing some help building the perfect team, you may find these next few Elune Saga tricks helpful.

1. Positioning Is Key

The general rule in RPG combat applies here – heroes in front take the brunt of the damage (while doing the most damage on opponents), while those who stay at the back generally live to fight another day. Keeping this in mind, place low-health characters such as healers at the back, and your high-damage, high-health characters in front. You can place your archers at the back since that would make a lot of sense on a practical note, but then again, it’s all about arranging your team with health points in mind – high health up front, low health at the back.

2. Play More, Spend Less On Soulstones

You’d normally have to pay 100 Soulstones in order to add a new special hero to your party. That’s not a bad proposition, as Soulstones aren’t exactly hard to earn as long as you play regularly and complete as many achievements as possible. Hence, it would be a good idea to play as often as possible to earn yourself more of this commodity. We should also add that playing and logging in often will enhance your strategic skills and give you more rewards in general.

3. Purchasing Souls From The Market

Then again, you can also head to the market and buy some souls, in order to enhance your present team members’ stats. This often turns out to be a much smarter move than going ahead and buying new heroes to replace existing team members. Also, you should keep in mind that summoning consecutive souls is always a better, more cost efficient arrangement than summoning them one at a time.

4. Focus On The Main Elune Saga

While it may be tempting to try your luck at the Arena, the adventure part of Elune Saga should always be your primary priority if you’re hoping to do well in Arena competition. Hang on to those tickets while you can, and save your trips to the Arena for the time when you’ve got a full, four-hero complement of characters.

5. Use One-Star Souls When Upgrading

And we repeat, one-star souls – these are the souls you’ll want to use when upgrading better souls, as one-star souls won’t really do much for you when you’re facing your enemies. Some two-star souls may also be used for upgrading, but only if they’re not as good as the other souls in your lineup.