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Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips, Cheats & Guide: 6 Hints for Surviving Early Zombie Hordes and Player Raids

Kefir’s Last Day on Earth: Survival is an iOS and Android game where you can pretty much guess the premise right off the bat – it’s a zombie-themed game where your goal is to survive the zombie onslaught, and stay alive for as long as possible. But the real fun in this game comes in the game’s genre – this is a multiplayer game where you’ll be up against other human players. Aside from the zombies, you’ll need to deal with these players who will try to steal your resources – in other words, no one’s your friend in this in-game world, and there’s nobody to trust either. You’ll have to build your own base, manage it, and protect it from all manner of enemies, while also taking advantage of the game’s crafting system, using your materials to create weapons and traps to defend yourself against zombies and humans (the latter controlled by your opponents) alike.

In order to outlast both types of enemies in this game, you’ll need some form of strategy; you can’t just enter the in-game world expecting to dominate right out of the gates. So read on for our Last Day on Earth: Survival strategy guide, which mainly deals with tips you’ll need to keep in mind to protect yourself from zombies and rival players alike.

1. Make Sure You Craft The Basics

There’s a lot of crafting involved in Last Day on Earth: Survival, and the very first things you need to craft are the three most basic items in the game — your spear, your pickaxe, and your hatchet. These are the three tools you’ll learn to craft from the earliest moments of the game, and you will be using those tools going forward as you continue to craft more items with more advanced materials. Always check the broken-down car for new materials once you enter the game and spawn into your home territory.

All in all, the three tools mentioned above aren’t definitive, must-have items for fighting off enemies or gathering more crafting materials. But you want to save time and make your life easier, and they can all do the trick. They’re the cornerstones, so to say, when building your base camp and defending yourself against the earliest zombie hordes.

2. Hatchet And Pickaxe Before Anything Else

For a more detailed look at how to proceed, you’ll have to collect nine pine logs and six pieces of limestone. After that, learn the schematics for the three aforementioned tools, ideally starting with the hatchet and the pickaxe. You’ll be dealing with weak enemies anyway, so you won’t be needing the spear that soon into the game. But those two items will really come in handy when mining for limestone and cutting down trees, so make sure you start with the two.

3. Craft Items To Make Your Base More Useful

After you’ve crafted the first three tools, settled down a bit, and completed a few levels, you can then work on crafting other items such as the Casual Backpack, Garden Bed, and Raincatcher. While at it, you could also build a small house, ideally one that could fit two Small Boxes, and some other items as you move along. Why do you need these items? Well, the Backpack will obviously allow you to carry items around, especially when you’re mining/harvesting; of course, having a Backpack is much better than simply stuffing items into your pocket. The Garden Bed can allow you to plant food to keep yourself and your fellow survivors alive, while the Raincatcher, well, catches rainwater which you can drink to stave off thirst and, once again, ensure survival in the harsh, zombie-infested world you’re living in.

4. Your Base Needs To Be Protected With A Door

Of course, your home base should be secured in any way possible to prevent zombies from getting in, or other survivors (controlled by opposing players) from getting your supplies. That means your home base will need to have a door; surprisingly, this simple step will do the trick against most player raids or zombie attacks, as C4 explosives are the only way that door can be taken out.

5. What Should You Look For When Scavenging For Items?

Although this beginner’s guide will certainly have you covered when talking about the basics, we’d like to step out of the box for a moment and talk about how you can survive in a more advanced situation; obviously, a simple spear won’t do the trick when dealing with most zombie hordes. And the simple clothing you’ll be wearing early on won’t be sufficient enough armor on you. That means you’ll need to craft stuff from the materials you find when scavenging.

Once you’re scavenging away from your base, you’ll need to be on the lookout for Army supply drops, fallen airplanes, and Alpha Base items. Supply drops aren’t usually much to get excited about — you’ll usually get some common or midrange materials, though you might stumble upon something quite useful. But the downed aircraft and Alpha Base goodies, the latter of which can be accessed after you steal the A card from the corpse in front of the base, might give you a military suit, which certainly beats out a worn-out pair of shorts, and as gun, which trumps anything a spear could offer you in terms of protection.

6. Take It Easy When Firing The Gun

It’s fun to use your gun to blast as many zombies as possible, but you shouldn’t be too trigger-happy against individual zombies. Instead, conserve your ammo, and save those rapid-fire blasts for large hordes; random zombie encounters can be dealt with via spear. You probably won’t need your military suit either while exploring, just as long as you’re exploring on areas colored green on the map. Also, don’t worry much about the Code Vault of your base – the game may get an update that may make this mean something, but for the meantime, you’re free to ignore it.

There you have it! This wraps up our Last Day on Earth: Survival strategy guide. In case you know additional tips, tricks or hints for the game, let us know below in the comments!

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