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Kritika: The White Knights Cheats – 5 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

Kritika: The White Knight is another one of Gamevil’s action RPG offerings, but there are, of course, several twists and wrinkles that make this game different from your typical game in the role-playing genre. According to the developer, you’ll be playing the most exhilarating action RPG, and will get to meet at least five champions with different skill sets, “grow stronger” through 80 stages in Stage Mode, and rely on pets that can “make you stronger” as companion characters. And we haven’t even mentioned the Tower of Tribulation as another game mode. Since Kritika can be a bit challenging for newcomers to the game, we’ve compiled a list of Kritika: The White Knights cheats and tips to help players get familiar with the title and know the best strategies for success.

1. Take Advantage Of Your Special Skills

It doesn’t matter which character you start with – they all have special skills that allow them to take out a good number of bad guys. And since skills are only worth 3 percent of mana points early on in the game, you shouldn’t hesitate to use your skills, and keep using them in order to level up quicker.

2. Utilize The Auto Battle Feature

Many role-playing games come with an Auto Battle feature, which essentially lets the game take over and fight the battles for you. In Kritika, you can make use of this feature by completing a level in easy mode, then using Auto Battle on Normal and Hard modes. Basically, you’ll be automatically defeating all enemies as you make your way to the boss fight, and the harder the difficulty you complete, the sweeter the rewards you’ll earn.

3. Hold Down The Attack Button For Auto-Aiming

Instead of tapping multiple times on the attack button, you may prefer holding it down. In fact, we’d advise you to hold down on attack, as that would allow your hero to face enemies and attack them automatically, without you having to aim at the bad guys.

4. Craft New Weapons

Once you reach Level 5, that’s going to allow you to access the forge. Obviously, the forge is where you’ll want to craft new equipment, weapons included. And we’d suggest that you make frequent return trips to the forge, as crafting weapons is considered the best way to get new and effective equipment – in this case, the best weapon may be the one you create by yourself.

5. Combine Equipment To Create New And Better Equipment

Crafting equipment is all well and good, but what if you’ve got a surplus of old equipment that’s of little to no use at all? You can combine up to four pieces of old equipment to create a new and improved piece, but bear in mind that you’ll want to prioritize rare pieces of equipment, rather than common ones. In relation to this, remember that combining equipment costs a lot of moolah, so you may prefer to sell old items instead of fusing them if you can’t find anything rare in there.