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Road Surfers Dash Cheats & Tips: 5 Stunning Hints You Need to Know

iOS title Road Surfers Dash is a crazy endless cartoon racing game developed by Pixelmob. The game allows you to see the world and race at different international locations, but you won’t just be driving your car – you’ll also be having your ride perform jumps and slides. And as you’re doing that, you’ll be earning more coins and other boosts. Having explained all that, we have a few Road Surfers Dash cheats, tips and strategies that won’t just help you earn more coins, but also help you get the most out of this fun and addictive game.

1. Do A Quick Drop

Swiping up allows your car to jump, but you can also swipe down once your car’s in mid-air to execute a quick drop. Doing this won’t always net you some coins (except when the occasion calls for it), but it can help you get back on track after a poor jump, or also help you avoid obstacles.

2. Collect Coins, Here’s How

If you’ve played Road Surfers Dash a bit, you probably are aware of the coin multiplier that you can earn once you’ve gathered so many coins in a row. The more coins you gather consecutively, the higher your multiplier will be, but just as a heads-up, you probably won’t go much further than x2 at first. The game, after all, moves very quickly, and you’ll have to move accordingly when trying to gather coins; once you’ve collected all coins in a row, quickly spot the next row. And when we say quickly, we mean about two seconds before the multiplier becomes unavailable.

3. Earn Lottery Tickets

Aside from coins, you can also earn lottery tickets in select stages, as these will give you special boosts once you’ve made use of them. You can spot these tickets as they have a golden aura surrounding them, though they can often be quite tricky to collect, conveniently hidden in nooks and crannies.

4. Spend Your Coins On New Cars, Instead Of Power-Ups

It can be tempting to use the coins you collect to pay for power-ups, but we’d advise you to use those coins for newer, better, and more powerful cars, as you won’t always be able to use your boosts in every level.

5. Get Rid Of Ads Quickly

Oftentimes, it’s good practice to watch advertisement videos in mobile games – these usually earn you more lives or give you freebies you can use the next time you play the game. In Road Surfers Dash, you’ll get these ads when you crash, when you complete a level, or when you reach any “transitional” point in the game. Since ad videos can be a bit tedious to watch, we’d suggest tapping on the “X” button once you’ve watched about a second of the video. You’ll still earn your bonus either way, so you don’t have to sit through the entire video.