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Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Tips & Tricks: 5 Stunning Hints You Need to Know

As we told you last time, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a new game by Paradox Plaza for iOS and Android devices, a turn-based pixel-art adventure, which is essentially the mobile version of popular table top RPGs. It’s the ideal mobile game for geeks, we’d say, and it comes chock full of pop culture and geek culture references. Now, if you’re an advanced player, chances are you already know all of that, which is why we’re going to keep the description short and sweet and jump right into our list of Knights of Pen & Paper 2 tips, tricks and strategies for advanced players.

1. Complete The Side Quests

The game does promise its share of side quests, and you can take one of them on as you converse with non-playable characters (NPCs) who have their own issues that you can help resolve. These are a great way to level up party members, though these quests are typically more trivial than the main ones – you may, for example, run errands for someone or be the mediator for two monsters fighting about the silliest of things. We suggest that you let these side quests come to you, instead of actively seeking them out – the main quests, after all, are far more important.

2. Know The Basics Behind Threat And Critical Stats

When in battle against enemies, there are two statistics that could get a bit confusing, even for long-time players, and these are the Threat and Critical stats. Since both words do have a bit of similarity to each other, what’s the difference? The Threat stat, for starters, determine how likely you are to be ganged up on by enemy parties. The Critical stat, on the other hand, refers to the random chance your character will dish out critical damage against an enemy. Aside from dealing critical damage, Critical also determines how likely your character can inflict some extra pain through an additional stat condition.

3. Know The Basics Behind Initiative And Damage Reduction Stats

While these battle-centric stats are a bit self-explanatory as compared to the above mentioned two, we’ll explain them anyway. Initiative stats determine how likely your character is to draw first blood, or land the first strike against an enemy. The Damage Reduction stat refers to the party member himself/herself, and the additional amount of damage protection he/she may get when hit by an enemy.

4. Focus On Chain Lightning If You Have A Mage

If you have a Mage in your party, Chain Lightning is one skill you want to focus on. It deals a lot of damage, and deals it to a lot of enemies in one go. You can make this skill even deadlier by adding a spell damage trinket. Chain Lightning works early on and late in the game, so that makes it a much sounder selection than other Mage skills.

5. Make The Most Out Of Your Warrior Character

When dealing with a Warrior, the one skill you should focus on is the Riposte skill – that’s going to determine non-skill damage against enemies. And if you want to deal a lot of damage and stun an enemy, you’ll want to focus on the Pommel Strike skill as well. The Cleric skill is also useful, as that will allay the Warrior’s fear of death even if he gets beaten.

In case, you’ve missed the first part of our Knights of Pen & Paper 2 tips and tricks, you can check it out right here.