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Crazy Kings Cheats: 5 Essential Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Crazy Kings is an iOS-only mobile game by Wooga, that claims to be a new kind of tower defense title. It’s actually a mix of tower defense gaming and collectible card gaming that mixes the strategizing of the former genre with the deck-building elements of the latter. You can level up your heroes with the items you win, and take on a variety of different enemies, including Minotaurs and the Undead, according to the developer. There are hundreds of levels and items, and you can also borrow the heroes of your friends if you want to take advantage of the social element of the game. Having explained this title, let’s not waste any more of your time, so we go ahead and provide you a couple of useful Crazy Kings cheats, tips and hints.

1. Complete Missions To Get Rewards

Pull up the quests menu, and you’ll be able to see a variety of missions where you can earn even more rewards, such as map pieces. Map pieces are important, as these can be put together to lead you towards a treasure chest. Once you’ve got the chest, the quest list will reset, and you can check the menu again at another time if you need those extra rewards.

2. Get New Equipment

Opening treasure chests and completing new missions will give you new equipment for your avatar; you can also get new cards through both means. However, you should check your new equipment’s stats and compare it to the stats of your current equipment to be sure you’re indeed doing the right thing by replacing those items.

3. Make Towers Stronger By Combining Duplicate Cards

This is a common feature of card-collecting games and RPGs, and it allows you to take advantage of the fact you’ve got duplicates – use these in the right way by fusing your duplicates together to come up with a stronger tower.

4. Grind For More Stars

Unable to get a three-star level the first time around? It’s quite easy to do that if the equipment and towers you have are more powerful than what you had the first time you played the level. Repeating previously played levels is known in mobile gaming parlance as grinding, and in here, you’ll want to grind in order to unlock more card positions. Having more three-star levels will, in addition, allow you to unlock more levels in the game and allow you to progress further through the storyline.

5. Connect The Game To Facebook To Get A Rare Tower Card

Many mobile gamers are reluctant to connect their games to Facebook, but there is actually an advantage to doing this. Doing so will get you a rare tower card, and you can also connect your game to allow you to team up with friends who also play Crazy Kings. But if you don’t have Facebook contacts who play the game, you can also check fan groups for the game and its developer, and see if they’d like to join you and help you out.