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Knight Fever: Handy Tips and Tricks to Help You Turn the Tactical Tide

Knight Fever is an exhilarating new RPG recently launched on Android by veteran publisher Webzen. This spiritual successor to idle runner Buff Knight swaps the passive for a more aggressive style of play, with turn-based battles occurring across four crazy lanes simultaneously.

To help you get to grips with Knight Fever’s unique gameplay, we’ve put together some valuable tips and tricks for anyone hoping to avoid an unwanted Knightmare when exploring Knight Fever’s world of swords and pixels.

Characters & Skills

Knight Fever’s world is full of charismatic and forceful heroes to add to your team and enjoy, but here we’ve chosen to focus on Meow, Khrat, Ect and Enya to help get you started. All four boast their own unique abilities and skills capable of turning the tide of battle.

The perfect choice for players who prefer taking the fight directly to in-game enemies, Khrat can hit three of the four lanes at once with his unique skill. A brazen but often effective approach to say the least. Meow’s Bloodcurdling shout skill on the other hand can damage and sometimes even destroy hidden traps, rewarding those who prefer a more calculated approach.

Keeping with the tactical method is Ecst’s revenge skill, which acts as the only way to inflict damage to creatures who choose to hide behind barriers and shields. Finally, Enya’s Quack Quack ability helps players reap large rewards in the long term, gaining an additional skill when reaching the next level. It’s more than worthwhile to experiment with hero combinations such as this, often revealing how some stages can be easily cleared with a different line-up than others.

Items & Progress

Lining up with the in-depth RPG throwback mould that Knight Fever is, are the games various resources and items which come in particularly handy when wanting to craft and progress. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to acquire them during your quest, the easiest being via The Weekly Login Book that gives a Bonus Reward for logging in every day. The reward is randomised every time, so be sure to check in daily to receive lots of free goodies.

Speaking of checking in regularly, those hoping for yet another easy way to finally nail down and secure their long sought-after legendary items should check out Knight Fever’s The Peddler. Dominating the Gold Dungeon is a good way for adventurers to fill up their boots with currency, so it’s always worth paying a visit to The Peddler when it updates every four hours.

Leveling Up

Leveling up your heroes comes pretty naturally in Knight Fever, but starts to get really interesting after 10 levels where you’ll need an additive to better upgrade any gear you’ve become attached to. Moves like this is really the only method of upping your strength to explore Knight Fever’s end game content, but whenever your overall party level increases substantially, valuable cookies get fully refilled.

An extra challenge awaits anyone looking to sink their teeth into Knight Fever’s Hard mode, unlocked upon defeating the campaign on Normal. Levels are unlocked chapter by chapter so there’s plenty of time to practice, but be warned: you’ll need to hone your turn-based skills and use every character masterfully.

Jump in with a fast-growing community of heroes today and approach the fight your way. Knight Fever is available from the Google Play now.