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Dear Leader (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Beat All Bosses

A demonic apocalypse called Rapture has begun and the main entry point of demons is in North Korea! Dear Leader is a tongue-in-cheek action game for Android and iOS devices that features Kim Jong-il and Prince Jong-un. In this game, your goal is to help the North Korean government fight off the demon invasion. You can recruit a bunch of popular characters, from ninjas to US presidents, to help you in your noble quest. The fate of the world rests in your hands! It sounds intimidating but don’t worry because you can rely on our Dear Leader tips and tricks to help you save the world from demons!

1. Defend When You Are Surrounded

There will be times when the enemies will be able to surround you. Instead of trying to go head to head with all of them at once, it is better to retreat and defend. You will not be able to charge your weapon if you keep taking hits so you should minimize the damage you take. You also run the risk of getting overwhelmed by the enemy forces so don’t bite off more than you can chew. Find a spot to retreat to so you can defend easily. Kill your opponents one at a time until you have wiped them all out.

2. Swap Weapons When Needed

Using one weapon throughout one stage isn’t uncommon. You would normally be able to deal with most of your opponents by just using your favorite weapon. There will be times, however, that an alternate weapon may be necessary. One situation where this applies is when you are low on health and are surrounded by a lot of enemies. In this case, you might want to switch to a weapon that has a wider range of attack in order to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. Another example is when you encounter shielded enemies. They are strong against rifles so you would need something with more firepower, like a rocket, to deal with them. Lastly, keep in mind that llamas with trees on their back only have lasers as weapons. They don’t have the option to swap weapons during the game.

3. Live On After The Invasion

The game offers a lot of additional content after you have completed the main storyline. If you find yourself wanting more after saving the world, there are several things to look forward to. You will gain access to new challenges, events, and even new playable characters. You can also build up your own North Korea in construction mode where you will be able to build new structures and make awesome upgrades. The game also has a fun surprise character who has recently made international news with his presidential campaign. Can you guess who he is?

4. Continue Your Training

Since there are a lot of things to do even after the main story has been completed, you have to make sure you continue strengthening your characters. You want to be able to take on greater challenges so improve your skills and stats as much as you can. The Deploy Missions feature will be unlocked once you have defeated the demonic invaders. You should be able to level up your Super quickly by deploying your heroes on missions. It’s an easy way to gain experience during your down time so make sure you always have heroes deployed.

5. Check The Lottery Prizes

The game has a Daily Lottery that you can play in order to win some equipment and other prizes. Of course, you want to win better gear for your heroes so taking a chance in the lottery isn’t a bad thing. Just make sure you check out the prizes first before you spend your gems and keys. The prizes change every day and you might not need some of the items on display on certain days. When that happens, it is best that you skip lottery on that day and just save your rolls for the next day.

6. Upgrade Your Spells

Spells are useful in a variety of ways. You would want to unlock all of them in order to gain more options during battle. You can do so by discovering them in weapons that have spells attached to them. Of course, learning the spells is not enough. You need to upgrade them to at least level 3 to make sure you get a good deal of utility from them. Upgrade your spells as soon as you can so they can be useful in battle.

7. Focus On Resource Generation

It’s fun to build up your own North Korea but don’t get carried away just yet. Make sure you prioritize building resource-generating structures before you invest in other buildings. You want to make sure you give your army long-term bonuses first before you start going crazy with the designs. Once you have established your resource generation, you can then start building new structures. Keep in mind that it is always better to build new structures from scratch than upgrade new ones.

8. Do The Weekly Challenges

If you are a casual player, you might feel intimidated by the weekly challenges. These are three survival missions that renew every week. You should still try your luck with these challenges because the rewards are worth the time you invest in them. What’s even better is that you can just keep trying for the whole week and your best effort will be recorded. You will be able to receive rewards based on your best attempt so it’s not an all-or-nothing challenge.

9. Try A Little Buy And Sell

One unique feature of this game is the store that has fluctuating prices. The items for sale change every 20 minutes so check it out as often as you can. Once you familiarize yourself with the normal range of prices in the store, you will be able to tell when an item is on sale. When that happens, you can buy it even if you don’t need it. Then you can just keep it in your inventory until the prices go up again and sell it then.

10. Keep Returning To The Bosses

When you are fighting a Boss, you don’t have to worry about fighting to the death. Since they do not regenerate their health, you can just run away when you are low then come back with another set of heroes. This way, you will be able to slowly whittle away at their health until you finally beat them. It may take some time but it’s a sure way to succeed.

Saving the planet from demons can be a herculean task but with the help of our Dear Leader tips and tricks, you will obliterate the invaders in no time!