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Klee From Genshin Impact Celebrates Her First Birthday With a 3D Projection in LA

When someone asks you what you want to do for your birthday, it’s fair to say that your first response probably isn’t “I want to be projected on the side of a hotel in LA.” But then, you’re not Klee from Genshin Impact. Because that’s exactly what happened on Monday. 

All night on July 26th, Klee was projected onto the side of the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. This was a 3D mapped projection, which meant Klee was up to all sorts of mischief while she was up there. Technology really is magical sometimes, isn’t it?

This was a first for the Roosevelt Hotel as well. There’d never been a 3D mapped projection on the east wall of the iconic building until Monday night. So not only did Klee have a joyous birthday party, she got to become a piece of history as well – birthdays don’t really get cooler than that. 

The shindig was also attended by real-world Knights of Flavonius – players and fans of Genshin Impact – who were there to wish Klee as many happy returns as they could on her first anniversary. She got Genshin Impact-themed cake, she pulled faces and reacted, and a great time was had by all. 

You no doubt want to check out some footage from the event right about now. Because, well, it sounds awesome and you want to see what you missed, right? Well if you click here you can watch a super cool video over on 9gag that shows off just how great the night was. 

Genshin Impact is available on the App Store and Google Play.