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Aotu World Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Form the Best Team and Conquer All Game Modes

Aotu World is the latest strategy RPG from Gaea Mobile, the company behind Fallout Shelter Online, Elves vs Dwarves, and Art of Conquest. There is an overabundance of strategy RPGs out in the mobile gaming market, but Aotu World certainly brings something new to the table from its distinctive battle mechanics down to its share of unique character management and upgrade features.

Aotu World is the first game based on the popular Chinese animated series Aotu Shijie, which is on its way to launch a fourth season this year. The mobile game perfectly captures the animation series’ unique art style and mixes it perfectly with a fast-paced and engaging gameplay that complete beginners in the genre as well as experienced strategy RPG enthusiasts are sure to appreciate and enjoy.

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There certainly are a lot of gameplay mechanics and features to learn about as begin your adventure in Aotu World. The tutorial provided at the start of your dive more than imparts you with the basic knowledge and skills you need to progress early on.

Naturally, knowing what to do and how to do it is just the tip of the iceberg as strategic planning and execution forms part of the bigger challenge ahead of the path. If you have just started playing Aotu World or have yet to begin your adventure but already looking for ways to a perfect start, then we have you covered as our Aotu World beginner’s guide has all the tips and strategies you need to have the best team and dominate every challenge!

1. Reroll For More S Grade Heroes

Aotu World leaves players a wide variety of reasons to revel in its unique world and just like most turn-based strategy RPGs, a big chunk of its charm and addictive element can be attributable to its wide roster of characters. The recruitment and collection aspect relative to the characters already stimulates excitement and going down towards forming your very own ultimate team along with upgrading each character further adds zest to the whole experience.

The most common way of classifying characters, especially in strategy RPGs that hold an abundance of them, is with their rarity grade. Despite the underlying notion that each of these characters are supposed to be equal to one another, it is an established enough system to have units with higher rarity grades to have an advantage over their lower grade counterparts. With this is mind, you would naturally want to have more of the S grade units in your collection and team at the soonest.

The mix of having multiple obtainable characters and rarity grades in mobile strategy RPGs almost always leads to a gacha system of sorts. This means that everything is left to chance as far as obtaining characters go, and lower probabilities of getting higher grade units always forms part of the formula.

For this reason, experienced and veteran strategy RPG players who understand how the gacha system works will opt for any chance of rerolling. If you are not familiar with the concept, it simply equates to starting your adventure over and over until you acquire the best possible characters from your initial sessions from the gacha portal.

The initial set of 10x gacha pulls in Aotu World come early, making it feasible to go for a reroll and try to yield the best results possible. The welcome gift players get includes resources that should more than suffice going for a 10x reroll 4 times. If you are the type of player who would choose to proceed with your adventure regardless of which heroes you obtain, then you can totally skip this part and move on. If you can spare some time and patience to replay the initial levels and take your chances at better draws, then you should be ready to exert as much time and effort as needed to get the possible mix out of the gacha.

rerolling for s grade heroes in aotu world

For the reroll to be able to proceed, it is very important that you sign in on Aotu World as a guest first. The opportunity to take your first set of 10x roll comes just after a few battles through the initial chapter. You will know that you are good to go if you are finally free to click on any icon on the main page. The first thing to do is to claim the gifts from its icon at the left side of the screen. After doing so, you can proceed to the summon portal at the lower left side of the screen.

Based on our personal experience, receiving an S grade unit from the 10x gacha is relatively higher in Aotu World compared to most loosely similar games we have played. It is also possible to secure more than 1 rank S unit in a single 10x pull so you may find yourself thinking about rerolling not because you want an S class unit but rather, you would want more of them to form part of your starting team.

Although contestants can be upgraded to the same final grade eventually, units that start out at S rank has their advantages beyond needing less resources to rank up. Of the 9 available S grade units currently available, we feel that Grey, Godrose, and Ray stand out over everyone else.

If you manage to pull all 3 of them off the initial gacha attempts, then consider it a big win to move forward with your adventure. Note as well that getting each unit more than once leaves you with shards you need to rank them up, so securing them several times is a great start as well.

With over 40 pulls on your first gacha session, aiming for at least 4 S rank units ought to be a realistic enough target. If you do not like the overall outcome of your pulls, you should exit the game and clear the cache and app data through the settings of your Android device. On an iOS device, however, you have to completely uninstall and reinstall the game.

If you are very much satisfied with your pulls on the initial gacha session and would want to continue on with your journey, then be sure to remember linking your game progress to your email or any of the other options. To do this, you need to access the terminal on the bottom left side of the main screen.

Tap on the gear icon to go to the settings menu, and then click the account button at the lower left side of the window. From there you can link your game progress to your email. Be sure to check your email for a message that will complete the account verification.

2. Consider Campaign Progression As Top Priority

The main campaign in Aotu World has a unique way of making each of its many stages unique and uniquely appealing in its own way. Each new battle you engage in can give you a sense of excitement through surprise elements that completely breaks the natural path of monotony that tend to arise the farther you progress from one stage to the next.

Additionally, the main campaign also serves as the main avenue for you to be taken deeper into Aotu World’s lore and its character’s backgrounds.

aotu world campaign progression

The campaign mode in Aotu World is dived into chapters and each chapter is further divided into 7 stages. Every stage you complete earns you resources you will constantly need and beyond that, there are first clear rewards as well as extra ones per chapter based on conditions cleared. There are 2 conditions to satisfy on each stage, which you can see on the pre-battle screen. Be sure to take note of both as well as the recommended combat power (CP) to survive the level.

On top of the resources you earn and EXP for your characters and your account, progression through the campaign serves as your exclusive key towards unlocking the rest of Aotu World’s content and features. Each new game mode unlocked brings an opportunity to earn extra resources, some of which can even be targeted to a point, ensuring a greater focus on the materials you need the most.

It goes without saying, the sooner you unlock everything means that the sooner you can take advantage of what each new feature has to offer.

3. Do Not Rely On Auto Mode

In the absence of sufficient investments in the characters you utilize in battle, you will certainly feel the increasing level of challenge that each new stage brings. This holds true beyond the campaign stage as other game modes more or less follow the same hierarchical system of progression.

As much as the auto mode in battle makes it convenient, and sometimes faster, to accomplish battles in the earlier levels, there is a huge difference in how the A.I. performs compared to you manually controlling your team.

It can be a difficult task to actually rationalize how the auto mode is programmed to behave but leaving no option to retreat and recover as well as using skills as soon as they become available, seem to form part of what you can expect it to do.

aotu world auto mode

If you are a complete beginner, you may be inclined to think that the auto mode can do a better job than you can while you still have plenty to learn. If you paid attention to every bit of tutorial you have gone through, however, you should know that you can do much better than how the auto mode performs.

Compared to most other type of games, even other subgenres of RPGs, turn-based strategy RPGs require a lot more of planning and control. While the auto mode is surely an appreciated tool, it is a given that you should not rely on it for important and challenging battles.

4. Maintain A Well-Rounded Team

There are plenty of ways to categorize units in Aotu World and while classifying them according to their rarity grade is a common start, it is important to note that a unit’s rarity grade can be improved through promotion.

There is much fun to be had as you form a full team of 4 units for the campaign and then there are game modes that let you have more than 4 characters in your team as well. Although a completely random team may get you through the prologue, having a balanced and synergistic team to work with can go a long way.

To start off, there are 5 basic character types to keep in mind. These 5 types are further subdivided between physical types and magic types. The physical types are brawlers, fighters, and blitzers while the magic types are light and dark.

These basic character types may seem like roles for the unit but they actually work more like elemental affinities in conventional RPGs. Brawlers are strong against fighters; fighters are strong against blitzers; and blitzers are strong against brawlers. Light and dark types are both strong and weak against the other and physical types neither have advantages nor disadvantages against magic types.

aotu world team

Beyond these character types, each contestant in Aotu World plays a specific role in the battlefield. There are various roles available and even for damage-dealers, there are plenty of variations. It is best to check the unit’s details to have a better understanding of each role. You can do this by tapping on the icon below the character’s name.

You should also consider the recommended position of each character to join your team. Some units are more effective on the front lines while some excel in mid or even back rows. This, in combination with each character’s basic type or elemental affinity, and the role they play ought to be considered equally when choosing the best members for your team.

There is no surefire way of providing an absolute perfect team that cuts perfectly across every players’ varying preferences and play style. With 5 different basic types and a plethora of roles to consider for a main team of 4 units, there are numerous possible combinations that can be considered effective.

aotu world custom lineup

To make it easier for you to build your very own ultimate team, focus on a primary character that you like above all others. The next step is to choose the next 3 characters whom you feel will not only provide good support to your top pick, but will also contribute towards a 4-person team that can triumph across most, if not all, challenges that come your way.

Naturally, every team is bound to have a weakness or at least a challenge that they will perform poorly against, and there are also instances you will need more than your 4 main characters to join the fray. In this sense, you should already keep tabs on secondary characters that have different strengths and types that can further support your team.

5. Upgrade With Prudence In Mind

In general, half of the time spent on strategy RPGs like Aotu World is dedicated to actually going on adventures and quests. As you make progress in the campaign and unlock more game modes to revel in, you will come to discover that various challenges can compel you to either strengthen your current team or do something a little more drastic and switch units in and out.

The former is often the more practical option but even in terms of enhancing your team’s members, investing resources in them should be done with some sense of control or limitation.

You will continue to earn most of the resources you need to keep strengthening your characters. Beyond the battles and challenges you accomplish for a continuous supply of the basic resources, there are also extra means for you to earn more of them. You may find yourself having most resources in abundance at the early part of your adventure.

aotu world breakthrough

As the material needs for each upgrade and the difficulty of higher grade ones come into play, you will sooner than later find yourself needing more resources than what you have, especially in the absence of prudence with each upgrade session.

Relative to the concept of rerolling for the best possible starting line-up of contestants, you are aiming for the top characters early on so you can start building them up sooner. Surely enough, you will continue to earn chances of securing every character, especially with a lot of time and hard work invested in actively adventuring. With limited resources in your hands, what you basically want to avoid is switching from one character to the next in terms of prioritization. I

It is always recommended to invest more heavily in characters you will be using for a long time and the sooner you recruit members of your dream team, the more resources you effectively save.

The character enhancement and equipment system is where Aotu World holds some of its unique elements and you can access all these features within each character’s page after you click on the contestant button on the main screen. There are yellow up arrows on the character’s page indicating an upgradable aspect of the character and you will basically see 5 of them on each character’s page.

aotu world parts overview

The most basic way of raising a contestant’s combat power is by levelling them up. Although units you utilize in combat earn EXP you can level characters up faster by using analysis manuals on them to grant them instant EXP points. Characters are initially capped at level 30, though, and once you reach that you must conquer an enlightenment quest to raise their level caps to 60.

A more challenging but necessary way of boosting CP is through breakthrough. Breakthrough is an upgrade feature that requires you to have duplicate copies of the character you wish to promote. Each time you obtain a duplicate character from the gacha, they are automatically converted into shards that you need for their breakthrough.

Breakthroughs lead characters to reaching new grades, with each higher grade requiring more shards. Each breakthrough step, however, comes with tremendous stat boosts for that character.

aotu world equipment

A unique enhancement feature, which also leads to customizing each character comes in the form of the parts you can equip on each unit. These parts look more like Tetris blocks, if you are familiar with it, and you are basically managing pieces of a puzzle to grant you character stat boosts in accordance to your preferences.

It can be a little tricky at first, especially with limited parts to choose from but the “quick set” option you can use under the “assign” button makes for a more convenient approach for beginners. Note that these parts can also be upgraded resulting in higher stat boosts.

Beyond parts, each character can also be equipped with 4 distinct gear types. The gears do not just vary in terms of the stat increases they provide as gears also come with unique set effects. Like parts, gars can also be empowered by sacrificing extra pieces of gear you no longer need. For starters, there won’t be any extras for this option but at some point you will have more gears than what you need and that ought to be the time to revel in upgrading them.

aotu world godlike ward

Each unit basically has 3 active skills and 3 passive abilities although some will only be unlocked after reaching a certain grade. Each skill can be leveled up using skill guides and Aotu Coins. To be honest, there is no right or wrong way to go about upgrading skills.

As a tip, you only need to be conscious of which skills you rely more on for the unit in question and you need to keep in mind that the resources you consume is best considered budgeted for the rest of your main team.

6. Take Time To Engage In All Other Game Modes

The story campaign in Aotu World is the main game mode and your top priority to spend Signal or in-game stamina on but you will have to delve into the rest of the game modes offered as well. At some point in your adventure it will become very difficult or even impossible to progress further in the campaign, potentially due to the variance between the recommended CP for a level compared to your main team’s current CP.

If this is slowly becoming the case for you, you should consider spending time on the rest of Aotu World’s other game modes to rack up extra resources and make bits of progress in each of it as well. One of the most important battle modes you will have to take full advantage of is the resource collection levels.

Within this dungeon of sorts lie 6 different sets of battle stages that focus on granting you specific resources needed for all those character enhancement features. Each dungeon type also has a progressive system in that you need to beat the current level to partake on the next one. Naturally, higher levels provide better rewards and expectedly have more challenging enemies in them.

aotu world game modes

Save for the Bond ward, which you can only engage in 5 times each day, all the other resource locations have no daily limits that tie you up in any way. You can engage in any stage provided you have the energy or signal to do so. If you are in dire need of any resource to empower some units and make progress with the more important battles on your plate, you should never hesitate to spend them here.

The Trial Tower is also a good source of numerous valuable items. This is an ongoing climb towards the top of the tower with each floor guaranteed to be more challenging than the previous one. Your overall progress within the trial towers is tied up to the idle investigation that grants you rewards over time. The higher you go up the tower, the more resources you can gain from the idle expedition.

Beyond these 2 sets of game modes, be sure to check out the PvP game mode, Black’s Brawl, as well as the event dungeons. As far as extra modes are concerned, do not forget to take on exploration quests tied up to your progression on the main campaign as well.

What is important to keep in mind is that your team for the campaign can perform very differently in these other game modes. Taking a quick dive into each of these game modes with the purpose of gauging your team’s capacity and limitations will help guide you towards building a more efficient team as well.

7. Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

There are instant rewards you can obtain with every round of battle within the campaign and more resources can also be received from engaging in any of the extra game modes you unlock. The passive earning of basic resources via the idle expedition is also an appreciated feature that certainly takes a chunk off of manual grinding as well.

Beyond all that, however, Aotu World provides even more opportunities for players to maximize earning rewards, especially the more active ones, and this is through the game’s quest feature.

Quests or missions are common in many games and no mobile RPG is without one to insure, if not elicit, active participation form its players. Though the quests in Aotu World are not as unique for long-time RPG enthusiasts, the relative ease of accomplishing the listed objectives and the bounties you can obtain for such achievements are certainly a huge help relative to amassing resources and boosting your progression in your adventure.

The Quest menu can be accessed through its icon at the left side of the main screen and it is actually one of the icons you will almost always see an indicator on. Chances are that you will accomplish numerous quest objectives without even knowing what they specifically need you to do, most especially in the early hours of your adventure.

All quest targets directly relate to the usual activities you engage in as you explore Aotu World and while some take time to accomplish, each objective is certainly doable. For best results and for efficiency’s sake, it is advisable to take note of quest objectives as much as possible to more suitably align your activities to achieving as many of them as you can at the soonest.

aotu world quests

Quests are divided into 3 categories: daily quests, achievements, and trainee quests. Daily quests are the easiest of the bunch and should form part of your regular routine moving forward. Daily quest objectives reward you with EXP for your account as well as activity points. Activity points earned unlock additional chest rewards based on milestones reached and you should consistently aim to grab the top rewards by going for 120 activity points each day.

Achievements serve as milestones of your progression across practically every aspect of your journey. Accomplishing achievement objectives reward you with data, which is essentially a premium currency you will need to be able to recruit more contestants and more.

Progression in the main campaign, reaching certain account levels, levelling up certain characters, and a whole bunch of other signs of progression make it easy enough for you to earn data. Although some will certainly take time to reach, you would want to nab as many of these rewards the sooner to bolster your progression rate further.

Last, but most definitely not the least is the trainee quest. This is basically a limited quest in the sense that there is a rather short end to completing all the objectives set within the trainee quest list. This is somewhat like the achievement objectives that lead you towards moving forward with different aspects of the game. The trainee quests are divided into tiers and each tier has 9 objectives.

Each objective achieved earns you rewards and completing the whole set of 9 objectives earns you an extra, more valuable reward. Although you can only see the next set of objectives on the next tier, achieving them ahead of that will mark the task completed, leaving you with only the action of claiming rewards for the accomplished task.

Beyond spending time on these quests to take note of the objectives as a means of pursuing them and earning more rewards and resources, it is important to keep a mindset as to how these set targets can guide you towards a more efficient means of progressing through your adventure.

Aotu World certainly holds a lot more in store for players but for now, this is where we wrap up our Aotu World beginner’s guide. We certainly enjoyed every bit of time we spent on this game and we hope that you likewise enjoyed reading this guide. If you happen to stumble upon some nifty tips, trick, or strategies beyond what we were able to discover and discuss above, be sure to tell us all about it in the comment box!