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Eyes: The Horror Game Walkthrough Guide: A Complete Survival Guide

Eyes: The Horror Game is a horror title developed by Polish developer Fearless Games. This game features a variety of scenarios to explore and survive, dodging whatever threat may be lurking in the level. By completing levels at different difficulties, you unlock additional scenarios, each with their own challenges and lore. Later on, you can even create your own scenarios, such as combining a monster with a stage and putting special modifiers in.

eyes the horror game intro

Unlike most horror games, Eyes: The Horror Game lets you briefly see from the monster’s point of view via Eye Runes scattered around the level. These Runes give you about three seconds of the monster’s view but leaves you vulnerable until the duration ends or you cancel your viewing early.

You have to mind your surroundings before using a Rune, otherwise the Rune will do more harm than good. However, take note that there are a limited number of Runes available per level, so you should not abuse them either.

eyes the horror game ghost vision

By default, Eyes: The Horror Game has the Mansion level unlocked, where you have to track down bags of treasure while avoiding Krasue, a severed head that haunts the abandoned property. Since this is the only level that is unlocked from the start, our guide will cover the Mansion; this should be enough to give you the general idea of the other levels. Stay a while and learn the horrors that skulk in Eyes: The Horror Game!

Levels Of Fear

As mentioned previously, the game will automatically start in the Mansion. You will see some tutorial bits active as you move around. You can jump into the game right away, or exit the playthrough to get a better idea of what this game has. In our playthrough, we skipped the tutorial after the game started up.

eyes the horror game menu

Including the Mansion, there are four standard chapters that pit you against a monster in one of three locations, as well as several bonus chapters where you are faced with special challenges. For example, there is a Halloween-themed level, a normal chapter where you have to face off against two monsters at once, and an endless level where you have to collect as much treasure as you can against an increasingly difficult enemy.

Lastly, there is a customizable chapter where you can mix and match any monster with any stage, including some of the modifiers associated with the bonus chapters. All in all, there are four monsters and three stages to unlock or purchase. The developers are also adding new monsters and levels as time goes on, allowing for more combinations in the future.

eyes the horror game coins

Completing a chapter awards a number of coins. Coins are multiplied by the difficulty level you picked beforehand, with higher difficulties awarding more coins. The difficulties are listed as Newbie, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Coins in turn are used to unlock the other chapters, though you can bypass this via in-app purchases.

Aside from completion rewards and monster behavior, difficulty also affects various pieces of lore you can find in the standard chapters, along with clues to alternate methods of beating the chapter. These range from scraps of paper to ramblings from the monster when seeing through their eyes. Any pieces of lore you can find are carried over in future playthroughs, so there is no need to collect all the lore in a single run.

If the monster catches you, you can either watch an ad to get an additional try, teleporting the monster someplace else while you remain where you are, or accept the loss and get coins based on how much treasure you collected before getting caught.

If you complete a level, you have the option of watching an ad to double your rewards. As the other chapters cost at least 200 coins to unlock, you might be using that ad multiplier quite often unless, of course, you are able to tackle the harder difficulties.

eyes the horror game lore

There are a limited number of Eye Runes present in a level, so knowing when to use them is essential to get the most out of them. If you run out of Eye Runes for whatever reason, you can watch an ad for three more Runes. The monster’s viewpoint is warped so remember important landmarks that will help you determine where the monster is at any given time.

Aside from the Eye Runes, you can sprint for a few seconds if the monster of the chapter spots you. The sprint itself lasts three seconds and has a cooldown of one minute before you can sprint again; make it count. Similar to the Eye Runes, you can watch an ad to reduce the cooldown and increase your sprint speed.

With the basics of the game out of the way, we can proceed to the Mansion guide.

House Call

The story of the first chapter has you breaking into the abandoned Mansion to locate any forgotten treasures. Sure enough, the presence of Krasue makes it quite clear why the place was abandoned to begin with. The house has two stories and a basement. Krasue will lurk the hallways and periodically change floors, with her presence given away by flickering lights and her muffled sobs.

Unfortunately, this aura of hers has a rather large radius and can affect rooms directly above and below her. If she spots you, the game will warn you so that you can get out of her line of sight. Krasue generally cannot follow you into rooms so merely getting into one, provided she does not see you enter it, will make her give up the chase.

This is especially important as you cannot crouch behind objects to break her line of sight. The mansion itself is quite small, so you can finish it rather quickly (especially after you have completed it several times).

eyes the horror game krasue

Each floor has a hand-drawn map that fills up as you enter a given area for the first time. For ease of navigation, we will provide the filled-out maps of each floor. The following guide was played on Normal difficulty.

First Floor

eyes the horror game f1 map

You start off the chapter in the study, which has a fireplace and some nearby cabinets. There are at least three bags of treasure in this room, with one bag placed on top of a nightstand. Once you have collected the bags, as well as any pieces of lore that might be inside, head to the hallway outside.

eyes the horror game study
eyes the horror game two doors

In front of the study entrance are two doors: the door in front of you leads to the kitchen, while the door to your left leads to the dining room. We recommend entering the kitchen first, but before that, pick up the Eye Rune near the kitchen door. Enter the kitchen where you will find a bag in one of the kitchen counters; take the bag.

eyes the horror game kitchen

Head to the dining room to find two bags of treasure in separate end tables, as well as a single digit written on some paper. This digit is part of a code leading to a safe. During our playthrough however, we were unable to locate the remaining digits. With that in mind, expect more numbers scattered around the house.

eyes the horror game dining room

In the dining room, there should also be another Eye Rune on a wall, as well as a saw in another end table close to the door. After collecting all the bags in this part of the floor, you will need to proceed to the stairwell.

Down the hallway is a small room that lets you bypass the right turn in the hallway and Krasue. There should also be another Eye Rune inside. Regardless of which path you take, the next turn takes a left and is indicated by a grandfather clock, with two Eye Runes on the walls.

eyes the horror game f1 hallway

The path leading to the stairs has a door flanking each side. While facing the stairs, the door to your left is the exit, which is only accessible after collecting all twenty bags; the door to your right leads to a bedroom. The bedroom has at least two bags and some lore fragments, while the television in that room will flicker when Krasue passes by.

You should have all bags of treasure in the first floor. You can now head to the other floors to search for more treasure. We recommend heading to the basement first for reasons we will explain soon. All in all, there should be around eight bags in the first floor.

eyes the horror game bedroom


eyes the horror game b1 map

Now, the Basement is a great deal smaller than the floors above. However, this also means there are little to no places to hide if Krasue spots you. Your only option down here is to run. It is best to get it out of the way immediately so we do not lose too much progress if Krasue catches us.

eyes the horror game basement bags
eyes the horror game storeroom

Most of the treasure is scattered on the floor but there are a few places where the treasure might evade your search. There is a storeroom in this floor that may have at least one bag, but beware as unlike most rooms, Krasue can enter this storeroom with ease. At the far end of the Basement is a locked door. Unfortunately, we could not find the matching key.

We will ignore this for now, however merely walking up to it will count as a story item. There is a metal pipe connected to the ceiling where a bag of treasure rests, and a concrete pipe on the floor where a bag has made its home. Other than those bags, most of the treasure on this floor is in plain sight. There are also three Eye Runes if you need them.

eyes the horror game top pipe
eyes the horror game bottom pipe

You should find six bags in the basement, bringing the running total of bags to 14. This leaves you with six more bags to find in the second floor. Wait for Krasue to leave the stairs, preferably when she has begun to patrol the first floor. Quietly head up.

Second Floor

eyes the horror game f2 map

The second floor is more expansive than it appears. While some parts of the floor cannot be accessed, there are two small rooms connected by stairs that do not appear on the second-floor map. Besides some pieces of lore regarding Krasue and how she started haunting the Mansion, some bags of treasure might be in these rooms. Before anything, let us start at the stairwell.

eyes the horror game glass cabinet

The first thing you should notice in front of you are some shelves with glass doors (where one bag of treasure is stored), as well as a turn to the right. If you go forward and take the turn after those shelves, you will notice three doors: one on the left and two on the right.

The door on the left leads to a bathroom, where a bag of treasure lies in the toilet. Do not ask questions about how it got there, just pick it up. There is also a bottle of medicine on the sink.

eyes the horror game bathroom

The first door on the right, directly across the bathroom, leads to an office. There may be up to two bags in this room, one in an end table and another in a desk holding a rather large printer. Take note, however, that there is no guarantee that they will spawn there in every playthrough.

The printer itself will spit out an Eye Rune if you are running low. The story items here are a bottle of poison on one of the end tables, and some medical forms in the desk. Aside from a creepy phone call, there is nothing left in the office once you have all the treasure and story items.

eyes the horror game office
eyes the horror game printer rune

The second door on the right leads to the music room. Here, there should be two more bags of treasure in the shelves if you are lucky, but like the office those bags may not spawn in the music room. There is also a record player that will play a creepy tune to unnerve the player, if you interact with it.

Aside from the door you just entered, there is another door leading out to the hallway, as well as a safe nearby. We assume that the numbers you have been finding unlock this safe. However, as mentioned previously, we could not find all the numbers for the safe. For now, we’ll ignore the safe. The doors that lead out to the hallway also have some paintings which can be interacted with for more lore.

eyes the horror game printer rune

If luck has been on your side, you should have collected five out of six bags in the second floor. However, if they did not spawn there, you will have to investigate the other half of the second floor. You can access it either from a hallway accessible from the music room, or returning to the stairwell and taking the right turn you saw earlier.

If you decide to return to the stairwell and take the right turn, you should notice an end table that has a bag of treasure in the cabinet, so do not forget to pick it up. Either way, both paths will lead to a pink room.

eyes the horror game pink room

At the far end of this room are two doors, both of which lead to the “secret” rooms that do not appear on the map. One room leads to a ritual area with candles and an ominous symbol drawn on the floor, while the other room contains a book on a pedestal. This book room might have a bag of treasure in the corner.

eyes the horror game secret book
eyes the horror game secret ritual

Returning to the ritual room, you should notice a door that has been boarded up. If you picked up the saw in the dining room on the first floor, you just have to walk towards the door and the boards will automatically be removed. This opens up another room, which is similar to the book room, as well as stairs that lead to a glowing green orb. This orb is a one-way teleporter that brings you directly to the basement storeroom.

If you opted to explore the second floor first, you can use this orb to immediately reach the basement and bypass the stairs. Just remember to keep track of Krasue’s location before using it. The orb, book, and ritual space all have bits of lore associated with them, and below the orb are some child’s drawings taped to the wall which also contain information.

eyes the horror game green orb

At this point you should have all twenty bags of treasure in the house, so head back to the first floor and locate the door out of this mansion! Just make sure Krasue is not loitering in the first floor or else all your effort will be wasted.

eyes the horror game exit

Evading The Ghost’s Gaze

Now that we have showed you how to complete the first chapter, here are some general tips you can apply in other chapters you can unlock:

eyes the horror game victory

Eye Runes are precious

Remember, unless you want to constantly watch ads to refill your stock, there is a set number of Eye Runes on each map. Coupled with their three-second effect, you have to make the most out of them, especially on higher difficulties.

Additionally, you must remember important landmarks present in each area of the map, so that you know exactly where the monster is at all times. Some landmarks may even be listed on the map, such as the grandfather clock on the first floor of the Mansion, making it slightly easier to figure out where the monster might be.

Keep your eyes and ears open

All monsters make noises as they travel around the map, and though you can hear them even if they are above or below you, it is better than running into the hallway and into their hands (figuratively, in Krasue’s case).

Wait for their noises to subside and continue onward. In addition, the lights in a given room will flicker, and if there are no lights, the textures will flicker instead. Certain items will also react to the monster’s presence; the television in the mansion’s first floor will quickly shift between a blank screen and an error icon, for example.

Only run when needed

Unless you watched the ad to decrease it, you have a one-minute cooldown between sprints, so only use it if you have been spotted or if you are making a mad dash to the exit. If you do get spotted, make a quick scan of your surroundings to know where the monster is coming from.

The last thing you want to do is blindly run in a panic and right into your pursuer (or pursuers, in one case). This holds especially true in dark areas such as the basement where your vision is limited to a few feet in front of you. In this case, that warning will appear sooner than you can spot the monster.

Do not be afraid to practice

Sure, the easier difficulties do not reward as much coins as the harder ones. But this does help you get an idea on where the monster patrols and what paths to take if you have been spotted. This will also help you figure out where the bags of treasure can spawn in, making future playthroughs easier.

Clues carry over

For players that are curious about the stories in the standard chapters, any clues and lore you find in one playthrough will carry over in later ones. You can relax knowing that you do not have to find all of them in one try. Be prepared to tackle a chapter multiple times.

And that concludes our walkthrough guide for Eyes: The Horror Game! With a variety of chapters to unlock, and new ones in development, this game has a wide selection of themes and situations for players to tackle and conquer. Once you have enough money to unlock something, you can either choose a new chapter or select the endless mode for easier coin farming.

eyes the horror game outro

There is even an achievement system for beating chapters in a certain fashion: from completing all difficulties in a given chapter, to beating a game without using Eye Runes, to collecting all pieces of lore in a given chapter. If you guys have any secrets you would like to share with us, please let us know in the comments section below. Have fun, and happy haunting!

Cherryl SJ

Monday 25th of April 2022

There are 37 journals in Stage 1. I have completed the 36 journals but I dont know what that 37th journal is. I kept on playing but there is no clue to find it out anymore. Can you help me?

Just me

Thursday 28th of April 2022

@Cherryl SJ, i have the same problem