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Kitten Match Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Clear Stages with Ease and Unlock All the Home Improvements

Kitten Match is a fun and relaxing game by elusive developer Skymoons that is now available to play on mobile. The title is a classic Match 3 venture that doesn’t include any special mechanics or twists, but still manages to be quite entertaining.

Centered around a gang of cute little kitties who are on a mission to redecorate their old mansion, Kitten Match combines puzzle elements and fun match 3 challenges into an addictive package that you just can’t say no to.

The story line in Kitten Match is quite straightforward. You (the player) and grandpa are moving to a new house and so you have stayed behind to collect all the kitties who have been living in the old mansion and bring them to the new location. Your sidekick is Kitty, a fluff ball you’ve rescued from the blazing cold a few years back and who is now your best friend.

kitten match tricks

Digging through the house in search of cats, you will also be required to restore parts of the residence. To start the renovations, players need to take up match 3 challenges in order to earn the paw-shaped medals needed to unlock upgrades in the house.

Diving into Kitten Match is as easy as pie, especially if you’re already familiar with match 3 games. Even so, we’ve created this Kitten Match beginner’s guide to give you a tour of what the game is all about in an effort to supply you with a useful roster of tips, tricks and strategies so that you never get stuck playing a level.

1. Focus On Making Boosters

Kitten Match is built around a simple rule – match 3 or more similar pieces to clear them off the board. Each level has its own objective, which needs to be completed before you can move on to the next one, so make sure you keep an eye on that if you want to win. While the first levels are quite easy to finish off, as you progress things will start getting a bit more challenging.

For starters, you have a limited amount of moves to complete each level objective. Secondly, the game gradually serves up more complex pieces that are harder to clear off the board, so you will need to devise a strategy if you are to conquer these levels fast. The good news is that Kitten Match doesn’t have a timer, so you can take your sweet time to complete a stage, unlike in other Match 3 games.

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The first trick we want to bring to your attention is focusing on Booster creation. Boosters are aids which you can make by merging pieces in a specific fashion. For example, to get your hands on an exploding ball which destroys all pieces of a certain color, you have to complete a 5-piece straight line match. There are other varieties of Boosters and you need to keep an eye out for the instructions that appear before a level starts, so you can get acquainted with their mechanics and learn them by heart. Boosters come very handy when you’re stuck, so striving to create as many as possible will ensure you have plenty of escape routes in case things get complicated.

Make sure you ponder a bit before using your Boosters. For example, in the case of the exploding ball, swapping the Booster with a blue square piece to activate it, will result in all blue square pieces being removed from the board. So before rushing to make the move, consider which scenario would benefit you more – getting rid of all the blue squares or perhaps eliminating the yellow balls would be wiser?

While Boosters are sometimes hard to make, as it might not always be possible to get the pieces in the right arrangement, an alternative is to use the helping tools available on the right part of the display: Hammers, Cross Hammers and Gloves. Players get three of each to start with. Helping tools are useful extensions that enable players to get out of difficult situations. For example, the Cross Hammer can remove a row and a column of pieces without consuming any moves. Sometimes they are all you need to finish off a level!

What happens if you run out of these tools? You can buy more using in-game gold. You can obtain this resource by clearing a stage, but also through other means (which we will discuss in Section 2). At the end of each stage, you are given the option to watch an ad to double your coin reward and you’d better take advantage of that!

kitten match boosters

Also keep in mind that selecting Boosters before challenging a level can grant you advantage. How do you get these extra Boosters? Each time you finish off a level you will receive some as reward and they can later be used as Power ups to be equipped before the next game starts.

Employing the strategy outlined above should promote the efforts spent towards leveling up. Failure to complete a stage will result in the loss of one of your five lives. But if you run out of juice, it’s not all lost, as this isn’t the kind of game that leaves you high and dry. You can always watch an ad to gain one more. Or you can ask a friend for additional life. It’s possible for players to log in with their Facebook accounts and then send requests to people on social media to receive an extra life. Additionally, getting on board with Facebook will also unlock a nice sum of 100 coins.

2. Play With Your Kittens For Rewards

As previously mentioned, gold provides to be quite useful in this game especially when you’re stuck, as you get to spend it towards acquiring helping tools or even get extra moves during a level. While clearing stages is the surest way to get your hands on the coins, you can also interact with your cats to get extra monetary rewards.

From time to time you’ll notice a speech bubble appear above your cats’ heads. Tap on it and you’ll be prompted to engage in an activity with one of the fluff balls. This includes things like brushing their teeth, letting them chase butterflies or feeding them. More activities can be unlocked using Cat Cash – a sort of currency you get as a reward for clearing stages. For each activity you will get gold coins as a prize.

how to earn more rewards in kitten match

What’s more, when prompted to interact with the kitties, you will notice a gift box hoovering in the background. Make sure to tap on it to watch an ad and just like that get some extra coins for spending.

Unlike other games, Kitten Match does not make exaggerated use of ad watching. However, at times, they do pop up, and when they do, they bring in some sound extra bonuses. But fortunately, most of the game can be played without any annoying interruptions.

Sometimes the game will offer up the chance to get a special gift from the kitties. You will need to wait several hours until it is prepared and ready to be delivered, but when it finally is, unwrapping it will result in more goodies (coins, energy, Boosters).

As you move from one home improvement project to another, you’ll notice the game benefits from a day/night cycle. At the end of each one you will be awarded a handful of goodies. Be sure to make good use of them!

3. Take Advantage Of the Special Events

Kitten Match often hosts special events and when it does you need to make sure to take advantage of them. Some are all about spending world money in exchange for, let’s say, purchasing a sum of gold coins at a discounted price. Events like that often last for about 3 days before they are replaced by others, so if you see one of value, make sure you jump onboard as quickly as possible before it disappears.

kitten match events

If you’re opposed to the idea of spending money to gain ground in a game, don’t worry! There are also free events to be taken advantage of in Kitten Match. Most of those are automatic. For example, during one event, completing Match 3 challenges as usual will unlock special rewards, on top of the typical ones. These can be combined to produce different Power-ups like Full Energy, Boosters and so on.

4. Don’t Stop Redecorating

To progress in the game and eventually move out of the old mansion, you need to be persistent with your house redecoration efforts. Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the Match-3 games, continue tapping on the next level button, and forget all about the storyline, which is indeed a bit syrupy.

It’s true, the kitty dialogues might prove a bit too tedious for some players, but fortunately you can press the Skip button and get right back to the action. However, keep in mind that unlocking new environments is closely interlinked with moving the story line further.

kitten match decoration

Another solution to avoid getting too involved with the story is by playing a batch of levels in succession (five, for example), and then using the paw-shaped medals to unleash a spree of unlocking upgrades around the house. And who said this part of the game can’t be fun? You get to redecorate the house according to your own tastes by choosing from three options that are presented to you each time you improve a part of the house. Some of the tasks take two or more badges to complete, so at times, the game forces you to play several Match-3 levels in a row before allowing you to ease back into redecorating.

Before moving on to the next section, we should also highlight that it’s also important to reach the star goals which are displayed in the top right corner. Every time you complete a redecoration, you are awarded some stars. If you gather enough they will eventually unlock gifts that are brimming with rewards.

5. Adapt Your Strategy Depending On The Kind Of Level You Are Playing

In Kitten Match you’ll stumble upon several types of levels you need to complete and your best bet at being successful at the task put before you, is adapting your strategy depending on kind of level you are playing.

The simplest levels require players to gather a number of pieces of a certain kind (for example red fishes). In these cases, the best way to clear a stage would be to try matching at the bottom. This is because pieces drop from above and so if you match them near the bottom of the board, there’s a good chance the pieces above will come into the right kind of formation and match. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they will even form a Booster without you even trying. However, you shouldn’t neglect the portion overhead. The last thing you want is to miss on a good match just because you were focusing only on the bottom.

kitten match strategies

Another type of level you’ll be encountering in Kitten Match is where certain items like kitty food are hidden behind several layers of grass. In order to free these items, you will need to perform several merges. In this case, we recommend you focus your matching efforts on the areas that contain the hidden items. Also make sure you use plenty of Boosters, because they come very handy in situations like these.

Next off, we have levels which require you eliminate certain elements off the boards like, for example, boxes filled with fish. You can do that by matching pieces in the near vicinity of these items, but note that sometimes it takes multiple matches for the piece to completely disappear from the board. The strategy here is to focus your attention on merging in the exact proximity of the special items, so that you can clear them off and unlock the full board as quickly as possible. Booster use is essential during these kinds of levels because they provide a simple and effective way to get these special items to vanish into the void.

kitten match tips

A similar strategy can be applied during levels which feature pieces that are locked in using chains. In order to get rid of them so you can use the full length of the board to do your matching, players will need to perform several rounds of matching. We recommend that you focus on getting these particular pieces free first, and in doing so to direct your matching efforts around that area. Once you’ve released them, it will be a lot easier to complete the objective of the level in question.

This concludes our Kitten Match beginner’s guide and we hope you have found some useful tips and strategies that you can apply to your own gameplay. If you know any additional tricks for Kitten Match or if you have any question regarding the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a word in the comment section below!

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