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TapTap Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Tap Champion

TapTap Heroes is an endlessly fun game with extremely adorable character designs – but don’t let its looks fool you, its gameplay is much deeper than you’d expect. Played mostly by tapping on the screen, it’s simple enough for anyone to play, but complex enough even for the most competitive players to get into.

An idle RPG at its core, TapTap Heroes has hundreds of unique heroes for you to collect, train, and bring to battle. You go on adventures with them, fighting against monsters and collecting loot. While you tap at monsters to deal damage, your heroes will fight for you on their own. Spend time with them enough and you will become a Tap Champion, with your heroes growing ever stronger.

TapTap Heroes’ gameplay is simple, but there’s a lot of fun stuff to do. It’s a great game to pick up at any time of day, playable even while doing other activities. Personally, I play TapTap Heroes while I binge on Netflix. You could play this game in the bus, cooking, or even while jogging on the treadmill. Just don’t end up overstaying in the bathroom while playing this game!

Being an idle game, it’s an easily approachable game, even for kids. Its family-friendly design makes even the scariest-looking monsters look cute and adorable. Our TapTap Heroes beginner’s guide comes with a bunch of useful tips, cheats and strategies to dominate your enemies. Whether or not you’re after long win streaks in the PvP Arena, or you’re someone who just wants to tap away, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s delve into our TapTap Heroes beginner’s guide!

1. Building Your Starter Team

TapTap Heroes has a lot of characters to choose from. Hero collection is the core of the game. Because of that, we’ll start by talking about who you should choose for your team, and how you should train them.

The good news is you can finish TapTap Heroes with any heroes you like. Don’t worry about what other players may refer to as the tier list. You could build a team of cool-looking heroes just because you think they’re awesome. You could set a theme – if you’re a bird-lover, then get heroes like Loyal Chicken, Phoenix, Eagle-Eye Shaman, and Crow Archer. You can train your favorite heroes and build a team that can finish the game’s campaign with no problems. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while playing TapTap Heroes.

taptap heroes team

This game is both adorable and addictive – a winning combination for any mobile game.

First, while you can spend your resources to train all your heroes, it’s better idea to save up in the early game instead. You start with weak heroes, which should just be enough to clear a few stages. Once you lose in your first boss fight, you might feel tempted to spend resources to train them. But if you do, you’ll be using resources that you could later use in training much stronger heroes.

But how can you tell if a hero is strong? You can easily tell by the number of Stars they have. The more stars, the better, with a maximum of five stars for the ones you get from Hero Chests. As a general tip, train 5-Star heroes and above only. They have better stats and have stronger skills, which make them worth investing in.

Don’t worry if you don’t get any 5-Star heroes from your free hero chests. In your first seven days of playing, the game will already reward you with two 5-Star heroes! So be patient, and don’t go gung-ho on your resources until you get them.

2. Getting New Heroes

There are many ways to get new heroes. The most basic way is through Hero Chests. You can open Hero Chests using Golden Keys, which the game gives to you for free. I recommend using your golden keys on the Grand Summon Chest rather than the UP Summon Chest.

how to get new heroes in taptap heroes

You have better chances of getting 5-Star heroes in Grand Summon Chests. You also get a random 5-Star Hero after about 1,000 summons.

Another way of getting heroes is through Hero Fusion. You can get 5-Star and 6-Star heroes through Hero Fusion. Unlike Hero Chests where the heroes you get are random, you will know exactly who you will be getting from Hero Fusion.

taptap heroes hero fusion

6-Star heroes have one purple star instead of six yellow stars (so why do people call them 6-Star Heroes? Huh.)

The Miracle Tree is another way to get strong heroes. You will have to collect rare Miracle Eyes to summon with the Miracle Tree, but collecting them is worth the effort. The Miracle Tree will only give you shards for 4-Star and 5-Star heroes, so you’re always sure to get a stronger hero than usual.

Finally, there’s the Fortune Wheel. It’s not the most reliable way to get a Hero, but it’s possible to get a 5-Star hero with one lucky spin.

The game will also frequently give you free heroes and hero shards, so sooner or later you will have a lot of options on who you play as. But be careful not to spend your resources on way too many heroes. Pick your six strongest heroes, and focus on their training.

3. How To Get 10-Star Heroes

The best heroes from Hero Chests have five stars. Hero Fusion could give you 6-Star heroes. But that’s not the end of the line – you could train them to superstardom. The strongest heroes in the game have 10 stars. However, training your heroes to 10-Stars will require your patience, dedication, and perseverance.

When you train your 6-Star hero to the maximum level, you can Awaken it into a 7-Star hero. Awakening to 7-Stars consumes a few other 6-Star heroes, so getting one really takes a lot of time. You could then awaken the 7-Star hero into an 8-Star hero, this time consuming other 7-Star heroes. Repeat this until you get a 10-Star hero, which means fusing 8-Stars to get a 9-Star hero, and so on. This might sound like a lot of work, but just follow our guide and you’ll get your 10-Star hero in no time!

Since you have to work hard to get a hero to 10-Stars, you should take your time in deciding who should have the honor. The strongest heroes at 10-Stars are Phoenix, Valkyrie, Lindberg, Mars, and Freya. Don’t worry if you don’t get any of these five, though! Taking any of your heroes to 10-Stars take a lot of work, and investing on them will always pay off, regardless of who they are.

4. Using Weak Heroes to Train Stronger Heroes

In just a few hours of playing the game, you will end up with way too many heroes than you can bring into battle. What do you do with all the 2-Star, 3-Star, and 4-Star Heroes that you’re not using?

You should keep your 4-Star heroes for Hero Fusion, while 2-Star and 3-Star heroes could be used in the Altar. The altar will turn your heroes into resources needed for training. More on the Altar will be discussed later.

Finally, you could spend Miracle Pieces to magically transform your unused 4-Star and 5-Star into a random hero with the same number of Stars. Maybe your 5-Star Lone Hero could turn into a the much stronger 5-Star Freya, who knows?

5. What To Do When You Get Stuck

A common mistake by beginners when they get stuck on a stage is to immediately level up their heroes. While this will let you clear a few stages, you will also end up not having enough resources to upgrade stronger heroes later on. Be patient with spending your resources. Before you level up your heroes, do the following steps first:

– Rearrange your hero formation. Clerics, Mages, and Wanderers generally do well at the backline of your team. Move Warriors and Assassins to the frontlines as they usually could take more hits than the other classes. There are some exceptions, so make sure to get to know your heroes at a deeper level to know about their strengths, weakness, likes, dislikes, and maybe their favorite color.

– Go for Auras. Auras are passive bonuses you get from building your team a certain way. For example, building a team with heroes all from the same faction will them stat bonuses.

– Know your opponents’ weaknesses. Before battle, you’ll see what kind of enemies you’re going up against. With this, you could make use of the weakness cycle to build a team that has an advantage over the opponent.

taptap heroes faction advantage

If the enemy team has heroes from the Alliance faction, then consider giving the spotlight to your Undead heroes.

If the enemy team has heroes from the Alliance faction, then consider giving the spotlight to your Undead heroes.

– Use better equipment. You could forge stronger weapons out of your weaker ones. Whenever you get stuck, forging stronger weapons, armor, and accessories is the most cost-effective way of giving your heroes a boost in power.

– Summon new heroes. In the early game, you might lose battles simply because your heroes are weak. Instead of leveling up your weak heroes, consider opening a few hero chests or using a few shards to summon new heroes. You might get a stronger 5-Star hero, and it’s always better to spend resources on a Level 1 5-Star hero than on a Level 50 4-Star hero.

6. Where To Get More Resources

There are so many resources in TapTap Heroes, it could get hectic! You have gold, gems, souls, feathers, shards, and many more. It could be challenging to remember where to find resources when you finally run out of them while training your heroes. But don’t worry, because we have a step-by-step solution for whenever you need more resources for training:

– Fight in the Arena. Winning in the arena rewards you with various resources that you may use to train your heroes.

– Go on Expeditions. Expeditions will reward you with gold and feathers. Feathers may be used in the shop to buy a lot of items that could improve your team.

– Complete Tavern Quests. Tavern quests can be done in the background, and you should always be completing them whenever possible. Tavern quests also reward players for having a diverse roster of heroes.

– Advance in the Den of Secrets. The Den of Secrets is an additional map found in the Castle. It lets you challenge different levels of enemies, rewarding you with gold, gems, and even hero shards.

– Go to the Altar. Use your weaker heroes and convert them into valuable resources to level up heroes. Stronger heroes used in the altar will give you red souls, which could be used in the shop to buy 4-Star and 5-Star heroes.

– Get into Alchemy. Whenever your gold has a red dot on it, it means you may use Alchemy to get gold for free. You get one free use of Alchemy every eight hours. You may also spend gems to get even more gold.

– Watch Ads. You could get 30 gems when you watch ads in the game. Every day, you could watch up to eight ads, for a total of 240 gems.

– Tap in Idle Mode. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution. Tapping on the screen on Idle Mode will get you gold, gems, and equipment faster.

– Come back later. Your heroes will continue fighting monsters even when the app is not open. Defeated enemies will drop gold, gems, and equipment while you’re away, and will be stored in your chest. Come back for them later, and you’ll return richer than when you left. The treasure chest gets full after eight hours, so be sure to come back often.

taptap heroes help menu

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask for help! The help screen will show you exactly where to find resources.

TapTap Heroes may seem simple at first glance, but beneath its cartoony surface lies deep game mechanics full of features to discover.

TapTap Heroes doesn’t require a lot of your attention or your time–casual gamers will love it–but it does reward patient and persistent players. It’s amazing how a game with simple mechanics could have the depth and wealth of features that TapTap Heroes has. Hours into the game, you’ll still unlock something new and discover different ways to play.

Don’t worry if you find enemies in the Arena that are far stronger than you. Just follow our tips, keep playing, and you’ll beat them soon enough. The best part about TapTap Heroes is that the only way is up. There are no game overs, only temporary setbacks to your progress. And what else could be better than a stress-free game that gets more exciting the more you tap your screen?

And this is where we end our TapTap Heroes beginner’s guide. In case you happen to know more tips or tricks for the game, feel free to let us know in the comment area!