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Escape Masters (Playgendary) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat All Challenges

Playgendary is one of the leading publishers of hyper-casual games in the mobile gaming industry and if you are one of those casual gamers who enjoy games that you can play on the shortest of free times you have, then chances are that you have played several or at least one of Playgendary’s games. With a total of 1 billion downloads accumulated over all of its games on both Android and iOS platforms, Playgendary has more than earned a solid reputation for each of its releases. Tank Stars, Bouncemasters, and Partymasters are just some of the company’s most popular hits and each new game they release has a good chance of breaking milestones like most of their published titles.

Escape Masters is one of Playgendary’s most recent releases and like most of Playgendary’s games, offers simple but unique gameplay mechanics with a dash of humor on the side. If you are up for a mildly challenging puzzle game to pass the time, then be sure to check this game out.

escape masters guide

Escape adventures has always been fun and exciting in video games and in Escape Masters, your objective is to dig yourself out of prison and into getaway van. Of course, you will not leave your inmate buddies behind as you dig your way out. Traps and treasures abound underground and you can snatch some gold and valuables as you explore the labyrinthine levels. Beware, though as cops may surprise you in every corner.

Like most Playgendary games, there is hardly any need for tutorials in Escape Masters and everyone can learn to play it within a minute. You only need to slide your finger across the screen following the direction of the path you want to dig. Most levels only have one way through anyway and a lot are as simple as can be. If you find yourself stuck in a particular level then check out our Escape Masters guide, as we provide you loads of useful tips, cheats and strategies to clear all levels!

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

Like puzzle games or any game with a puzzle element or feature, Escape Masters may give you an impression that time is a factor in completing each puzzle. For one, it is an escape adventure, and the thrill and excitement of being able to exit out of prison and the underground maze does give a sigh of relief. Feeling the rush itself might pour on a little more excitement but if you grow careless and make mistakes that can end your run, having to start over will just take more time.

escape masters tips

While it is true that a lot of the early levels in Escape Masters are easy, some do offer surprises that can caught you off-guard. For the most part, it would seem that levels are designed in such a way that you will grow complacent of breezing through a level in that when traps start popping up, you immediately fall victim to it. With prisoners only being able to travel in one direction, there is never any turning back once a path has been made.

In some cases, errors in judgement that are most likely caused by rushing may not necessarily result in the prisoners’ demise. Some may be lost opportunities to grab more gold, keys, or fellow inmates that you need to secure a consistent 3-star level clear. In any case, clearing a level regardless of stars are good enough but if you can push for a better rating, then going a little slow is the way to go.

2. Prepping The Path Ahead Works Well

As digging through dirt and snow stands as your primary means of progressing through the underground mazes in Escape Masters, then you are most likely doing the digging following a simple pattern. Naturally, since the first dig starts with thein the area underneath the initial prisoner, then you are most likely going to continue on with digging always from the prisoner moving outward. While this is generally okay and will still lead to clearing levels, it may lead to you missing some items or people along the way.

escape masters strategies

Most beginners may assume that you can only dig from the prisoner as the prisoner will only move ahead once the path in front of him has been cleared. The thing is, you can actually dig away from anywhere on your screen and it does not necessarily have to connect to your other digs. As you move forward through the underground maze, you will easily notice the items and other inmates well ahead of you. If you are careful enough, you can always ensure that the path you dig through will cut across the important stuff.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to prepare a bit before digging the main path where your prisoners move about. Sometimes, other inmates, keys, or treasures lie higher up above the ground and if you dig the main path all through out, you could miss them. Again, there are no back steps in Escape Masters and as soon as there is an open space ahead, the prisoners start marching. Therefore, in relation to taking your time, you should also make a few preparatory digs ahead of the path as well.

3. If You Need To Restart, Do So After Seeing The Car

Many players, including total beginners can actually finish the entire first 100 levels of Escape Masters with relative ease compared to most other action puzzle games. Again, this is considering a 1-star finish as a win and not being meticulous about missing a few items and inmates here and there. On the other hand, some players earn a deeper sense of accomplishment when they secure a 3-star victory in each level, or at least try a couple of times before finally moving on.

escape masters tricks

You can see the restart button at the upper left corner of the screen and once you click on it, the level will immediately reset. The idea here, however is to use it wisely if you feel the need to. For the most part, making a mistake early on may instinctively trigger you to hit reset. The thing is, you might do better on the same instance in your next run but may still make an error on another obstacle or two before reaching the end of the level.

As such, it is only smart to push forward even after making an error so as to see the rest of what the level has to offer and be prepared for all of it on your next go. That is, unless the mistake you committed wiped out your entire crew.

4. There Are No Ways Around Cops Blocking The Way

One of the usual impediments in Escape Masters that you will encounter along with death traps are the police guys that block your path. Once a prisoner gets close to a cop, a fight ensues and with fists against night sticks, chances are that you will lose one prisoner before downing the cop. Losing just one convict in a level bars you from securing a 3-star rating at the end of it. On the bright side, though, levels that have cops around almost automatically mean that there will be at least 8 prisoners you can gather.

escape masters hints

No amount of gold or men will change the outcome of your encounter with cops as prisoners only attack one at a time. Smash-tapping your device’s screen or holding it while wishfully thinking that the prisoners will block hits will not work as well. For now, Escape Masters Is designed in such a way that you can only earn 2 stars in levels where cops or prison guards are involved so all you can do is accept it for now and wait for further updates in the game.

5. How To Get Rid Of Distractions

Video ads in mobile games are no longer surprising to most people. Especially in the cases of casual games, video ads often serve as the only or primary avenue for the developers and publishers to earn off of their game. While some mobile games may prosper from microtransactions, most casual games like Escape Masters can only either have people spend to remove ads or have them watch a couple of ads.

escape masters prize

While Escape Masters employ both ads that pop up every once in a while as well as incentivized ones that help you earn extra rewards, it should be understood that the need to have these ads bank on the idea that the game may not be available at all for free without them. Just the same, it can be understandable enough for some players to be annoyed by its existence as can be seen in some user reviews and ratings on both the Apple App store and the Google Play Store.

What some people may easily miss is the fact that you can play Escape Masters completely offline. By simply turning of your Wi-Fi or mobile data, playing Escape Masters will be a continuous, uninterrupted experience. You can do this while playing the game at any time but keep in mind that all ads will stop becoming available, even the ones that bring your gifts.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have for Escape Masters. We certainly hope that you learned a great deal from the tips and strategies. If you have discovered other tricks for the game, that we have not mentioned in the guide, then do not hesitate to share them with us!


Thursday 4th of November 2021

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