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Kingsense Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Form the Best Sensate Team and Dominate Every Battle

Superprism’s Illusion Connect and SNK Allstar both made waves during their launch last year and remains to be among the most popular strategy RPGs today. The company’s latest strategy RPG, Kingsense, promises to be another hit, making its way through top 100 charts in several countries and maintain largely positive user review ratings form both iOS and Android gamers.

Kingsense takes you to a futuristic fantasy world where select individuals, called Sensates, are imbued with unique abilities built for combat. As the commander of your very own team of Sensates, your task is to lead and manage them through various challenges and rid the world of mutants, cultists, and other villains that threaten the peace of the land. There are over 40 Sensates to collect and upgrade and with a full team of 4 Sensates, along with mods you can equip on each, the possible combinations are almost limitless.

kingsense guide

The graphics and overall ambiance that greets you when you step into the world of Kingsense may seem overwhelming but the tutorial that greets you and takes you through all the basic controls and mechanics. Learning the basics is just a small chunk of everything you know as the need for strategic planning and execution in Kingsense involves proper team building and tactical prowess in the battlefield.

If you have just started your journey and in need of tips, tricks and strategies to help you dominate each challenge, we’ve got your back as our Kingsense beginner’s guide has everything you need to go from noob to pro in a jiffy!

1. Reroll For The Best Sensates

Having an initial roster of more than 40 Sensates to collect in Kingsense certainly makes every gacha pull an exciting experience as the random pulls you obtain has an impact on your team’s efficiency in combat moving forward. On one hand, you can simply enjoy and push forward with your adventure while making the most out of the initial handful of Sensates you have in your collection. On the other hand, however, you can impose a little control over your initial pulls and start off your adventure having the best units you can possibly have through the process of rerolling.

Almost every strategy RPG showcasing tons of characters and a gacha system to acquire them will give players a free opportunity to do a 10x gacha pull at the start or early part of the game. If you are a complete beginner and still unfamiliar with the concept of rerolling, it simply refers to the act of going through your initial gacha pulls again and again until you are satisfied with the characters and items you obtain.

As probabilities are the intrinsic elements within every gacha system, the randomness that comes with every pull makes each one highly unpredictable. With rarity grades favoring the more common characters and items, it is always highly likely that you will obtain the more common pulls than the highest grades obtainable.

Well, there is always the luck of draw that makes every rare pull you make a cause for celebration and rerolling gives you as many chances to obtain the best pulls depending on how much time and effort you are willing to invest.

The rarities in Kingsense from common to rare are R, SR, UR, and MR. MR grade characters and items are very noticeable with their bright yellow glow and, of course, these are the ones you would want to grab off of your first couple of gacha pulls.

how to reroll for the best senates in kingsense

Naturally, you would want units over gears as well. If you are the type of player that would want to enjoy your Kingsense adventure with whatever you pull from the initial gacha, then you can skip this part. Otherwise, be ready for a rinse and repeat cycle as you aim to get the best 10x starting pulls.

To start off, a prerequisite to rerolling means that you have to play using a guest account. This means that you should not link your game progress to your Facebook or Google account and only do so once you have successfully obtained the best pulls possible. As you proceed through the quick tutorial, part of it takes you to the first 10x hack, which is the gacha pull. This isn’t the reroll opportunity yet as the pulls will always be the same every attempt, leaving you with a UR grade character as its best reward.

After a couple more tutorial battles, you will finally be able to venture freely into the menu icons. Once you are able to do so, claim all the welcome gifts from the mail. These welcome gifts include enough resources for you to do a 10x hack 3 times. There are currently 7 MR units available in Kingsense and, along with the hack chips you will obtain from the welcome gifts, you will also earn an MR unit, Mio.

Although we have yet to come up with a full tier list for Kingsense, we suggest going for K, Lohja, and Thion for your first 10x pulls. You can get multiple MR grade units in a pull but you can expect a lot of 10x pulls to leave you with none. In any case, 3 attempts to do a 10x hack gives you a much better chance than in most other gacha games, and having multiple MR grade units from the trio of 10x hacks should set you at an advantageous position in the game.

If you have obtained the best possible sets of units from the gacha and would want to proceed with your adventure, remember to link your guest account to ensure that your progress will stay intact no matter what happens. To do so, you need to tap on your avatar at the upper left side of the screen, choose “Other”, then click on the “Switch Account” button. At the welcome screen, tap on the “Account Switch” button and choose to bind your progress with either a Facebook account or a Google one.

Rerolling in Kingsense is faster and more convenient as you will no longer need to clear the app data or uninstall and reinstall again and again. To initiate a reroll, simply follow the steps above leading to binding your account. Instead of choosing “Bind” within the “Account Switch” window, click on the “New Guest Account” button instead.

You will need to type in “ok” inside the textbox provided to ensure that your current progress will be written over. Once you hit the “Create” button, you will start a clean slate and start with the tutorial once again.

2. Assemble A Balanced Team

As Kingsense is a tactical combat game that takes into account the synergy and cohesion of your 4-unit team beyond individual capabilities of each Sensate, keeping in mind how your team performs as a whole should be a constant consideration to ensure a dominating performance, or at least an efficient one, across the various challenges that come your way.

The most common consideration in choosing characters for the main team revolves around rarity grades, and in almost every respect, having a full team of MR units in Kingsense can take you far. Higher grade units are always endowed with better skills and higher stats, justifying the relative difficulty in obtaining them from the gacha.

Beyond rarity grades, however, the Sensates in Kingsense can also be categorized in a variety of ways. There are 6 unique classes, 7 different elemental affinities including non-elementals, and four factions under which each unit belongs to. While simply lumping together as many MR grade units on your team is a good idea, efficiency and team synergy will later dictate that you consider a healthy mix of classes and elemental affinities represented in the team, peeking through faction bonuses if they are applicable as well.

kingsense team

Some classes are built for offense and they are likely to be the top favorites. This same mindset is common across most RPGs. Damage-dealers like aces and seekers, however, will not survive on their own as some battle stages in Kingsense start with the enemy’s turn rather than your team’s. Defensive classes like the Heavy type units, while lagging behind in offensive prowess, help increase your team’s survival across any type of challenge. Healers are almost basic necessities to have in any team as well.

The proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” approach towards dealing and receiving damage in combat also exists in the world of Kingsense. The 4 basic elements of heat, wind, volt, and tide work in such a way that each one is advantageous against one element and is disadvantageous against another. Heat beats wind, wind beats volt, volt beats tide, and tide beats heat. Light and dark elements deal and take greater damage from one another while non-elementals have no such advantages or disadvantages.

Based on the given elements, you can tell that each battle or challenge you face will sport a different mix of these elements ensuring that no same team will perform similarly across all of them. What is important to consider in this sense is to avoid having your entire team exhibit only one of the elements, most especially any of the basic ones. This is to avoid being totally disadvantaged in instances where the enemy team consists only of units bearing one element.

The Sensates you recruit fall under 1 of 4 different factions in Kingsense. The P.T.H. Group, United Council, Shika, and Kluto Order each have unique buffs granted to characters based on the bonds you unlock following the recruitment of the required Sensate. Unlocking new bonds also reward you with core keys so remember to claim it once new bonds are unlocked.

3. Prioritize Progression Through The Main Story

Kingsense certainly offers a lot of game modes under its campaign and as you progress through the chapters of the main story, you will be directed to check newly unlocked features and game modes. The main story itself gives you a good background of the lore within Kingsense’s world as well as an idea about each of the story’s main characters. While some players may not find the “story” part of an RPG attractive, the main story, being the main game mode, certainly serves an important purpose.

As you make bits of progress across the chapters, new game modes and features become available. In time, these features and game modes often involves limited attempts on a daily basis, providing extra rewards. This means that you would want to unlock as many of them as you can early on.

Although you will be directed towards engaging new game modes once they become available, you can always opt to hop back into the main story, earn more resources, and strengthen your team more before taking on the other challenges. Just be sure to check in on every unlocked game mode and accomplish as much as you can before the end of the day.

Every stage you conquer in the story mode also immediately rewards you with the most basic resources you need to enhance your Sensates. Each stage also has clear conditions that grant extra rewards when you accomplish them and works much like star ratings in other RPGs. It is not necessary for you to clear either conditions to unlock and take on the next stage but clearing a condition earns you extra rewards, which includes core keys.

kingsense story progression

The number of conditions you clear also unlocks even more rewards through the chests at the bottom left side of the screen. Although it is not top priority to clear all the battle conditions on your first go, be sure to revisit stages later and complete all the conditions to secure the best chest rewards.

Note as well that once you have completed the entire chapter, you can take on a more challenging version of it by changing the difficulty setting at the upper right side of the chapter page. The hard version of each stage comes with its own set of better rewards, clear conditions, and chests to unlock based on the battle conditions you have successfully completed.

Every battle you engage in consume action points or AP but you will have an overabundance of it at the early part of your adventure. In fact, it will become a challenge to reduce your amassed AP down to an amount lower than its cap. If you are determined enough, one of your immediate goals should be to lower your stock of AP as it will only start regenerating when it is lower than the max value.

If you have reached a temporary roadblock in the main story campaign and need to enhance your Sensates further to push forward, take it as an opportunity to venture into the other game modes. Beyond that, you should also consider replaying previously conquered story stages and farm for more resources.

4. Exercise Prudence When Upgrading Units

A huge fun and excitement factor that comes with every collector strategy RPG rests on its characters and beyond recruiting each and every available unit, most especially the top tier ones, enhancing each one and taking steps towards reaching their full potential. Every bit of upgrade naturally comes with a cost, though, and given that it is already a huge challenge to fully upgrade your main crew of 4 units, shifting rosters will definitely throw a wrench on your progression plans.

This is among the reasons why it is best to decide on your main team early on and even target a specific main team roster to invest in once you secured additional units. If you went on and subscribed to rerolling at the start of your journey, you may land yourself a lot closer to getting the ideal members of your supposed ultimate team.

In any case, all resources and investments made relative to character upgrades must be primarily focused on your main Sensates and if you happen to miss one or a couple of members you want, then you have to be very selective when investing resources on the temporary fillers.

The most basic way of increasing a character’s power in Kingsense is through levelling them up. Within the Sensate window, which you can access through its banner at the home screen, you can tap on the character’s portrait and choose the “Level Up” tab to start enhancing them using chips. Chips are basic resources you can get practically from every stage in the main story.

upgrading units in kingsense

You will often find yourself amassing loads of it but then the need for it rises as the character’s level goes higher as well. There is a fast upgrade button at the top of the character’s page where one click will have you consume all the chips you have to level up your chosen character. You should be careful with it, though, especially if you want to spread your chips across multiple characters in your team.

Each character, regardless of rarity grade, has an initial max level cap of 50 and is at star grade 1. To increase the level cap, star grade, and earn tremendous boost on all stats as well, you need to gather and consume intel through the promotion feature. This can be a difficult feat most especially for MR grade Sensates as the only way to gather a unit’s intel is by securing additional copies of them. While the initial 2 promotion processes will only require 10 intels of the character, this will also require more as they reach higher promotion grades.

One unique feature of Kingsense exhibited in its character enhancement features is the Gene MOD, which is an enhancement mode that focuses on the Sensate’s active skills and passive abilities. The Element MOD typically involves boosting the effects of the Sensate’s upassive abilities. This upgrade feature requires credits and link crystals, which are basically obtainable in every stage, and elemental capsules that vary from one unit to another, depending on their elemental affinity.

These capsules can mostly be obtained from hard stages, which you can only engage in up to a maximum of 3 times per day. To some extent, this is what makes it more viable to consider a team of characters with different elemental affinities.

On the other end of the Gene MOD, the Royal MOD increases the effects of the Sensates’ Royal Skills. This can be a more trying feat to invest in as the BCI items needed to perform this enhancement can only be obtained in hard stages as well and a different BCI item is needed based on the character’s rarity grade. All upgrades related to the Gene MOD should be well planned especially since the required resource materials themselves can have a universal applicability across your characters and their scarcity can be felt from the start of your adventure through to the end of it.

5. Add Friends And Tend To Your Base

Though there are neither any cooperative game modes in Kingsense for now, nor guild systems to promote more collaborative activities, the friends system is something any player can certainly cherish. Although friends and their top Sensates cannot provide you assistance in battle, simply having the maximum number of active friends in your friends list can help a lot in your overall progress in your adventures.

For starters, you can send and receive gifts to friends daily. These friendship points can also be used on the Friendship Gacha via the hack feature to score more Sensates and gears. Expectedly, the top rarity of units and items you can obtain from the gacha are UR grade only, but free pulls are always a big plus and opportunities to obtain free units and gears should always be an opportunity to grab.

adding friends in kingsense

Yet another unique element embedded in the world of Kingsense is the Base feature, which unlocks early on. The base is like a representation of your virtual home in the world of Sensate and you naturally want to keep improving on it to reap more benefits over time. The command center serves as the most important structure within your base that you should upgrade whenever possible. You can deploy Sensates here that earn contributions over time, which in turn is the currency used to unlock the other facilities and spend in a variety of ways.

As your command center reaches new levels, you will be able to deploy more Sensates and consequently earn more contributions by the minute. You should spend time venturing within the different facilities inside the base and check as to how each one can benefit you. Be sure to remember visiting each of your friends’ command center as well as you can grab free contributions with every visit.

kingsense base feature

The dorm is also an important facility to peek into as it is the means for you to hand out gifts to your favorite units to boost their intimacy level. Note that some gift items can specifically provide more intimacy points to some units. Reaching a certain milestone with regard to a character’s intimacy level is key to unlocking skills that can boost their stats. Once unlocked, though, you will still need to spend credits and bastions to level up each skill.

6. Venture Into All The Other Game Modes

Although Kingsense’s story mode, with its higher difficulty mode counterpart, and your occasional visits inside the base can certainly fill your need for action and exploration, there are still plenty of other game modes to challenge. These extra game modes all fall within the campaign and while some progress is required to unlock all of them, you will come to discover that you can unlock everything in a relatively short span of time.

kingsense daily action

The Daily Action stands as the game mode you would always want to revel in. The most basic resources like credits, EXP chips, capsules, and intimacy materials can be farmed more easily within this game mode. You can battle through both the corporate and boot camp modes for credits and EXP chips any day. The element study, which houses capsule rewards are available on Tuesdays, Thursday, and weekends only while the Code Analysis mode where intimacy materials can be gathered from unlock every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Defeating the first level within each area unlocks the next one and you can challenge all game mdoes as many times as you can, provided you have enough AP. The first 3 successful attempts grant you 2x rewards, though, so be sure to grab every 2x rewards attempt before farming any specific resources with your remaining AP.

kingsense rescue mission

The Rescue Mission is like the tower climbing game mode in conventional strategy RPGs where you can utilize all your units in a lengthy survival run of sorts that grow more challenging the higher level you reach up the climb. Not every stage within the rescue mission is a battle stage as some simply earn you supplies as rewards as well as buffs that apply only within the game mode.

Everything resets after a predetermined period of time so be sure to push as far as you can within the time limit. You can initiate the rescue effort after choosing the elemental affinity of the enemy units. In essence, you can make this advantageous for you if you can form a team that is strong against the element you elected.

7. Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

The immediate rewards you obtain from every battle you engage in while plowing through the challenges in the world of Kingsense can certainly lead to a noticeable progression in your adventure as far as raising your team’s power is concerned. Beyond the plethora of resources to obtain from the usual grind, plenty more can be obtained by aligning the activities you engage in with the different lists of quests you can accomplish.

Kingsense hosts a variety of quests that earn you extra resources to further speed up your progression. While a lot of the quest objectives can be accomplished without you even being aware of the specific targets, it is always best to look into each set of quests to have them serve as your natural guide towards progression.

kingsense quests

There are daily quests, which are the easiest to accomplish, given that the targets laid out are aligned with the daily routine you should be following. Weekly quests resemble the targets of the daily quests and are typically achieved within the week following daily active engagement. As can be expected, there are story quests as well that earn you rewards for milestones you reach as far as beating the main story stages go. There are side quests that relate to various accomplishments relative to upgrades on units and the base.

Finally, there are also a set of achievement objectives that act as the penultimate indicator of your overall progress in your adventure. Some of these targets may take some time to fulfill but peeking into the level of progression you have with regard to the set targets can lead you towards an earlier accomplishment.

8. Take Advantage Of Special Events

If the immediate rewards you obtain from every stage cleared and the extra rewards from accomplishing quests still leave you wanting for more, then the special events in Kingsense should definitely more than fill your need. In essence, special events work more like quests and achievements in that they elicit more active engagement across all of the game’s contents. This means that more active players are certain to obtain more rewards and if you are enjoying your stay in the world of Kingsense, then you should definitely take advantage of these limited events.

For starters, there is a Special Command Event that rewards you with every milestone you reach based on productivity. You can access the objectives by clicking on the Command Quest tab of the event, which you can get to by tapping its icon at the left side of the main screen. A lot of the objectives listed coincide with the usual quests, so basically targeting to accomplish regular quests will earn you activity points to claim rewards from this event.

kingsense event

Another important event you should definitely engage in is the beginner quest that you can access through its icon beside the campaign banner. Starting from the day you first jumped into the game, a set of quest objectives will be unlocked and additional sets will be shown for the next 4 days. Each objective met earns you instant rewards and there are a total of 27 objectives to clear to earn all rewards. You have a full month to clear all targets and earn a UR grade character on top of the other valuable items.

We are certain that more content and features will be added to the world of Kingsense but for now, this wraps up our Kingsense beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you learned a lot from the simple tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed it as well. If you happen to spend a lot of your free time exploring and battling through Kingsense’s numerous challenges, and have stumbled upon some nifty tricks as well, be sure to share them and your experiences with us down on our comment section!