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Illusion Connect Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate the Nightmares

Illusion Connect is the latest strategy RPG from Superprism Technology Co., Ltd, a fairly new entrant to the mobile gaming industry that began being active in 2020. If you have played the company’s previous mobile titles such as SNK Allstar or Mega Champions, then you will certainly be captivated by what Illusion Connect has to offer.

There are notable similarities in the looks and feel of Illusion Connect in comparison with the company’s previous releases. Battles are team-based and a plethora of characters is available for you to recruit and upgrade. Beyond each character’s unique role, skills, and attributes, how each one will synergize with your team counts. Each hero’s placement on the grid is vital and prioritization and timing of deployment matters a lot as well. Illusion Connect features an auto mode that makes playing through levels a lot more convenient but, naturally, more challenging battles require manual controls.

Illusion Connect takes you to a fantasy world called Dream, separate and distinct from the real world and one that is full of adventure and danger. Set to take on the role of a leader and commander of a group tasked to rid Dream of nightmares, you continuously recruit and empower Partners to help you through each challenge. While time spent on the fantasy world is full of battles, there are features that allow you to grow bonds with your allies and even design your virtual home.

illusion connect tips

The game comes packed with a ton of content and features that may make it appear overwhelming especially to first time or neophyte players of the genre. There are numerous icons and banners on the home screen with each one being enticing enough for you to look into them. The initial tutorial session greatly helps in providing you with all the basic info you need to know, so even if you are an experienced strategy game player, it is best to claim that you are a total newbie to go through a more detailed tutorial.

The initial levels are easy enough to breeze through and with regular upgrading; you can also make it past some of the early battles with relative ease. If you are looking to have the best possible start and progression in your adventure, then check out our Illusion Connect beginner’s guide. We have prepared a comprehensive guide, that includes tips and strategies to help you dominate each challenge!

1. Reroll For The Best Partners

The graphics, gameplay, and overall package that Illusion Connect comes wrapped in elicits an intense level of excitement that make you want to plow through the next battle or explore each feature as soon as you are able to. As the tutorial session strictly takes you by the hand and limits you to click on specific buttons, you would naturally want to explore on your own once your first 10x gacha summon has finished.

Despite every developer’s intent to balance out each and every character, some will simply stand out. Given as well that the gacha method of recruiting heroes to join your team is largely based on luck, what you would want is to tilt fortune more in your favor as much as possible. Given that gacha rolls require consumption of a rare resource, you would want to have the best pull on your first try. If you are new to gacha rolls and the art of rerolling, then we will fill you in on its brief description and its advantages.

As gacha rolls lay out set probabilities to pull characters, leaving the lowest of chances to the rarest ones, each pull will have very different results from the subsequent ones. Although doing a 10x pull provides guarantees, chances are that you still will not get the character you want to have unless you are extremely lucky.

how to reroll for the best partners in illusion connect

In games like Illusion Connect, where your first 10x gacha pull comes within a few minutes after the tutorial, you have the option of resetting all your progress to go through the 10x pull again and again, until you obtain the heroes that you want. This is actually what rerolling is all about and rerolling in Illusion Connect is a lot easier than in most other gacha games.

To start off, you need to sign in first with a guest account. You will have to play through the tutorial until you are directed to claim ticket rewards from your mail. Once you have the tickets, you will be prompted to do a 10x summon. Note that while you seem to be locked into pulling from the beginner’s banner, you can opt for any of the other banners that have boosted chances for an SSR Radiant.

Though we have yet to publish a full tier list of Partners for Illusion Connect, you should know that Anna, Kiraya, Maki, Miyuki, Vivian, and Yuffie are the most sought after units from the gacha now. Note that you can also obtain 2 SSR units from a single 10x pull.

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If you manage to swipe one or more of these heroes in your first 10x gacha pull, then you can go on ahead and bind your account. If not, then you should reset your progress and go for another 10x roll. Unlike in most game where you have to go to your device’s settings and clear the app data as well as the cache, you can quickly restart your progress in Illusion Connect without leaving the game.

To reset your guest account, simply tap on your avatar at the upper left corner of the main screen. From the “My Info” window, tap on the account button at the right side and click the new guest account option, then tap “OK” to confirm. This will take you back to the title screen and will have to go through the tutorial again. Once you have obtained the Partners you want, you should consider going into the account window again and bind your account to save your progress online.

2. Prioritize Progression In The Main Story

The tutorial session in Illusion Connect actually sends you though the initial chapter of the main story. As you dive deeper into the world of Dreams, you will discover more about its lore as well as some backgrounds of the Partners you will be working with. Beyond being immersed into the main story, progressing through the stages within each chapter serve as your key towards unlocking the rest of the game’s content and features.

As you will also be needing a wide variety of resources to strengthen your collection of heroes as well as other needs, beating levels within the main story will earn you a lot of the basic necessities you will need for various upgrades.

how to progress fast in illusion connect

Note that on top of the combat power (CP) recommendations that you see before starting each battle, there are extra conditions you can satisfy to earn a higher clearance rating. In addition to clearing the stage, doing so within the time provided and leaving your leader with more than the HP required earns you extra stars. Although you do not need to earn all 3 stars to proceed to the next stage, stars collected will earn you extra rewards.

After progressing enough through the normal story chapters, you will unlock the collapsed mode, which is equivalent to its hard version. Some resources you need will be exclusively available from stages within the collapsed mode, so progressing through it is almost as important as progressing through normal mode. A lot of diamond rewards can also be earned from beating each stage in the main story, especially for first time clearances. Progression in the story chapters form part of some achievements and events as well.

3. Maintain A Balanced Team

Illusion Connect currently holds a massive roster of more than 50 characters and while some of them have been proven to excel as far as individual strength goes, simply lumping together the most extraordinary units will not guarantee victory. Illusion Connect is a team-based game and what matters more than each Radiant’s individual strengths and abilities relate to how they synergize with the rest of the team.

One of the more important points of consideration in building a team is the class or role that each Radiant has. There are 7 unique classes available in Illusion Connect with each one having distinct traits and specializations. Beyond that, classes incorporate the typical elemental affinity systems found in more conventional strategy RPGs. The classes available are Attack, Sorcerer, Guardian, Light, Spell, Heal, and Summon. While not each one may be equally valuable in every team, considering a roster that utilizes each one’s distinct strengths is recommended.

Attack types serve as the strongest single target damage-dealer in the team. These units are usually utilized to eliminate enemy bosses or leaders and are best deployed when a single or either targets on the field need to be dispatched.

how to build a powerful team in illusion connect

Sorcerer types specialize in AoE damage and are likewise essential in most team battles. Clearing mobs of enemies as well as summoned units is often necessary for your attack types to focus dealing damage on the enemy leader. As such you want to sweep off weaker targets with sorcerers.

Guardian types are typically at the front center panel as they are designated to protect the leader. Guardians, however, provide defensive buffs to all allies on top of exhibiting superb defensive attributes. Having a team without any guardians will make it difficult to survive the enemy team’s initial salvo of attacks.

Light types may not excel at dealing damage themselves but are capable of empowering the whole team. Light types have buffs that boost stats of allies and can tremendously improve not just the team’s offensive capacity but their defensive prowess as well.

Spell types work more like sorcerer types but instead of dealing heavy damage to groups of enemies, they specialize in inflicting negative status effects that weaken or incapacitate them. Although not as essential as the first 3 classes, spell types can also turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor.

Heal types are also essential in keeping your team alive for the duration of combat. Heal types not only replenish lost health but are also often capable of reviving downed units. Given that one of the common story quests include keeping your leaders HP within a certain percentage, healers can serve as your insurance to keep the leader in top health.

Last, but definitely not the least, in our class types are the summon type units. These heroes do not necessarily excel in any attribute but their unique ability to deploy additional units in play has its perceptible advantages. Though mostly cannon fodders, summoned units can also contribute to dealing extra damage to enemy units.

Beyond each class’ unique skills and attributes you should also take note of the damage advantages role types can have on others. This is a feature that follows the proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” system in dealing and receiving damage. The element or class with an advantage not only deals greater damage on the opposing class but also takes less damage from disadvantaged sources.

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Attack types have an advantage against Sorcerer types but are disadvantaged against Guardian types. Sorcerer types deal increased damage against Guardian types but take more damage from Attack types. Guardian types are strong against Attack types but are weak against Sorcerer types. Light types and Spell types are both strong and weak against one another and serve as counters against their opposite. Lastly, Heal types and Summon types are basically neutral as far as the damage advantages and disadvantages are concerned.

Another crucial element to take into consideration when choosing partners for your team are costs of deployment. Each unit has a different cost that can be seen at the upper right corner of their portraits. The lower their summon cost means the faster they can join the battle. Numbers may range from 8 to 16 and for some roles, having lower numbers can give crucial advantages.

In truth, the trio of partners who will join your roster in the tutorial are decent heroes and represent the most important classes to have in your team. While a good mix of classes is recommended for the main story, other game modes you will unlock may have specific recommendations on classes based on their mechanics. In any case, at least keep one hero for each class as a part of the units to prioritize as far as upgrades go.

Be sure to look into each unit’s combat passive and active skills as well. Heroes who belong to the same class may ultimately have the same role or purpose in combat but each one of them has unique combat passives and skills to offer. In addition to the variety of roles you have on your team, the unique skills of each Radiant are what would make some more compatible with others as far as team synergy is concerned.

4. Be Selective When Upgrading Partners

Despite not being readily available for use, the massive roster of heroes to collect in Illusion Connect can make it a challenge to focus on which units to invest in. You will naturally start with only a handful of them after the tutorial but as you make progress and earn more summon tickets, your collection of partners will eventually grow.

While you may be inclined to enhance each hero you unlock, the limited resources at your disposal will make it a huge challenge. For starters, even maxing out the units you use on your main team can already pose some difficulties and switching new heroes in will require some additional grinding for resources. In this sense, it is only wise to be very selective when it comes to choosing heroes you invest resources in.

To make it simpler, you should decide which heroes in your team have long-term utility and which ones are just around until something better comes along. Following this classification, you should invest freely in the former and only spend resources to a limit with the latter group.

how to upgrade partners in illusion connect

Although the units you deploy in combat earn experience points and reach new levels, the growing CP requirements of subsequent stages and chapters will make it difficult for you to succeed in them without extra aid. Fortunately, nightmare bottles are relatively easy resources to earn within and outside of battles. These nightmare bottles come in different sizes with each one granting different amounts of XP to units when used.

Heroes can only be leveled up to a cap of 15, for starters in which case, you will have to link promote them to unlock the next 15 levels. Badges and insignias, in addition to gold, are required for each link promotion and can be acquired from the Collapsed Dream story mode or through redemption at the shop. Each link promotion also comes with a boost to the unit’s overall stats and CP.

Summoning extra copies of units you have already recruited is not actually a waste of resources. In fact, doing so leads to securing additional shards of the unit, which is needed for lens upgrade. A lens upgrade serves as the star rank up of heroes and you will need specific hero shards as well as some gold to initiate a lens upgrade.

Note that after each successful lens upgrade, a lens chest becomes available for you to open. Each chest will make you choose 1 of 3 different heroes and obtain 5 shards of your chosen unit. Prior to initiating a lens upgrade, you can also check the benefits of each succeeding upgrade by clicking on the magnifying lens icon in the attribute percentage section of the window.

Although it becomes a little later than the usual setup, partners in Illusion Connect can also be equipped with different gears. Each unit can be equipped with a weapon, an armor, shoes, and an accessory. Each piece of equipment has limitations as to which class or classes of heroes can use them. Gears also have different rarities: N, R, SR, and SSR.

Gears can also be levelled up and upgraded. Levelling up only consumes gold but upgrading or ranking up a piece of gear to the next star grade requires more resources. In addition to consuming other pieces of equipment as advance materials, you also need specific stones for each type of gear and these can be obtained from the Collapsed Dreams story mode as well.

5. Farm The Trials For Resources You Need

Progressing Illusion Connect’s main story via entering the Dream can earn you a lot of the resources you need to strengthen your units and level up your leader as well. At some points in the game, however, the disparity between the recommended CP of a particular stage and your team’s CP may grow farther.

Although you can still win in a battle where your CP is behind what is recommended, it can be very challenging or even impossible in some scenarios. As such, it is best to direct your stamina and efforts instead into the trials to focus on resources you need to strengthen your team.

how to farm the trials in illusion connect

One of the game modes within the trials you will regularly engage in is the daily trials. Daily Trials are divided into 3 sections, each with its own basic resource provided as a reward for each run. There are also 3 difficulty levels under each trial that can be unlocked following reaching a certain leader level and securing an S rank in the previous difficulty level. Given that 10 stamina is consumed across each run, you would naturally want to unlock and beat a higher level dungeon for better rewards.

The Roof Training is where nightmare bottles can be earned. Attack and Summon classes used within this trial have increased damage by 150%. The Bounty Mission is where large sums of gold can be obtained. Sorcerer, Light, and Spell classes get a 150% damage boost if used for this trial. The Witch Operation can earn crystals needed in upgrading your home. Guardian classes earn an HP boost of 200% for this trial while Healing units have twice as much healing potency. On top of the basic resources, you can also earn hero shards from each trial attempt.

The Exploration is yet another unique game mode within the trials that offers a variety of rewards on top of the plethora of gears you can obtain. Each world you visit comes with unique puzzles to solve and a ton of objects to investigate. Be sure to check the journal and read through the strategy advices of other players to help you solve each puzzle and earn every reward.

6. Expend Challenge Tickets In The Arena

No strategy RPG is complete without any PvP content. Illusion Connect lets you unlock the arena a little later than most RPGs but it certainly has some intriguing mechanics. If you are a beginner and a little hesitant to partake in any PvP game mode, you should not feel the same way at all in Illusion Connect. The arena mode in the game is very newbie-friendly and the challenge level of the arena is as comparable to your experience level in the game to a great extent.

illusion connect challenge tickets

To start off, be sure to update your line-up of partners through its icon at the lower side of the arena window. There is a separate team for offense and defense. Take note that each arena season holds a different set of buffs for select classes of characters. This means that if you have more than enough strong characters to fill a team, then you can afford to adjust your arena teams based on these conditions. Each arena battle consumes Challenge Tickets.

You can quit a match before the battle ends and your ticket will be refunded. On top of diamonds that you can earn based on your wins, you will also receive SEED badges. This is a unique currency that can be used to summon partners. Your final rank within the season also earns you extra rewards.

One point to consider in the arena is that you can opt to manually control your team fighting against an A.I.-controlled enemy team. This alone can give you a huge advantage. You can also see the defense roster of the other player before challenging them and for some, the defense teams are not even updated and can earn you easy victories. If you do not want to risk losing in a match, you can always refresh the roster of enemies.

7. Habitually Tend To Your Muscipula

Your Muscipula in Illusion Connect is more than just a space you design with furniture and various decorations. In essence, it serves as a feature of the game that lets you earn idle rewards among other things. You will be made to visit the Muscipula early on within the tutorial session as you attempt to start rebuilding it. The Tree of Eternity’s level is dependent on the player level and all other features within the Muscipula depends on the Tree of Eternity’s Level. With every upgrade comes an increase in the idle rewards earned.

For starters, the dessert carts can earn you gold per hour while single deck chairs earn you crystals and frame lights earn you nightmare bottles for EXP. In addition to placing more of these objects as they become available, you should also level each one up to boost their outputs as well as the maximum amount of resources they can continuously hold.

illusion connect muscipula

Double beds are also important in that they unlock additional slots for your team to take into battle. Relative to team-building, you should know that there is an energy limit with regard to the characters you can use on a team. Upgrading books, as well as placing more, will raise the energy limit of every team you build.

In addition to resources and team setup enhancements, you can also deploy partners into different rooms within the Muscipula. Each partner deployed will gradually earn intimacy points. A higher level of intimacy with a partner provides additional stat boosts. You can purchase additional decorations to raise the comfort that your home provides to all partners. Comfort provides stat boosts across all characters you have, making it an important feature to take advantage of.

If you watch as your partners roam around within the Muscipula, you will notice unique icons randomly pop up above their heads. Some may need gifts while others may simply want a pat on the head. Doing either one will raise the intimacy level of the partner and, in case of the former; the intimacy boost will be more than the usual.

8. Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

There are certainly a lot of rewards to earn from every battle and game mode you engage in as you make your progress through Illusion Connect’s world. The Muscipula’s idle earnings are a huge help as well as far as extra earnings go. Beyond all that, however, more rewards can be obtained from the Quest feature of Illusion Connect and while you may regularly notice an indicator on its icon at the lower left side of the main screen, actually reading through each quest objective will help you accomplish each mission faster.

Quests in Illusion Connect are divided into two categories: Daily Quests and Dream’s Track. Daily Quests are actually a set of objectives that are very easy to accomplish as each task directly relates to the usual activities you engage in as you play. Some of the game modes, however, may not be unlocked as easily but just the same you should be able to accomplish everything else quickly.

how to earn more rewards in illusion connect

In addition to the immediate rewards you can earn from completing ach objective, you also earn activeness points that can earn you extra rewards at the top of the page. You can earn a total of 260 activeness points per day and only need to amass 200 to grab the top rewards. Note that you should go for as many points as you can earn because there are also weekly rewards to claim based on your collected activeness points for the week.

Dream’s Track works more like an achievement that sets milestones on your progression within the story mode of Illusion Connect. There are story quests and side quests to accomplish with each granting great rewards, which often includes diamonds. It is best to let both set of quests guide you towards progressing in the game.

9. Take Advantage Of Events And Freebies

Progression can be tremendously fast in Illusion Connect and it is not entirely due to the extra resources you can obtain from quests and idle rewards. There are also events that provide even more benefits as well as additional features that can earn you more items to help you with your adventure. Some may require effort while other features only need you to click here and there.

One of the most important features to take advantage of is the Journey of Growth Event that you can access via the Wings of Growth icon at the top of the main screen. Each day starting from your first log in, a set of objectives will become available for you to accomplish. Completing each task earns you instant rewards as well as a star that can earn you even more valuable rewards at the top of the page. You can still clear the objectives after several days as the event is said to be available until after you have earned all rewards. However, being able to claim the rewards sooner than later will give you an edge over the challenges in your way and, as such, pushing to accomplish available objectives is recommended.

illusion connect events and freebies

The News icon at the upper left side of your screen can provide you with tons of diamonds effortlessly. The Dream News actually holds a ranking list of players considering various aspects of the game. Clicking on each banner takes you to different listings across multiple tabs.

Be sure to check on each tab as there are rewards to claim from the treasure chest icon at the right side of the window. The accomplishments are actually based on every player’s accomplishment but everyone can claim the free diamonds. As long as there is an indicator on the News icon, it means that there are diamond rewards for you to claim.

You can also click on the album icon at the left side of the screen and check your collection of partners on the first tab. Every partner you unlock comes with a set of free diamonds waiting to be claimed. This is also the page where you can send gifts to your favorite partners.

There are various items in the shop that you can purchase with diamonds or gold, along with other merchandise that cost real money. What you would want to visit daily is the regular supplies tab as it provides you with extra resources. Note that there are also weekly and monthly supplies to claim as well.

Last, but definitely not the least, be sure to look into the Perks icon on your screen as it contain more opportunities to claim rewards beyond the daily login bonuses. Some require a bit of effort to accomplish but for the most part, continuously playing will eventually secure you these bonuses.

10. Join A Guild And Add Friends

Guilds, alliances, factions, clans, and similarly-themed player groups are typical features of most online games. Beyond its social aspect, guilds can provide distinct advantages for each of its members and some games also provide exclusive content that can only be accessed if you are a member of a guild.

illusion connect friends

In Illusion Connect, you can create your very own guild at the cost of 150 gems. Guilds start off with only a maximum of 10 members. Each member of the guild needs to stay active and make contributions for the guild to level up faster. In addition, the perks and guild coins you can earn as a member of a guild, the guild can serve as your primary source of in-game friends.

Friends in Illusion Connect can send you 3 stamina each day. The more friends you have means the more sources of extra stamina you can obtain. Although you can just as easily invite guild mates to be your in-game friends, the send request option within the friends menu that you can access through the upper left side of your screen makes it easy to have a lot of friends as well. Remember to send stamina to each friends with the fast gift icon on the first tab and keep track of those who are inactive as you will have to replace them with active ones sooner or later.

11. Check Your Inventory For Consumables

illusion connect inventory

There are certainly a lot of items to acquire and collect in Illusion Connect. While you will easily be familiar with some of these items given their more common usage, some of the items that go into your inventory may not be as easily familiar. In any case, it always help to constantly visit your inventory as there may often be consumable items that need to be used to unlock the real rewards within them. These may be in the form of chests or boxes that usually fall within the consumables tab of your items.

12. Use Redeem Codes For Instant Rewards

Just when you think that you have been flooded by extra rewards while playing Illusion Connect, there are actually tons more of freebies that you can claim and these are from the redeem code section of the game. To access this feature, simply tap on your avatar at the upper left corner of the screen and tap the “Redeem” button. Enter the code within the space provided and press confirm to instantly receive the rewards. Note that the codes are not case sensitive and that you can enter another code right after claiming rewards.

illusion connect redeem codes


Be sure to enter the redeem codes and claim the rewards as soon as possible as some may only be available for a limited period of time. If you love and enjoyed Illusion Connect, follow the game on social media for new redeem codes as well.

And that sums up all we have for you as far as our Illusion Connect tips and strategies are concerned. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of useful tips and tricks from what we shared. If you have played Illusion Connect extensively enough and have chanced upon some unique tricks and strategies in addition to what we have provided, be sure to tell us about them in the comment area below!