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BitLife Father’s Day Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Father’s Day Challenge

We’re not sure whether it’s because Candywriter has spent so much time on the Code Merge to help Android players catch up with those on iOS or because BitLife’s challenges have become so popular since the feature launched last year.

But this year has almost exclusively focused on new weekly challenges for BitLife players, as opposed to new feature updates. Every Saturday afternoon, players are given four days (sometimes more) to complete a set of requirements based on the given theme, and this week, the theme couldn’t be more timely.

bitlife father's day challenge requirements

As you may have expected considering what the world is celebrating on the third Sunday of June, BitLife’s challenge for the week is all about Father’s Day, and all about showing your love to your in-game dad, and later on to your in-game children.

This means spending quality time with your dad and kids and showering them with material gifts, but what are the requirements, and how can you complete them without wasting too much time playing the game? We’ve got you covered in this new BitLife mini-strategy guide, so read on if you need further assistance in quickly wrapping up the Father’s Day Challenge, even if it isn’t Father’s Day anymore while you’re trying to complete it.

Getting Started – Some Patience May Be Needed

At first, it doesn’t seem like much — when creating a character for the BitLife Father’s Day Challenge, you need to make sure they’re male, with no specific stats to keep in mind. But as you’ll find out after re-rolling characters a couple of times, it somehow seems harder to come up with a character who has a father.

Based on our experience, we had to try five times before our test character wasn’t born to a single mother with a known father. (In our sixth try, our test Bitizen was a “bastard” born to a couple that wasn’t married, but at least both parents were present in the Relationships menu.)

The extensive trial-and-error process extends to the first real requirement of the game, which is exactly the reason why you need to make sure your character has a dad. In here, you’ll need to go fishing with your father, and the process involved in doing this is simple enough — just go to Relationships, tap on your dad’s name, and scroll down and select Spend Time.

fishing with father in bitlife

You can start doing activities with your dad once you reach the age of 3, and once you reach that age (or actually, any time in the game that your dad is still alive), you can repeatedly choose Spend Time until it says that you took your dad fishing, or your dad took you fishing.

Normally, fishing is a very common bonding activity between a Bitizen and their loved ones, but to add a bit of challenge to the challenge, so to say, Candywriter made it substantially harder to come up with “fishing” — you’ll likely go to the library, watch stand-up comedy, or even play “the floor is lava” multiple times before you and your dad are finally able to go on a fishing trip.

The bottom line here is that you may need to be more patient than expected, so don’t give up if you and your in-game father aren’t able to go fishing right away!

Keep Using ‘Spend Time With All’ To Maintain Perfect Relationships With Your Kids

The next two requirements for the Father’s Day Challenge we shall be discussing, fortunately, are far more straightforward and less time-consuming. First, you’re going to have to father at least three children, so all you need to do is to find a romantic partner, make love to them, and keep doing so until you have three kids.

spending time with familly in bitlife

They don’t even have to have the same mother, and you can complete this requirement even if you choose not to get married. That makes this very easy to complete, though if you start having children in your early 20s, for instance, you may have to wait until your late 30s or early 40s before you are able to complete the challenge.

When it comes to maintaining perfect relationships with each of your kids, all you need to do is to use the Spend Time with All feature at least once per year before hitting on the Age button. In the event random scenarios involving your kids pop up, choose the most kid-friendly option possible, even if it doesn’t really make sense in real-life parenting.

relationship with son in bitlife

But if you want to be really safe about it, you can always quit the game and restart it if you get one of those random scenarios where disciplining your children may be necessary.

Giving Vehicles To Your Dad And Kids – Buy New And Buy Cheap

The final two requirements in BitLife’s Father’s Day Challenge revolve around buying vehicles and gifting them to your loved ones. The first would be to buy a truck and give it to your father, and when talking about this requirement, we noticed that our in-game dad had every excuse in the book not to take the used (and very old) truck we bought him.

That means you may have to buy a brand-new truck for your dad to ensure that he accepts the gift — it doesn’t have to be the most expensive truck available in the dealerships, and in fact, you can go ahead and buy the cheapest as long as it’s new.

That would usually be around $25,000 to $30,000, which means you can take care of this requirement within your first few years of working. (You can actually give the truck to your dad at any time during the challenge, though you wouldn’t want to wait too long, as NPC Bitizens’ life expectancies can be quite close to real-life expectancies!)

giving vehicle to child in bitlife

As for the vehicles to give to each of your kids, it doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite that you buy them a new car. But you’ll have to wait until they reach the minimum age for a driver’s license (in the U.S., that would be 16) before you gift them with a new or used car. Once again, you can buy cheap when shopping for vehicles to buy for your kids, though we would advise against buying anything that’s much cheaper than $10,000.

Once you’ve completed all the requirements, you should know the drill by now — pick one of four prize chests and unlock a new hat or eyewear to add to the available accessories in the game!