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Kingdom Maker Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build Your Dynasty and Conquer New Realms

Noble houses rise and fall, and kingdoms either become myths atop mountains or cautionary tales against aspiring too high. Where will you end up?

kingdom maker guide

Kingdom Maker is an empire building game, that’s available on iOS and Android, where you’re tasked with leading your dilapidated house into a new age of glory and prosperity. Whether it be through the sword, by controlling the market, by diplomacy and espionage, or by working as an alliance, the choice is truly yours.

The world of Kingdom Maker is vast and wide, and the amount of freedom the game gives its players while centralizing several components of the empire building genre and streamlining many others makes this one of the most accessible and free-to-play friendly empire builders on the moblie market today.

Veterans of empire building games will appreciate the condensed systems and more seamless gameplay that Kingdom Maker has to offer. But for lordlings who are new to the whole “rebuild an empire, conquer the world” shtick, this Kingdom Maker beginner’s guide is for you.

The Beginner Bubble

Ah, the beginner bubble. That ubiquitous feature in all empire builders that protects new players from being run over by the gun-toting, monster truck-driving, power armored knights of veterans, or something like that.

While Kingdom Maker has a beginner bubble, it’s far more merciful than other games. For starters, this bubble doesn’t have an expiry date. You heard me – you can take your sweet time learning the game’s ins and outs before you decide to venture out of your shell and make your mark on the world.

Do note that taking certain actions will automatically pop your beginner’s protection. These actions include:

  • Attacking another player
  • Sending reinforcements to help another player attack a third party
  • Dispatching your nobles to another player’s keep
  • Capturing someone else’s nobles
  • Teleporting your city to a zone with a resource bonus

With that in mind, it’s paramount to maximize your beginner’s bubble – train units, gather resources, and make strong allies before you leave the safety of your shell!

Strong City, Strong Economy, Strong Kingdom

Gameplay in Kingdom Maker can be divided into three categories: keep, city, and county. You’ll need to manage operations and economics on all three levels if you want to grow out of a simple backwater barony into a kingdom worthy of fear and respect.

Resources and Generation

Before anything else, I’ll need to talk about the different kinds of resources in Kingdom Maker. All wars are made, won, and lost on these resources, and they’re essential for the day-to-day operations of your empire.

kingdom make resources
C’mon lads, the empire isn’t going to feed itself. Oh wait.

There are five major types of resources in Kingdom Maker.

  • Food is used mostly for training units and moving armies . It’s also used to heal units that are injured in battle. Food is produced by your Farm.
  • Wood is used in constructing both buildings and machines of war. Your Lumbermill generates Wood over time.
  • Stone is an advanced building material, mainly used in large structures and for fortifications such as your keep and watchtowers. Your Stonemason is in charge of producing Stone.
  • Population is used to both train units and man your resource generators. I hope you didn’t think you could pull more people out of nowhere. Population grows over time, and is created by Housing. Unlike the other three resource buildings, you can build several Housing buildings – and you will need them all.
  • Silver is a common currency used to train units, buy resources, and perform certain social interactions. If you’re looking to raise a large army, don’t neglect your Silver production. Silver is produced by taxing your Housing buildings, so once again, make sure to always build all available housing.

Finally, there’s also Gold, which is premium currency that can be used as an instant substitute for any of the other resources in virtually all situations. While it may seem that Gold is stupidly precious and should be used sparingly, I’m happy to say that Kingdom Maker does provide lots of ways for aspiring sovereigns to earn the stuff, though as always, the fastest way to get Gold is by shelling out real-life cash.

Your Keep

The keep is where your house members dwell, and serves as the heart of any city. That also means that during a siege, the loss of the keep means the attackers win, no matter how well they’re doing on other fronts. Keep it safe, yeah?

kingdom maker keep
The nobly beating heart of our empire.

I’ll discuss nobles in depth down the line, but one thing you should be aware of (and always use) is the various rooms in your keep, where your idle nobles can be assigned to assist in resource generation. The larder, for example, increases the amount of food your empire produces.

You can assign up to two nobles in each production room – make sure these are staffed if your house members aren’t doing anything more important. If you’ve added friends in the game, you can also request for their assistance as there’s a dedicated friend noble slot in these rooms.

On top of this, note that explorer nobles can roll traits that passively help your economy so long as they remain in the keep. Try to have a few of them on hand, and don’t use them for anything more than clearing a dungeon if possible.

The Academy

kingdom maker academy
Howie Scream.mp3

Of course there’s an academy in Kingdom Maker. It’s where you research the bulk of your empire’s permanent upgrades, which range from economic to combat to noble upgrades.

Just like building and training units, make sure you’re always researching something – each upgrade level provides a small yet significant boost to both your empire’s efficiency as well as your player combat power.

kingdom maker suspiciously good pve damage
Expensive? Yes. But worth it? I would think so.

Of special note are the Suspiciously Good upgrade nodes; these specific upgrades provide massive bonuses that often double your efficiency in certain regards. Be warned though – these upgrades are not only very costly, but also tend to cost a lot more resources than you can hold at once. You can skirt these by either paying in gold or using event resources (which are deposited directly into your balance without regard to storage space).

Helping with The Harvest

Ever wish you had even more food, for whatever reason? You’re in luck – there’s a way to help your kingdom create more food.

kingdom maker plots
Toil! Toil for your master!

Empty crop plots will allow you to grow more food for your kingdom. To use these plots, you’ll first need to build them – build the maximum, always. After which, tap on a plot and select the Plant option to select what crops to grow. This screen will also display how long it’ll take said plants to grow, and how much food you’ll make out of each harvest. Note that once you’ve selected what to grow on the plot, you can just tap on the empty pin above other crop plots to assign the same crop to them.

Once that’s done, all you need to do is wait and tap on the icon that appears over the plot when the harvest is ready. There is a catch though, namely that you’ll need to manually issue another plant order after the harvest is complete. And no, you can’t queue production here in any way.

kingdom maker chicken
I am 100% unsure of where this sits on the vegan scale.

If you’d like a bigger selection of crops to plant, as well as more options for your crop plots, be sure to upgrade them whenever you can. The upgrade level of your crop plots is tied to your farm’s upgrade level, so be sure to check your plots whenever you’re done upgrading your farm.

kingdom maker cow
If you do the math, cattle are actually a lot less efficient than wheat. Roughly only 20%, if you’re interested.

Just because certain crops are higher tier doesn’t mean it’s better to plant them, and in fact, the base wheat crop gives you the most food for your time. The chickens, for example, give 50 food in 2 hours, compared to wheat’s 10 food in 10 minutes. If we divide that, the chickens are only giving you 4.17 food per 10 minutes.

It gets even worse as you go up in tiers: cattle, which give 200 food in 12 hours actually only give you 2.78 food per 10 minutes. On the other hand, these higher tiers do save you a lot of time, so I suggest planting wheat while you’re actively playing and switching to a higher tier crop before logging off.

Use Trading Posts

Trading posts strewn across the map aren’t just there for decoration – they allow your merchant nobles to work their economic magic and are a very valuable structure for every player.

kingdom maker trading post
What are you buying, friend?

By default, any noble can visit a trading post to sell resources for a sum of silver. Since it’s very likely that your resources at the beginning of the game will be very lopsided due to quest and event rewards, and the fact that you will almost always need silver (especially if you’re producing units en masse), it’s a good idea to always have trades going on.

Note that trades do take a while, with the basic “sell resources for silver” interaction taking roughly an hour. And you do have to manually repeat the order per trade – no autoqueue here either. But selling resources isn’t the only thing a trading post can do for you: merchant nobles with the appropriate perks can also buy resources for silver. If you’re planning to make heavy use of the trading post, it’s a good idea to park several merchant nobles at them.

kingdom maker trading post 1
Let the money flow!

Be wary though – trading posts can be used by all players, and social interactions, particularly hostile ones, can be conducted there.

Be Wary of Resource Overflow

The tutorial covers this, but in case you forgot: production buildings do not have overflow, meaning they will stop production when they are full. Be vigilant in redeeming your resources!

kingdom maker farm stats
Tap the info (i) button when on a structure to get a more detailed readout of its current and future stats.

At the same time, each resource building has an upper limit to how many resources they can actually store. If you find that you suddenly can’t collect resources from a building, you may have hit your storage cap already. If you have too many resources, you’re not spending them fast enough. However, one happy exception to this rule is that resources from both regular and event quests ignore the storage limit.

Do Your Events

Kingdom Maker almost always has events running, which you can view in the upper right corner.

kingdom maker events
Many prizes await those willing to go the extra mile.

These events usually involve developing your empire, whether that’s through research, leveling up your nobles, eliminating monster camps, and so on. These events run on a milestone system, meaning you’ll need to hit certain score thresholds to redeem your rewards.

The best part about these events is that they not only give you resources, experience, and merits, but also award you Gold. I don’t think I need to say any more.

Do Your Dailies

Yes, dailies here, and yes, you really should do them.

kingdom maker daily quests
Easily done with about 3 minutes’ worth of tapping.

Daily quests provide a bevy of materials – not much, mind, but definitely worth doing. Each completed daily quest fills up the activity bar, and you’ll be able to redeem chests at certain thresholds. The final chest of each day is particularly important, as it gives you gold champion tokens that let you roll for the best champions for free, a point that I reiterated somewhere in this article.

kingdom maker daily quests 1
Oh baby!

If that’s not enough motivation, you also get a pseudo-weekly chest that you can open after completing dailies all the way to the end for 7 days. This chest gives you gold and a ton of bronze and silver champion tokens, as well as some of the basic resources.

Grab Your Chests

kingdom maker chests
Tick tock, my liege.

Kingdom Maker also offers free resource chests to all players. These chests are time-locked, and come in three tiers: a 10-minute chest, a 4-hour chest, and a 24-hour chest. Naturally, the longer chests give you more resources, but do take note that the timers will not proceed until you collect the chest. With that in mind, be sure to snap these up whenever they’re available.

Free chests are available by going to the Stuff menu (the third icon on the upper right).

Attacking Others

kingdom maker hit
What do we have here…

Finally, you can always attack other players, or more commonly, neutral mobs for a quick infusion of resources. From an economical standpoint, it’s not efficient to hit other players unless you’re vastly stronger than them – you can provoke retaliation strikes from their clan, and your potential losses will greatly mitigate the gains you’ll get. Instead, if you’re looking for resources, hit the many monster camps sprawled around the world.

Hitting orc camps not only gives you resources, but also gives you experience points that you can spend in the appropriate menus, as well as give you officer shards – more on those later.


One other thing you can do to gain resources is to delve the various dungeons that conveniently lie around the world.

kingdom maker dungeon
What have we here?

Clearing a dungeon is easy, too – all you literally have to do is send a noble (any noble) to the dungeon, wait out the timer, and voila, free loot. Note that while every noble can explore a dungeon, explorer nobles are the best at making the most out of each dungeon expedition.

Dungeons don’t give much in the way of the five resources, but instead give you valuable crafting materials and experience points for your nobles.

Always Prepare for War

Si vis pacem, para bellum: if you want peace, prepare for war. If you want war, you should also prepare for war. Lesson: always prepare for war. Even if you’re not actively trying to harass lower level players like the blue-blooded noble you are (right? RIGHT?), you should always treat conflict as an eventuality rather than a possibility.

Train Units

There are four unit types in Kingdom Maker, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

kingdom maker swordsman

Simple, yet effective infantry will likely make up the bulk of your army. These fighting men have nothing special to them – they’re bulky, they take hits, and they can dish some damage back. What does distinguish infantry is that they’re very cheap and are easy to mass produce.

kingdom maker archer

Archers are Kingdom Maker’s basic ranged troops. These rangers can attack units from a distance, allowing them to damage enemies before they get close. This also makes archers excellent defenders, and they can even engage enemies behind city walls.

kingdom maker cavalry

Fast and powerful cavalry can both take a beating and dish it out. They deal splash damage (sort of?) to entire battalions and ignore towers, making them hands-down the best unit in the game. The catch? They’re expensive. Really expensive.

kingdom maker siege

The last unit type is siege units. These heavy war machines each have their own role to fulfill in combat, from pelting enemy battalions with rocks and ballista bolts to rapidly breaking down fortifications. Do note that siege units are only available at level 11, meaning that your bubble will be gone by the time you can build these.

Heroes and Battalions

To use your armies offensively, you’ll need to assign them to a battalion, which is under one of your nobles’ direct command. Different nobles can have different battalion slots, with militaristic commanders such as the captain or knight having the most available slots. As a noble levels up, they can gain new slots for battalions, or even officer and banner slots.

kingdom maker battalions
Make your preparations carefully.

Each battalion can only be filled in with one type of unit. The slots on the battalion screen also indicate where they will be placed when battle starts, so try to have your archers in protected slots.

As I mentioned earlier, officers and champions are very important as once their slot is filled in, they can (most of them do) give that army another battalion slot. This is on top of whatever bonuses they already confer, so make sure to treat your officers right!

Equipping Your Army

Producing units isn’t the end of unit development: you can also arm your battalions (and nobles) with arms and armor to help them perform their duties better!

kingdom maker armor
Sweet loot makes for equally sweet armor.

All battalions can be equipped with one weapon and one armor, which will improve their effectiveness in combat. Said equipment also has rarity, which determines its base bonuses, and an upgrade level which pulls from a common Battalion Equipment Exp pool (notice a trend here?), which improves its performance. Do note that the equipment you’re giving to a battalion has to actually match those units – you can’t give bows to infantry, nor lances to axemen, for example.

Your nobles, too, can be equipped. Note that it’s not just weapons that you can make for your nobles – you’ll also be able to find headgear, armor, and other equipment that boost their performance in their respective role.

kingdom maker weapons
Prithee, be careful.

You can get equipment from some story quests, but the most reliable method by far is to craft your own at the blacksmith. This will require both silver and crafting materials, which you can find by hitting camps or more commonly from doing event quests.

Combat Mechanics and Commands

Combat in Kingdom Maker is relatively straightforward – all units are basically given an attack-move order, with the attackers focusing on the enemy’s keep. If the attackers manage to take the keep, they win. The defenders, on the other hand, need to wipe out all the attackers to achieve victory.

kingdom maker fight
Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

While there’s little direct control that you can take in combat, apart from ordering a retreat if things aren’t going your way, you always have the option to reinforce a fight with another army. This reinforcement ability can even be applied to the fights of other players, but be wary of interfering in something that isn’t your business!

All combat is done in real-time, but you don’t need to watch a fight if you don’t want to. If you decide you’d like to see a brawl in action, just tap the View button that appears above that fight.

Defending Against Sieges

You won’t always be the attacker though – other players may attack you. What did I say about preparing for war? Just like when you attack, your opponent’s objective will be to take your keep. However, player-run cities are a lot harder than taking out orc encampments.

kingdom maker watch tower
The eye in the sky.

Watchtowers are a very important component for defending your kingdom. These structures can garrison fighting men (please be sure to put archers) which will automatically fire on enemies within their range.

Watchtowers are great because they not only allow your ranged units a way to attack without reprisal, but they also automatically build walls between them. When you place watchtowers, you’ll notice there will be around 7 rays extending outward. If these rays touch other watchtowers, it will build a wall between them, which serves to deny access to your foes when they try to besiege your town.

If you’d like to grant your own units movement through the wall, you can opt to build a gate – but be warned, enemies can also break gates to get around your walls.

kingdom maker watch tower 1
Defense network online.

Watchtowers can also optionally be switched to block or garrison mode. Blocking towers don’t have an entrance and can’t house fighting men either – they’re just there to serve as wall end points and be in the way. Garrison towers, on the other hand, can hold men – but they need a door for your units to get into. Unless you’re feeling both brave and foolish, to put it lightly, try not to have the doors on the outside of your walls, yeah?

kingdom maker platform
Rally point flags where.

You can also build multiple platforms, which serve as rally points for your troops. You’ll be able to garrison troops at platforms, though unlike towers, these troops will be exposed. This makes them more suited to seating infantry and cavalry, which will run forward to engage the enemy.

Lastly, don’t forget that you can move your buildings by tap holding on them. This will allow you to make more cohesive defensive structures.

The Dignity of Your Noble House

Hiring random heroes to become heirs? Please – that’s for the nouveau riche. REAL nobles prefer to keep the wealth and power in the family (both literally and figuratively).

kingdom maker choice

Kingdom Maker differs from other empire building games in that instead of hiring random heroes, you can generate new heirs from married couples of your noble house. This adds an extra dimension where you’ll need to obsessively pick out traits from your best nobles before getting them to do the down and dirty. Genetic engineering rocks!

Generating Heirs

Generating heirs is easy – you just need a male and a female noble to boink each other (yes, that’s the in-game term).

kingdom maker charming
Holy reverse Oedipus, Batman!

The success rate for a successful boink proposition depends on the social interactions that’s led to the boinking. Note that boinking has a pretty good success rate for producing offspring, but don’t get too crazy – your house can only have so many members. If you want a bigger family, you’ll need to research the appropriate noble upgrades at the Academy.

Nobles don’t have to be born out of a church-sanctioned union. A child born out of wedlock receives the permanent Bastard trait. And of course, no noble house would be complete without inbreeding – it’s basically the trademark for all royalty.

Any time a child is born out of the boinking of two members of the same family (and yes, the game does secretly track family trees, though to what degree I don’t know), they’ll gain the permanent Inbred trait. Both the Bastard and Inbred traits have hilarious, often deterimental, but sometimes surprisingly useful effects. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Each member of your noble house must also be assigned a role if you want them to be fully operational.

kingdom maker heir
Postmodern Art Critic is not a selectable Role. Sorry, little one.

The role that a family member has determines a lot of things: what role they’ll specialize in, what stats they gain when they level up, their army size, their passive bonuses, what perks they can select as they grow, and so on and so forth. Note that while you can freely change the role of an immature house member, this decision becomes locked in once you mature them.

Each role fulfills a different niche for your noble house, and a good player will make sure that their house has at least one noble of each class. These roles will allow your kingdom to tackle a variety of challenges – Captains and Knights, for example, excel at leading armies into battle, while intrepid Merchants keep the coins flowing and fearless Explorers can unearth lost riches for your house to exploit.

kingdom maker research
This keep ain’t big enough for the two of us…so let’s get some carpenters and fix that problem.

There is a limit to how many nobles can fill a role. To get more slots and unlock more roles for your family members to use, you’ll need to pour research into the Noble tree at the Academy. Note that you cannot mature a child into an adult if they have not been assigned a role.

Each role also uses its own role-specific currency to upgrade their talents. To get these role tokens, you’ll need to have them perform tasks appropriate to their role: captains and knights will need to fight, merchants will need to work at a trade post, explorers need to plumb dungeons, and so on.

Leveling Up

To keep your house relevant, your nobles will have to further train themselves in their chosen role. This will improve their passive bonuses dictated by their roles. Thankfully, all roles only use Family Exp to level up. Just like all other forms of experience in this game, Family Exp is deposited into a pool whenever it’s earned, and you can dole it out to whoever you think needs it.

Gaming Genetics

Every noble is born with certain traits. And while some have less and some have more, what’s common to nobles that are born to your house is that you can reroll these traits to hopefully get something you need!

kingdom maker baby
Teach them about the frustrations of gacha when they’re young, and they’ll never come back to it.

Each newborn has a certain number of free rerolls which can be used on any of its traits to change it to another random trait. With that in mind, try to roll traits that match your intended role for that noble. If you’re particularly dead-set on keeping a particular noble, you can also opt to pay gold to continue rerolling traits, though this does get expensive fast.

The number of traits that a noble is born with, as well as their overall quality, is dependent on the quality of its parents (more on that later). Each noble has a quality stat that they’re given at birth, which determines the odds of them producing higher-quality heirs. With that in mind, it may be well worth your while to intermarry your house members with those of other players.

One last thing about rerolling is that you can only reroll the traits of immature nobles. As soon as you hit that mature button, they’ll be locked into whatever traits they had at that time. The game itself will warn you if you’re sure you want to mature a noble if they still have any free rerolls left, so that’s a weight off your shoulders.


Quality, as I discussed earlier, is very important for gaining more and better traits. That’s not all quality does though – it also allows nobles to take on specific roles, have more trait rerolls at birth, increase their social interaction success and defense scores, and give bigger rapport values when interacting with other houses.

For your reference, noble quality in ascending order is as such:

  • Runt
  • Normal
  • Average
  • Impressive
  • Exceptional
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

Okay, so we’ve established that you really should go for high-quality nobles. But what about the runts? Not all babies can be gems after all.


Fire and Forget Unwanted Nobles

The civilized way of dealing with unwanted nobles is to find someone who’s willing to take them in. Maybe you’ve got a particularly kind-hearted alliance member

By the way, I did mean “fire” in a literal sense. If you have no way to offload an unwanted neighbor to a kind soul or an enemy, you can always sacrifice them by throwing them into a volcano.

I am 100% serious.

kingdom maker volcano
We did it! We found Gehenna!

To throw someone into the volcano, you’ll need to first locate the county of Lytoseau, which is somewhere in the middle upper-left of the map, just above a green zone. Once you’ve found Lytoseau, tap it to view it, then tap on the magma to bring up the sacrifice prompt, after which you simply have to select what noble to sacrifice.

This is both irreversible and hilarious, and it will cost you some silver to send your sacrifice off. By appeasing the fire god, you’ll gain back a family slot that might, might have a better quality noble. We will see. And if not, there’s always room for more sacrifices.

Social Interactions

While most social interactions, both in-game and in real life, are made with the final purposes of boinking, you can also use them both offensively and defensively between members of your own house and those of other players.

A noble can always interact with other nobles in the same lodge as them, be they family members, or visitors. Or spies, especially spies. See, you can also decide to not play nice with other players by taking offensive actions such as threatening their nobles rather than declaring friendship.

If you’re particularly devious, or believe in keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, you can even use your silver-tongued family members to do some intrigue in the courts of your enemies. Remember though: the game will count this as an offensive action if you’re still bubbled, and savvy or paranoid players can be very quick on the uptake!

Social interactions can also inflict temporary buffs or debuffs on nobles, depending on the outcomes of these interactions. Each social interaction has a success rate, which is determined by many factors – the relationship between the two nobles (ie, having the “Married” trait changes the “Greet” option to “Married Charm”, with a 90% success rate), their individual traits, and other factors.

kingdom maker block

The buffs or debuffs that result from these interactions can affect a lot of things; for example, nobles that have just finished boinking gain the Spent trait, which disallows any romantic interactions for 5 minutes. Experiment with different social interactions and see what results you get!


I hope you didn’t think the age listed beside each noble was just for flavor purposes. As a noble grows older, they’ll eventually become aged and frail.

kingdom maker brayan
Tick tock. TICK TOCK.]

The older a noble gets, the higher the chance of them gaining the permanent Frail trait, which bars them from taking certain actions and effectively limiting their usefulness. The higher a noble’s quality, the higher the maximum age they can attain before running the risk of frailty. Thus, it’s in your best interest to find and maintain high-quality nobles with good traits before your main noble (the one you started the game with) withers away.

Champions – Your Retainers

While we prefer to keep the power and wealth within our noble house, there will be a need to delegate work to our lessers. That’s why we can hire champions from the riffraff to extend our reach and help manage our empire without sharing any of the wealth!

Champions are very important members of your empire. Kidding aside in the paragraph above, you cannot assign your house members to be champions, and thus you’ll have to collect them in other ways. What makes officers so valuable?

kingdom maker army

As you can see in the image above, the champion in the left hand slot serves as an officer in combat, thus allowing my main noble to field even more units than before, significantly increasing this army’s combat power! Not only that, but champions also provide powerful passive buffs to the army they’re assigned to. William, the champion in this screenshot, gives all cavalry in the army a 10% attack damage boost!

Gaining new champions is fairly straightforward: either you earn them from hitting orc camps, or you earn enough champion tokens to roll in the gacha. These tokens can be earned through various means, such as daily quests, timed chests, and so on. Once you have enough of a champion’s shards, you can redeem them or upgrade their tier.

With all that said, I strongly urge you to always get to the last tier of your daily quests as this gives you some gold champion tokens, allowing you to roll for the best champions without spending a dime.

kingdom maker champions

All champions draw from a pool of Champion Exp to level them up. Any time you earn this kind of experience, it’s put into a shared storage of experience that you can hand out to your officers as you see fit.

Diplomacy and Politics

The world of Kingdom Maker is also reliant on the emergent storytelling that comes from its many players. Alliances, marriage proposals, betrayals, drama – it’s all part of the fun that comes from trying to increase your position in the world.

Subterfuge and Intrigue

Not all wars are won on the battlefield. Loose lips, knives in the dark, kidnapping, sabotage; all’s fair in love and war, and a cunning player will leverage all of these to their advantage.

kingdom maker foyer
No snakes in my house…yet.

Just as you can use social interactions to foster friendships, you can also take offensive actions against other nobles: stab ‘em, bribe them to reveal their army positions and compositions, even capture them. Naturally, this’ll incur the other player’s wrath, so be cautious with your intrigue – you definitely don’t want to bite off more than you can chew.

Join An Alliance

kingdom maker ally
Don’t be afraid to ask if they’re recruiting!

Alliances in Kingdom Maker are a bit more involved than other games. While there’s no alliance science, shops, or the other fanfare, Alliances are still very important and I highly suggest joining one (preferably one that’s actively recruiting) as soon as you can.

Alliances are a great way to find a community of people that you can ask for help from, who can help you reduce timers on your projects (and you theirs), and to back you up in a fight.

kingdom maker temple

Each alliance also has a temple, a powerful structure that must first be built by the leader or temple keeper. Once activated, members can select a spell they would like to charge by killing enemies in either PVE or PVP, and when the spell is fully charged, the temple keeper can choose to activate the spell, granting a powerful alliance-wide bonus!

Transfering Server

If you want to play together with friends, you can opt to move to another server.

kingdom make shard transfer
These are pretty tame world seeds.

To do this, go to your account settings by tapping the flag in the upper left corner, then tapping the gears in the upper right corner. Go to account, then tap shard to move server to wherever you’d all like to play. Bear in mind that you have to be below keep level 10 to do this.

Other Tips and Tricks

Finally, here’s a few more tips I couldn’t really fit into any other section.

Use the Hourglass

Empire building games like Kingdom Maker thrive greatly on players always keeping busy. However, unlike those other games, Kingdom Maker actually has an alert for if you’re wasting time doing nothing.

The hourglass on the lower left of the screen indicates what activities you could be doing, since there isn’t anything queued at the moment. This hourglass will also automatically bring you to the next possible target for those actions, which is especially useful when building as it’ll bring you to the next upgradable building – great for keeping everything in tip-top shape!

Speed Up Timers

All mobile empire builders use time boosters to help players skip long queue times, and Kingdom Maker is no exception.

kingdom maker time
If time is money, and money is power, is time power?

Just like those games, I would highly advise holding off against using them unless the wait is intolerably long (think days), or if the need is dire. One a side note, always remember that almost any timer that’s at 5 minutes or below can be completed instantly, for free. The few exceptions I’ve found to this rule are unit training.

Weave Your Own Tapestry

Kingdom Maker is one of the best “make your own fun” empire builders, where players are encouraged to interact, and wars are won and lost on the backs of not only mighty warriors, but savvy spies and cutthroat merchants. How you lead your house, and whether you’ll rise up alone or together is something only you can decide.

kingdom maker end
House Kaltenborn, where our motto is “$20 is 20”.

That concludes my Kingdom Maker beginner’s guide, and I hope you picked something up from it – even if that one thing is “I can throw my nobles in a volcano”. If I missed anything, or you have any beginner tips of your own you’d like to share, let me know in the comments below!


Sunday 17th of July 2022

I disagree with the part that calvary is the best unit in the game? It is useless and garbage in combat and garrison, swordmen and archers get through walls and towers and get faster to the keep before the horses break the first gate or second, and calvary can't go after the armies that go through a tower for defense. Useless, also hows that the quantity that is given for the player to use in combat and garrison is so tiny and the camps have hundreds of them and in one single garrison of 260 and I'm allowed to have as a player 46 in only 1 garrison wtf with that same for combat, the amount of calvary given to use is tiny compared with the 100+ units of swordmen and archers we can have, calvary does nothing just stupidly tank damage without doing back damage, me and many of my alliance are disappointed with calvary even a veteran player that was from beta 3 years ago told us calvary is not the best unit for Army composition, I'm using calvary for mining, wish that unit was good in combat and defense.