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Justice League Action Run Tips, Cheats, Hints & Guide to Earn Coins and Complete More Levels

If you’re looking for a game featuring officially-licensed DC superheroes that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with its complexity, we think we’ve found one for you. Justice League Action Run is a new game from Warner Brothers that’s now available for Android and iOS devices, and it’s an endless runner – yes indeed, that is one of the most casual of all gaming genres, but you’ll find out soon enough that this game can be deceivingly deep, and isn’t purely an endless runner to begin with. Warner Brothers says that you can choose your own team of Justice League heroes to defeat the bad guys in the game, perform various actions as you make your way through 150 mission levels, and take on big, bad bosses once each chapter is almost completed. You can also upgrade and customize your heroes, giving them new abilities and super powers, while also decking them out in new costumes.

If you come to think of it, this game is far from your average endless runner. It’s incredibly full-featured, so if you’re the type who likes their mobile games to be as bare-bones as possible, you may want to look elsewhere. But we’re here to teach you how to play this game and complete more mission levels, and with that in mind, do read on for our Justice League Action Run strategy guide below.

1. When Choosing Weapons, Go Magnetic

In most, but not all cases, your heroes will have three choices of weapons they can use while on a run. And that applies to both Batman and Wonder Woman, who have magnetic versions of their original weapons as the second available choice. How do these weapons work? Let’s take the above examples of the Batarang (for Batman) and the Lasso of Truth (for Wonder Woman) – using these weapons’ magnetic versions will allow you not only to collect items from in front of you as you normally would, but draw in items from other lanes, much like the magnets you see in other similar (yet less-advanced) runner games. These items include coins and power-ups, so if you’ve got a choice, then go with the magnetic weapons!

2. Get More Coins With Firestorm’s Token Fusion

Looking to collect more coins in your runs? Use Firestorm and make use of his Token Fusion attribute for his weapon. This attribute allows him to sling a projectile like he normally would, but with an interesting twist – once those projectiles hit obstacles, they automatically turn into coins. Use Firestorm and use Magnetic Fusion any time you’re trying to grind for more coins and looking for something productive to do with those obstacles.

3. How Can Wonder Woman’s Flight Ability Help?

When talking about abilities, you should know that each of your superheroes have some, and that you can activate them once they’re fully charged. This latter process is done by collecting green lightning bolts, then once you’ve got enough of them, by tapping on the button on the bottom. Most of the time, these abilities are dash-style power-ups that allow you to become impervious to damage for a certain amount of time, or for a certain part of the level. But the best ability, we’d say, is that of Wonder Woman, as that allows her to fly. This is good, because there are tons of coins in the air, and you can let her collect more coins by dragging her across the screen. You can also find bombs, targets, and other level objectives while flying, so it’s more than just farming for currency we’re talking about here. All in all, the flight ability makes Wonder Woman possibly the best of the three stock heroes.

4. Grab The Green Lightning Bolts

We already mentioned the green lightning bolts earlier, as these are the items that allow you to charge your heroes’ super powers. If you see them on your screen, then go ahead and grab them, as they won’t be in short supply as you make your runs. We would, in fact, suggest that you use your superpower as soon as possible, as that’s going to help you earn more coins as opposed to collecting that currency organically. Using your super powers can also be helpful as you try to avoid crashing into obstacles and ending your run way sooner than you should – as mentioned, Wonder Woman’s flight skill is useful for this purpose. With all the coins you can earn by using your super powers, there’s no downside to using it as soon and as often as possible.

5. Actively Play As A Hero To Get More Costume Pieces

Looking to unlock more costumes for your heroes? As we’ve observed, it’s easier to get these pieces by playing as the hero corresponding to those costume pieces. You need to collect five of them per hero, and you can find them randomly in the levels; it won’t be easy to do this in general, but we’ve found that you can simplify the process by doing what we said above.

There you have it! These would be our tips, tricks and cheats for Justice League Action Run. If you happen to know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us!