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Heroes of Skyrealm Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Managing Your Heroes

Heroes of Skyrealm – The Last Guardian is an Android and iOS game from Sherry Tang that has been around for some time, but is still worth checking out in any case. According to the game’s description, this game includes elements of ARPGs (action role playing games) and high-end, next-generation graphics, taking you to a land of adventure, opportunity, and challenge. In this anime-inspired title, you’ll have to gather a team of heroes, with each hero having their own unique traits and skills, and the opportunity to compete against other real players in PvP mode. You can also assemble a team of other players, or join one, teaming up as you crawl through dungeons, slay monsters, and emerge with a ton of loot. Those are just some of the key features, though as you can probably imagine, there are many more.

The deal with ARPGs is that they can be rather difficult to learn when compared to other types of games. But we would like to make learning this game a little easier for you, and if you’ve been playing for a while, we’d like to offer a tip or two that you might not have considered in the past. So read on, and check out our Heroes of Skyrealm strategy guide, which covers everything you need to learn to succeed in this game.

1. Micro-Manage Your Heroes

Heroes of Skyrealm has a lot of auto-fighting within the battle mechanic, as the game’s AI can control your heroes, launching skills for them and taking out a lot of enemies along the way. In other words, that means the AI is a little smarter than your average auto-battle AI – you don’t need to worry about overly simplistic decisions throwing you off your game, or saving auto-battle for grinding and farming.

However, that doesn’t mean you should sit back and let the computer do all the work for you. You should also be micro-managing your heroes, tapping their portrait on the top left so you can control them manually. That will allow your heroes to launch their skills faster, and that can really be of help when you’re in the thick of a boss battle. You’ll also need to take charge by swapping between heroes – you can unleash a great deal of damage by doing this, while also being able to control who launches their skills next after your erstwhile hero’s skills are all used up.

2. Focus On The Fury Skill

The Fury skill we’re referring to here doesn’t refer to any one skill in particular, but rather a type of skill that charges each time you deal out, or receive damages. (It’s similar to rage skills/rage modes in other games, as we can see.) While Fury skills aren’t as powerful as Tactical skills when it comes to dealing out damage, they do boost the auto attacks solidly, allowing the AI to do more damage when it controls your heroes automatically. Use your Fury skills on a regular basis, and don’t worry about losing charge – they tend to charge up very quickly, and it wouldn’t be in your best interests at all to hold on to them. Take advantage of this and use your Fury skills in quick succession when fighting large enemy groups off.

3. Pay Close Attention To Affinity

You will notice that there are some heroes that play nice with others, and conversely, some heroes that don’t quite mesh with others. That’s where affinity comes in, and you can check this information by heading to their info box and tapping on the bottom. You’ll need to regularly do this as you unlock more heroes, as you will be taking advantage of any affinity bonuses, which are essentially buffs that can passively improve stats while on the battlefield. The more you learn about affinity bonuses, the better job you’ll do when choosing heroes for your party!

One example of note would be Kashiko, a ranged fire mage that has affinity with the ninja Tachi. Having both of these heroes on your team would grant you the “Fangs” buff, which improves magic attack by 10 percent for both characters.

4. Play The Game Every Day

Although Heroes of Skyrealm has been around for quite a while, the game’s makers are still generous when rewarding those who make sure to log in to the game at least once a day. You can still get daily login rewards, and you can also get a hero shard for each four days you are logged into the game. Once you’ve collected enough shards, you can unlock the hero they belong to. In case you’re wondering, there’s also a Hero of the Month mechanic at play here. For March, Lukhan is the Hero of the Month, and you’ll get five shards on the first day, with the number of shards increasing by one per four-day interval. Once you reach the last four-day interval of the month, you’ll get a whopping 11 shards.

5. Level Up Everything You Can

Last, but not the least, here’s something every ARPG player worth their salt should be doing to their heroes, and that’s upgrading, or leveling up their skills and equipment. These days, it’s harder than it was in the early goings to earn gold and other goodies, as the launch promotions are long gone. But you can still get a ton of gold if you log in every day (as we said above), complete the achievements, and collect your star chest bonuses.

At first, you won’t have to spend much in order to upgrade the skills of your heroes and/or enhance their gear. The costs of doing both of these things will increase progressively – nothing we can do about that, so we will just leave that in there. But regardless of how much those upgrades and enhancements costs, you still have to perform them, especially in the early stages where you won’t have too many heroes, and will have to make do with the ones you have.

That’s all there’s to it. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of Heroes of Skyrealm tips, tricks and cheats. In case you know additional hints, be sure to leave us a message in the comment area!