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Jumping Fish Cheats: 5 Tips to Get a High Score

It can be argued that Ketchapp are the kings of casual gaming. The company’s titles are, far more often than not, available for iOS and Android devices, and they come without the bells and whistles, elaborate storylines, and extensive upgrade options found in more sophisticated games. Brand new title Jumping Fish is no exception to the above mainstay features of a Ketchapp game. Since the only goal here is to score as high as possible, we have come up with a couple of Jumping Fish cheats, tips and hints to help you with that.

1. Watch An Ad Video To Get More Stars

Jumping Fish’s main currency is stars, and our tip for getting more stars is to get killed as often as possible. We’re serious here, because if your character dies, you can watch an ad video for free and get more stars, on top of the ones you collect in a stage. If you’ve got at least 100 stars, you can buy other animals, which include a crocodile, a sea urchin, and other types of fish.

2. Control Your Character’s Motions

If your finger is off the display, that means your fish (or any other character) will moving slowly. Now if it is on the display, or if you’re tapping on it, you’ll be moving quickly until you change your direction, upon which you’ll be slowing down again. This makes timing very important, especially when you’re trying to avoid those nasty land mines. And that leads us to the next tip for Jumping Fish.

3. Time Your Taps

Usually, the best time to tap would be when you’ve reached the peak of your jump or the bottom of your dive. If you’re dealing with land mines, the best time would be when you’re just a tad over or under the mine. Using this strategy works in almost all cases, unless you’re dealing with another obstacle right beside the one you’re trying to avoid.

4. Buy The Goldfish To Earn More Stars

Normally, in this type of games, purchased characters don’t differ in performance from the stock character. That’s pretty much the case in Jumping Fish, except if you buy the goldfish. The goldfish helps you earn more stars faster and gets you 1,000 stars upon purchase, which are its only benefits, though there is a price you’ll have to pay for it – $4 worth of real money.

5. Don’t Pay Attention To The Leaderboard

If you’re chasing somebody’s high score in most games, then it better not be one of those people who are ranked very high on the Game Center or Google Play leaderboards. For this title, there don’t appear to be any unreasonably high scores, but who knows? You might see a score that will really make you scratch your head as to how the person can pull it off, and if you do, it will be best to ignore such a hacked score.