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Blades of Brim Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Excellent Tips You Need to Know

Ever played a game that’s a hybrid of a role-playing game and an endless runner? Blades of Brim is just that – it’s a combination of two classic mobile game genres from the same company that gave us Subway Surfers. In this game, you are under siege by invading underling goons. You can control different heroes, level them up, do the same to their weapons and equipment, and have them take care of “pets,” which are really more of mounts if you come to think about it. The stages are unusually long and immersive, and that’s another thing that makes the game unique. If all this sounds a bit overwhelming to you, we have some Blades of Brim cheats, tips and strategies for you to check out.

1. Complete The Tutorial

This sounds like a rather strange tip to start out with, but it is important that you sit through the tutorial stage from start to finish. If you don’t, it will only keep restarting each time you end your session. Once you see that the top and bottom of your display are no longer shaded, that means the tutorial is complete and it won’t be resetting anymore; instead, you’ll return to the game at the same part where you left off.

2. Collect New Weapons

There are two ways you can get chests that may come with several new weapons inside. First, you can find them and open them up, and second, you can pay coins of essence to buy them. If the chests come with weapons, they can be equipped, thus giving you a generous score bonus, and maybe even a coin bonus per enemy killed. Rarer weapons, of course, mean better bonuses.

3. Get Armor, Pets And Boosts

It’s not just weapons that you can find inside the chests, but also armor, pets, and boosts. Remember that you cannot equip one piece of armor individually – it has to be the entire coat of armor if you want a score boost. Pets, which include dragons, wolves, and other mythical beasts, can be ridden as mounts, and can also give you bonuses such as double jumps, or the pets themselves firing at enemies. Pets can also help you explore much faster and easier.

4. Take Advantage Off Wall Jumping Abilities

No pet? No problem, as far as exploration goes. Wall jumping involves your character jumping next to a wall, jumping even farther through your swiping, moving on with your jump as you attack the enemies next to the wall, and repeating the process.

5. Beat The Bosses, Here’s How

Of course, boss battles are difficult, yet important battles you have to complete. Observe carefully how the bosses execute their wind-up, so that you know how to avoid their attacks. Use a counter-attack by avoiding the boss’ attack and swiping towards their direction once they miss.