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Kung Fury: Street Rage Cheats & Strategy Guide – 6 Awesome Tips to Get a High Score

Hello There AB’s Kung Fury: Street Rage, or Kung Fury for short, is a game for iOS and Android devices which is described as a brand new HT-2000 cartridge game that’s influenced by the movie of the same name. You get to take part in “arcade style beat ‘em up Nazi fights” as you seek to defeat the evil Kung Fuhrer and “uphold the law.” Save for the sophisticated graphics, this game will take you back to the ‘80s just like the movie would, and if you’re looking to improve your score, we’ve collected some Kung Fury: Street Rage cheats, tips and tricks to help you to that end.

1. Carry Out Combos

Just like in many other games of a similar nature, combos will be your best friend here if you’re looking to score as much as possible. String together those combos by tapping in such a way that you’re sure it’s going to hit the enemy. Keep on doing this even if the word “Bonus” is no longer on your screen – as long as you hit someone, that bonus will keep on going. Also, remember that you should only hit the ladies in white when you’re sure you can hit them – it will count as a miss if they teleport the moment you try to hit them.

2. It Doesn’t Hurt If You Miss Occasionally

And while we’re still on the topic of combos, we also should inform you that missing isn’t exactly a bad thing, just as long as you don’t do it too frequently. A miss or two would reduce your combo meter, but it won’t reset it, so don’t be discouraged if you miss your target.

3. Focus On One Side Only When Starting A New Game

When you’re starting up a new game in Kung Fury, be sure you’re trying to target the enemies on only one side – left or right. Once you’re done with that, you can string together a powerful combo by dealing with the enemies on the opposite side of your screen.

4. Get In A Groove

Pardon the bonus ‘80s reference there, but if you’re looking to top your highest score, you’ll want to have a groove, or rhythm going. This will take a lot of practice in most cases, but if you practice long and hard enough, you’ll find the right rhythm that’ll allow you to be spot on with your strikes on most occasions.

5. Avoid Being Surrounded

Once you find yourself cornered, or surrounded by hordes of enemies, that’s when you should shift your focus from bonuses and combos. Instead, your goal should be to get yourself out of the fix you’re in – you can do this by clearing the left or right side, move to that side a little bit, then take out the guys on the other side of your screen.

6. Focus On Enemies Who Are The Closest

Kung Fury takes a lot of focus in order for you to get a high score, and that means focusing on the foes who are closest to you and all prepped for an attack.