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Jumping Balls Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

There seems to be a growing number of casual games that are only playable on Apple devices, which is sort of unusual, as these games are usually simple enough to be ported over to Android from iOS, or vice versa if the original version was designed for Android-powered devices. Be that as it may, Boombit’s Jumping Balls is only available for iPhone and iPad as of the moment, and this is a casual game with a few twists and turns that make it a bit more sophisticated than other games in its category. Simply guide the game’s titular Jumping Balls by swiping to steer left and right. Jump through hoops (just as the saying goes), and avoid the obstacles you may encounter along the way. Hitting any one of the traps in the game means you lose the round.

The mechanics are just as simple as they look, though the twists therein include options for turn-based multiplayer gaming, local multiplayer on Apple TV, as well as a Replay Kit which you can use to share your high scores with your friends. But how do you come up with high scores that are worth sharing and showing off? We’ve got the answer to that question and more in this list of Jumping Balls tips and tricks.

1. Avoid Hitting The Rims Of The Rings

It is imperative that you be as careful as possible when playing the game, and that would mean watching out for the rings, particularly their rims. Yes, it is true – you will earn points by going through the rings, but if you hit the side of the ring, that’s it for you – you lose the game and have to start from square one. It’s important to be fast and precise when swiping, and that serves as the main challenge in Jumping Balls. Being fast and accurate doesn’t get any more important than it does when you’re trying to avoid hitting the sides of those rings.

2. You Can Slide The Ball With Your Finger

Can you slide the ball across the playing field, and what’s in it for you? The answer is that you can slide the ball, with the speed of your slide depending on the speed of your finger’s movement. And you can use this technique if you’re far into the game and facing a plethora of obstacles. That’s going to require you to be faster and more accurate than you were before, and sliding the ball could help you get around those obstacles. Just be careful when you start encountering the narrower paths, as things could get tricky at that point.

3. It’s Impossible To Jump Over Holes

Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, you cannot jump over holes in this game. It may be on purpose, but the game does sort of make it appear that it is possible, but in reality, it isn’t; you’re only going to end your run by falling into the hole. What you can do instead is to swerve around the hole, but never should you try to cross the gap between them.

4. Redeem Your Free Gift

Every few minutes or so, the game will offer you a free gift which you can redeem. The amount of gems included as part of your free gift may vary – sometimes, you’ll get as few as 100, sometimes, you’ll get substantially more, maybe about 400. Gems are the game’s currency, and you can use them to buy character skins for your ball. These, however, only make the ball appear different, and do not change the gameplay in any way. Still, it’s a great way to break the monotony!

5. Practice Makes Perfect

At the end of the day, the best way to improve on your high score is to practice regularly. A lot about scoring high is all about trial and error, and you’ll need to familiarize yourself with dealing with a lot of the obstacles in the game, mainly the spikes and traps. And going back to what we said earlier, you should avoid hitting the rims and always aim to go into the ring; that’s definitely going to take some practice to perfect.

This is our quick list of tips and tricks for BoomBit’s new game, Jumping Balls. Do you know other hints for the game to get a high score? In case you know, be sure to let us know!