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Disney Magic Kingdoms Tricks, Tips & Hints to Unlock All Characters

We recently gave you some useful tips and tricks for Disney Magic Kingdoms, but those were more on the general side of things. But before we tell you what we’ll be discussing in this new guide to the game, let’s talk you through real quick on what this game is about. This iOS game from Gameloft (Android version hopefully to follow soon) allows you to create a Disney theme park of your own as you bring the magic back to the Disney kingdom in the process. You can see existing attractions from real-life Disney parks, as well as new ones exclusive to the game, including WALL-E’s House and Cyclops Sushi.

The game also promises characters that span more than nine decades of Disney, and with that in mind, you might be wondering how you can unlock more characters in the game. That’s what we’re here for right now, as we shall now be showing you how to unlock all the characters in the game, in this brand-new list of Disney Magic Kingdoms tips and tricks. Take note that these characters are listed in alphabetical order, and not in order of the franchise they are associated with.

BO PEEP – Complete Woody’s quests

BOO – Complete Toy Story quests


DAISY DUCK – Defeat Pete and complete some missions

DONALD DUCK – Still no information on how to unlock him (This is a very new game after all!)

EVE – Complete Toy Story quests

FLYNN – Defeat Evil Emperor Zurg

GOOFY – Complete an early game mission to unlock him

GOTHEL – No information yet, but should be available soon

HAMM – Welcome Jessie

JAMES – Complete Mike’s quests

JESSIE – Complete in-game missions

MAXIMUS – Defeat Evil Emperor Zurg

MICKEY MOUSE – Default character

MIKE WAZOWSKI – Complete the Toy Story quests

MINNIE MOUSE – Defeat Evil Emperor Zurg

PETE – Defeat him within the game

PLUTO – Have 150 Diamonds in order to welcome him

RANDALL – Defeat Evil Emperor Zurg

RAPUNZEL – Complete Tangled quests

REX – Defeat Pete

ROZ – Complete Mike’s quests

SARGE – Complete some Woody quests

TINKERBELL – Play the game for five consecutive days

WALL-E – Complete Toy Story quests

WOODY – Unlocked in an early mission

ZURG – Defeat him within the game

So far, those are the quick walkthroughs for unlocking the characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms, and as you may notice, we still do not have complete information on all the characters. However, we expect more information to be made available soon, as well as more updates to follow as Gameloft continues making this game better and more complete.


Monday 28th of December 2020

Very beautiful game


Monday 10th of April 2017

i am asking how can you defeat evil emporer zurg